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Confessions of a cloth diaper husband

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Hey there ladies. This IS NOT Kristina, I'm her husband.

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of negativity from this post, but I’m going to take one for the team here. My wife posts here often and we’ve been cloth diapering for a few years now. Since a few years have gone by I have formed an opinion on cloth diapering and I’ll share it with you. Why you ask? Two reasons really.
First I need to vent or else I’ll pile the infernal things up in a urine scented pile and burn them while I dance around them celebrating my emancipation!
Second I thought I tell you how YOUR husband feels but won’t share. :LOL
Here goes:
I understand there is a cost savings. I’ll talke that for granted since it’s impossible to see since you can spend over a hundred dollars on a handfull of “dipes” only to find out they don’t work as well as you thought then have to buy a different kind.
There is a HUGE inconvience factor. With cloth, you need to have a bag with you when you go out. You need something to put the poopy, smelly mess into so you can tote yesterdays pureed carrots and peas around with you. By the way, those inquisitive looks you get aren’t always directed at your baby. Some of those people are smelling your son or daughters lunch from yesterday eminating from your diaper bag and wondering why the heck you smell like baby poop.
The next point of contention has a positive and negative spin on it. Those HUGE diapers that make your baby look like J-Lo on a bad day. It’s hard to put pants on a boy since his waist is a 2T and his butt is as large as your husbands. That’s the negative, what’s the positive? Well, I read an article about a terrible accident where a couple was flying in thier private airplane. They lost hydraulic control and the plane was falling fast. The parents put on the parachutes and preparred to jump. What about DS?? Well, they just tossed him out at 20,000 feet. The diaper cushioned the fall the baby is fine
But now I’ll tell you my biggest problem with cloth diapers. They leak!!!! My wife has spent many, many hours on this board getting tips on how to wash, fold, pre-soak etc. the diapers and they still leak. When I pick up my son I have to feel his wet bum on my arm. That’s just gross! C’mon ladies. Why the heck would you settle for a leaky, nasty diaper when disposible diapers are soo supirior? I’ve never had a Pampers leak poop up to his shoulder blades under the worst conditions. I suppose this brings up another positive point about cloth dipes. With Pampers you have to put your nose right on your baby’s bum and smell to see if the diaper is dirty.Kind of embarrasing for others to see you with your nose pressed up to his/her bum sniffing. With cloth, just look at his shoulders, you’ll see it up there. Is he wet, just touch his knee.
I tried to put a humerous spin on this, but I also tried to make a point. I do have one last point to make. I know why most if not all of you chose cloth over disposable diapers. It’s not the convenience, the cost or the looks. It’s the environmental factor. I thank you all, my dear (and hot) wife included for trying to do what is right for the earth.

[stepping off soapbox]
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<not feeding the troll :
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Hmmmm...well, all I can say is that MY experience with cloth has been a polar opposite of yours.

Two huge things, though....the smell factor and leaking factor. That doesn't jive with my experience at all.

Disposable diapers STINK. One little pee and that diaper reeks. It must be from all the fragrance and plastic. Blech. I don't have that with my cloth at all.

Leaks? By far, my cloth leaks MUCH less than disposables. When DS was an infant, the poop blowouts were *ALL* with disposables. Now that he is a toddler, the wet leaks are with disposables. If we slack and don't get the laundry done in time and must use a disposable for nighttime, the front of his jammies are soaked in the morning. We don't have that issue with our cloth diapers.

So all I can say is that I'm sorry cloth hasn't worked for you. My experience has been completely different.
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Good point, Shelly. :LOL
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Let the man vent. Sometimes I hate CDs too. I don't have a partner, so I have to play both sides of the debate. (Being single mama is complicated sometimes... but I always win.)
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:LOL Thanks for the laugh

**Disclaimer** If you were truly venting, I apologize for laughing. Its just that all the problems you described with cloth are ones I (and most of use here) have had with disposables.
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: the things you miss out on being single.
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another reason Im glad Im single
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Shelly, that's funny.. I was thinking the same thing..

but I agree, let's let the man vent... I sure hope my dh doesn't secretely feel that way, though!.. LOL
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Oh and ftr, not all husbands hate cloth. My husbands likes them almost as much as I do He tries to convince all his friend with kids to use them.

