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I'm glad you support your wife, and I'm sorry you hate cloth. BUT, that doesn't mean all husbands do. And my husband changes diapers AND loves cloth.

As far as the laughing, when you come here and knock cloth you will either get laughs or get flamed. I'd much rather laugh than be angry

I am sorry you don't enjoy cloth. I hope venting made you feel better The fact is, 99.9% of us here love them.
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Kristina's dh, I am really sorry that cloth is not working for you as you would like.

Prefolds are not my most favorite diapers, either, but I use them because frankly they are cheap. My husband wouldn't touch them until he discovered the bikini twist, and now they are his preferred diapers. He uses a snappi to fasten them.

Maybe someone could post a link the the bikini twist demo?

And to K's dh, if there is one type of diaper that you are having good luck with, Maybe order some more of those? I bet you would love the very basic all-in-ones from www.verybaby.com or one of their liscensed contractors. Anyhow they are very popular for dads, babysitters, etc. Also I have had good luck with Bumkins all-in-ones, and one other cloth disliking dad that I know was fine with those.

Good luck. It is frustrating to try to find a good system when you have to get everything on the internet. Heck, I won't buy myself pants on the internet, cause it is too hard to get a good fit. So, IFYP. I am confident you can get something that works for you!
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My DH actually really likes our cloth too! At the beginning of this pregnancy I had really bad, knock-me-off-my-feet morning sickness and we used disposables for about two months. DH was sooooooooooo happy when I said I thought I was ready to go back to the cloth.

But I think it's cool that you support your wife even though you can't stand it.
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Here I AM, yes this is Kristina.
1. I am not all too pleased dh posted under my name. He was trying all morning to set up his own ID but for what ever reason it hasn't gotten approved. Maybe it was his choice of names, disposabledaddy. :LOL
2. Ds is a supersoaker, so if we don't get it right away it can leak. I do hate that and we have never had a sposie leak.
3. Bottom line, I love my cloth and it doesn't matter how much my dh hates figuring out how to change them. He supports me and is glad to save the money and not throw things into already overflowing garbage dumps.
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Hey Kristina, just curious - who does the laundry in your house?
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Kristina's dh,

Oh, and for the record, we don't just do it for the environment. Most people who use cloth diapers have the experience that they work better than disposables. I'm sorry your experience has been different.
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FIrst of all we have had probably less than a dozen leaks with cloth diapers... and if you put how long I have been diapering in succession (with two babes) we're talking like 4.5 years.

And I find the opposite with the smells actually! The second a kid craps in a disposable I can smell it from rooms away. I often find that cloth actually "muffles" the smell and I have to open the dipe to find out if there is poop!

As for my husband... he LOVES cloth diapers. Hates the smell of pampers/huggies etc. Is proud that we use cloth. NEVER has been leaked on. Tells everyone we use cloth who asks. When I was totally overwhelmed with two in cloth it was HIM that encouraged me. He totally supports my diapering addiction and he is a wonderful cloth diapering daddy.
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I don't think everyone needs to get defensive and feel the need to defend cloth diapers.Let the man vent.He still is supporting his wife's choice to cloth diaper.
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I hear your vent.

We went to visit some friends this weekend and used disposables. I LOVED it. Of course they are more convenient (to some people), work better (for some people), smell better (to some people), look better and fit better (for some people)...that's why like 97% if americans use them. I cloth diaper for many reasons (the environment and my baby's health at the top of the list) but if somehow disposable diapers weren't unhealthy I would be using them gleefully. As it is they are unhealthy for planet and baby so I can't use them full time, but I sure can enjoy those times in life when I allow myself to use them (like when we travel).

Kristina's husband, you should let Kristina know which diapers you like, show some enthusiasm (cause otherwise it'll be prefolds forever ) and tell her to get some more. If it gets you to change diapers willingly and stop complaining about using cloth she will probably try to collect a whole stash of diapers just for you.

(Have you guys tried pockets? Fuzzibunz are my dh's favorite and they work well for a heavy wetter)
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Wow-I have probably only had 3-4 leaks using cloth diapers on two kiddos. I am completely serious. What kind of dipes are using besides prefolds?
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Oh and ftr, not all husbands hate cloth. My husbands likes them almost as much as I do He tries to convince all his friend with kids to use them.
my dh wouldnt use anything but cloth.. he even helps me MAKE cloth diapers. He is also the first person to brag to any of his friends how we cloth diaper our kids Of course we do not use prefolds in this house - nothing wrong with them, but neither of us could fold them to hold anything in unless our life depending on it . If we were using prefolds im sure we would both hate it and have leaks too cause we are prefold imparied :LOL
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Pretty much what everyone else said. My experience with cloth has been much better than with disposables. I don't discount your personal experience, but mine (and I would assume the majority of us here, or this board wouldn't exist ) has been the opposite.

And while it was very "kind" of you to enlighten me about my husband's supposed opinion of cloth, spare yourself the trouble. I don't presume to know everyone else's thoughts and feelings, but I'll speak for my own household, which I suggest you stick to in the future as well. I know my DH wouldn't have chosen cloth himself. But since (let's be honest) I am the one changing 98% of the diapers no matter what they're made of, he let me choose this path. And he can fold a PF just as well as I can.

