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Baby Henry is here!

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Hi everyone! Just popping in to let everyone know that I had my little boy on Jan. 13. He was born 38w6d. He was 8 lbs 6 oz 21 in long. He has lots of blonde hair.

My labor was pretty fast. Water broke at 6am, got to hospital at 7am. Was 4 cm, not having any contractions. Then at 8am, I was 7cm. Contractions had started but I was doing fine with them, was moving around, using the birth ball, doing hands and knees on the floor. By 9:45 I was 9 cm. A few agonizing minutes later, I was at 10 cm. Pushed for 7 min total. I had a tiny tear. The doc debated on stitching it. She put just one stitch in. All in all, I feel great. So glad to be home. Oh, and I didn't have any pain meds either. The nurse was so great. Ablolutely wonderful.

Boobs are like boulders and a little sore, but nursing is going great so far. Good luck to everyone, hope you have your little ones soon.

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Congratualtions and welcome Henry !!! :

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Nice job! Sounds like it went perfectly. What a blessing to have kind staff, but even better t obe home now...take it easy and enjoy your new boy~Heidi
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Congratulations Gen!! Welcome to the World, little Henry!
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Congrats Gen and welcome Henry- what a nice and straightforward birth!!! Glad to hear you're feeling so well!!!
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Another Little Henry in the world!! My fave of course

Good job mama!! s to you both
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Congratulations! I am so happy for you and that everything went well.

Happy Birthday Little Henry!

Nicole & Will(1/1/05)
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Welcome little Henry :happy birthday

Sounds like a wonderful birth Enjoy your sweet little baby pie!

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Congrats! I LOOOVE that name too! Enjoy!

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Congratulations Gen! It sounds like a wonderful birthing for you both - for all of you, to include your partner and wonderful nurse!

Happy Birthday baby Henry! We are all hoping you are continuing to do well and enjoy the babymoon!!! Love, andy
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Congratulations!!! What a wonderfully uneventful birth story! Good job, Mama! Welcome Henry!!
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Congratulations that sounds like a great birth
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Welcome to the world baby Henry. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
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