I am sorry you aren't feeling the cloth love though
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I agree Lindsay.. my dh LOVES pockets.. maybe he doesn't like prefolds and some fitteds, but only because of convenience..
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How pissed is Kristina gonna be when she finds out what her hubby has been up to?

Thanks for the laugh and oh so witty commentary. I gotta go feed my big butted girl. It may take me awhile to get around her booty.
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I'll chime in here again (not Kristina). I can't keep all the lingo straight, but I do like the ones you put into the covers. I can't remember what my wife calls them. Those are cool. Almost as convenient as disposables and not another throw-away thing. But the ones I think she calls prefolds (ironically enough, NOT FOLDED!!!!) stink in every sense of the word!
As for those that laughed, go right ahead. I tried to post this with a sense of humor so you would at least get a kick out of it.
and trust me, most of your husbands feel this way, or they just don't change diapers unless they have to.

......Oh, and I'm not trolling, just something my wife and I go back and forth about often (in a joking manner) so I decided to post this here. But in the end, I'm behind her 100% in whatever she decides to do.
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I know.. Kristina a big for you!!!!
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to quote my DH "I don't know why more people don't use cloth, this is really easy!"

fwiw, using cloth was DH's idea, even when he thought it was going to be prefolds, pins and rubber pants. i was the one that needed convincing! : now he doesn't even really think about them, and neither do i - it's just the norm for us.


eta: DH does change dipes, also - my mom was impressed by a man changing a poopy cloth dipe!
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Originally Posted by Kristina
and trust me, most of your husbands feel this way, or they just don't change diapers unless they have to.
uh... News flash: NO ONE changes diapers unless they have to. Ok, there are a few seriously afflicted hyenas around here who change diapers just for fun, but the vast majority of us do not. It's just that "have to" tends to have a drastically different meaning for moms than for dads.

FWIW, it was a male friend, a daddy for 9 yrs, who convinced me to CD. And he had only used prefolds. So there. :LOL
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Um, yeah, I have to agree. My dh loves cloth diapering.. he wouldn't do it any other way..!
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a few thoughts....

no leaks here, for real

yeah, the booty is bigger but that's not a major deal. that's what longies and soakers were made for.

my dh doesn't feel this way. i can guarantee that. he would freak if i put a sposie on our baby. plus, i do most of the diaper changes. cloth makes mama happy and, everyone knows....if mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy.

i would honestly freak if my dh posted under my user id. whoa. if you think your wife is hot now, wait until she see's this post.
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Well, in my opinion, diapering period just kinda sucks sometimes. I haven't really had problems with cloth diapers leaking, though it has happened. My worst story with that is why I decided to put DD in a Bumkins AIO. We were looking at a house when the diaper LITERALLY leaked all over the hardwood floors. I kid you not, the diaper didn't soak up a darned thing. Thank god we bought the house and those ended up being MY floors her pee was all over. In general though, I have had more leaks with disposable diapers. Huggies didn't fit so we used Pampers on occasion and those diapers are far worse smelling than any cloth diaper. Though I bought a lot, I sold a lot, and I saved tons of money over using disposables.

Really, the biggest thing that you have wrong though is that most of us cloth diaper for environmental reasons.


No silly DH, we cloth diaper because they are so darned cute!!!!

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I think my dh might feel like this some of the time. Seriously, until we got the aristocrat cover for night time he hated the idea of waking up in a wet puddle because DD's dipes leaked sooooooo freaking much. We still have leak issues during the day... but then again, I don't have hyena dipes (much less my dream dipe of an Elbee with those wings : ) because they cost waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much and i don't have the time to stalk until the stores get stocked.
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