As to the money factor, it's good to know that you don't have any hobbies that your wife, or anyone else's wife, might find "silly". I know my husband sure does, and he's got more than one and they are MUCH more expensive than mine. He has no room to talk, and I bet you don't either

I am truly sorry that you haven't had a pleasant experience with cloth diapers thus far. However, just because something doesn't work right away, without any fine-tuning, doesn't mean it isn't worth pursuing. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

ETA: I am coming down a little hard on this guy. I have NO problem with him venting, if my cloth were leaking I would be pissed too. What I have a problem with is the patronizing attitude, as if he knows my husband better than I do. I didn't ask for counselling, thank you. : :
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Originally Posted by guerrillamama
Hey Kristina, just curious - who does the laundry in your house?
Kristina here: (not dh)
We both do it. I'd say it is 50/50.

I agree with all of you who say cloth is so much better. That is why I got into it. I really think that it is the leaks that has dh so frustrated. And that really gets to me to. I was using fitteds but ds is weird to fit so I sold all of them. I was also using FB's but they repel so we don't have them anymore. I love my pf's. I NEVER have aleak with my 11 mo old dd. She is in reg.pf's with a hemp doubler at night. Ds is in premiums. Really, ds leaks after he has had juice. He will drink a whole 10 oz cup in 10 minutes! That is when the leaks are horrible! Or if we forget to change him and he pees twice, which is gross anyway.

But when ds was a newborn he was in sposies and we had terrable poo leaks. Once we had a leak on our way out the door. Poo shot out the back up to ds's sholders!!! It was a huge mess. NO poo leaks with cloth. I think dh has forgotten some of that. :LOL
Oh, and BTW, I know I have read other posts here on the diapering forum about dh's having a hard time changing dipes and avoiding it if at all possable. So where are all of the moms who posted that??? My dh needs to be defended too :LOL
ETA: My dh is saying this in a lighthearted manner. I am surprised so many of you are taking this so hard.
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I hate to say this, but I don't like a wet lap either. And I do have friends who CD who don't mind if the outside of their kid's butt is damp. I think some people have a higher tolerance level for that. Really, we rarely had a leak and never had a damp butt. I started CDing with prefolds and proraps and no clue what the "blowouts" were that other moms were talking about.

I had my times too where I would just get tired of cloth. Mostly because I changed most of the diapers and did most of the laundry. I would take a disposble diaper vacation and it would take me about one day to get back into the mood because I realized that all diapers stink and all diapers can leak and all diapers still need to be changed and all diapers make your pail or your trash stink and NO diaper wipes a baby's butt for you.

My DH likes cloth. I doubt he would do it if he had to wash them. But he is more than fine with changing them.

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Originally Posted by Kristina
ETA: My dh is saying this in a lighthearted manner. I am surprised so many of you are taking this so hard.
I guess we are all just so used to having to defend our choice to use cloth, day in and day out, to friends, family, and strangers alike, that we were taken a little off-guard at having to defend our choice HERE too. At least that was what set me off, I think. :
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Well this is an interesting thread!
Kristina, I think some of the posters are 'taking this hard' because although your DH is not 100% serious, the things he brought up are generally things that non-cders attack us with all the time...This board is our 'safe place' and it hurts to be told that our DPs probably hate that we cloth diaper, when it is quite important to many of us. I can get over it, and I'm glad he can vent, but it's not helpful to have old myths about CDing thrown at us from a member of a CDing family.
FWIW, my DH is not much of a diaper changer or laundry do-er, which is fine with me. He changes the kids when he has to, whether it's sposies or cloth. And he does a fine job either way. But he is very proud of me for doing cloth. He just gets annoyed when I buy more diapers .
Anyways, Kristina's DH: You might find a warmer reception from us if you would ask us for advice on how to keep your son from these constant leaks. We'd love to help !
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If my DH did that he would oh so cold and lonley riding the couch with nothing to keep him warm FOR A LONG TIME

Vents are fine...vents are great but talking about throwing babies out of planes is a little much for anyone
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My DH likes the cloth diapers because they are #1- CUTE, #2- better for the environment, #3- he THINKS they are cheaper. If he really sat down and added up how much I had spent he might not like them as well. However, he has never changed a cloth diaper. He stopped changing them when she was about 6 months old. Not that I mind. She is a bit strange in that she only dirties once every two days (normal for her) and I love seeing that baby bum.
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I have to admit that my dh isn't thrilled with cloth. His problem with it is the cleaning the poop off of the diaper. Other than that he couldn't care less. He doesn't like diapers in general, so it doesn't matter to him wether they are cloth or not. But he difinately doesn't get as excited about new fluff as I do.

I also have to admit that we have had alot of leak problems. I hate wet on the outside of the dipe. I have found very few dipes that don't have leaking problems. I have to use either fitteds with pickle pants (far to big for under clothes) and Bum-ware and lullabye AIO's. These are the only things that don't leak.

Now all that being said, I never have poopy leak problems with cloth like I did with disposables. And I love the softness and cuteness of cloth.
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Yup. What Christina and Holli said
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