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Oh. My. Goodness.

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I love this. However, is it a bad omen to have a crazy midwife posting the first post in the unassisted forum?

whooo! I'm so thrilled. I'm so IMPRESSED! MDC, RoCK ON!

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Glad to see this here too
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you crazy loon.....

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Great! I'm so happy it's here
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YAY! I can never keep up with those UC threads!
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Pam, not crazy at all! I love your advice and level-headedness!
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I AM SO EXCITED!!! This is great, and Pamamidwife, I think it's great you're posting here. You've helped out a lot of us on our journeys!!!

Double yay for MDC!!

Every time I start to feel like I'm the lunatic fringe, something like this happens.
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I think this is great, too. When I first started posting here (3 years ago!!) I thought UC was irresponsible and dangerous. Reading the childbirth and midwifery threads here and at midwiferytoday.com had really helped me grow in my understanding of the needs of different women and their families. I'm glad MDC now has a forum for UCers.

MDC rocks!

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I feel like having a celebration! Or at least dancing a little jig!
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Yes, celebrations are in order

even though I am done having children, I am so happy to see this forum brought to MDC!

hoping to see some UC articles in the mag next!
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Wow, I must have been away for awhile---I come back and there's this wonderful new forum!!! Yes !

Although w/my last birth, I ended up calling the mw to come out, I still feel like the UC space is where I feel most comfortable.

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I TOLD my dh I wasn't the only one out there!!!

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Originally Posted by Arduinna
hoping to see some UC articles in the mag next!

..and the people said....AMEN!
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!! this is so awesome... now I just need to get pg again so I can hang out here more okay maybe in another year or so

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YEA!!!! This is soo cool!

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Bumping this up to say I think it's really cool that you were (apparently) the first post, Pam.
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