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Just think Mar, all of this waiting is bringing our post counts up.... If I go to 42 weeks I might even hit 500 posts..... see, something good comes out of everything.
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Hi Lovelies.

I know you are all anxious for your babes to come....I will send out some birth vibes your way....

It is snowy snowy here today. I have been in bed all day with Grace as I think my hormones are dropping & I feel blue today. She has been nursing non stop & my nipples are KILLING me. She really is not good at the whole latch thing & despite my efforts, she just doesn't get it.

It feels like months ago that I was pregnant! That is always funny to me...how you can be so big & juicy & peeing all the time & everything hurts etc... & then VOILA! You just have a droopy belly & sore boobs & there you are with a baby:LOL

DH is getting a vastectomy next month so it is a bittersweet time. We know we are done yet sometimes its sad knowing there will never be another wee baby in the house. So I have been drinking in Gracie~smelling her, kising her, loving her & soaking it all in!

s to you all!!
I know someone will go into labor tonight!!
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had to pop in and say hi and congrats to all the other babies born, and positive energy to those on the way. birth story coming to a thread near you, soon, i promise!
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What is verclempt? That is not defined at dictionary.com.

he told someone after that conversation that we were having a baby in 2-3 weeks
Maybe he's just trying to keep people from asking "Have you had that baby yet?"

I will stay away from the Feb boards at least until Feb.

Az, the part about the animals is hilarious! I guess they know food when they see it. You sound like you're almost there. If Stacey is right and someone goes into labor tonight, I bet it is you. Snowstorms are known to encourage labor, right? It makes me think about cavewomen, sheltered in their cave or kiva, having babies while all the predators are out of work and there's nothing to distract them.

It is boo cold here today and verrrry windy. DH took me for a walk, and I happened to bring money with us and lead us past the frozen custard place. Mmm, hot fudge sundae.
When we came home from the walk we noticed big cardboard boxes next to our back door. Hmm, wonder how long those have been there. MIL sent us a bunch of stuff from our BabyBecause registry - yay! Haba toys and Earth Mama Angel Baby kits. Bonus!

Ann, thanks for telling us about your dream about your grandfather. That is beautiful.

I had a bad dream last night about elevators. Better than one about childbirth. I'm not worried at all about the birth, just excited.

It feels like I have a while to go. The pregnancy went by quickly enough until this month. Haven't dropped, baby's not engaged, and no leaky boobs. Oh well; guess I have more time to clean the house and prepare. Mmm, here comes the mailman. Fluffy mail maybe?
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Snowstorms are known to encourage labor, right?
I may never have this baby then. I live in sunny Arizona

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Originally Posted by Proudmom
I may never have this baby then. I live in sunny Arizona

Me neither..... Hawaii
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Jessitron- Verclempt is a Yiddish word I think that was popularized in the 90's in a Mike Meyers skit on Saturday Night Live. It basically means you are emotional.

Malama- good point about the post count. I'll probably drop off the face of the earth again after the baby comes. Now I just desperately need to company. I'm a *pregnant* weather MDC poster, so to speak.

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Hi all,

Just wondering - how high is too high for fever? Both boys have had the flu, Violet started getting a runny nose last night. I just took her temp in her armpit and it was 99.4. So I'm guessing its over 100. Aaaahhhh! What should I do. Of course this happens on a Saturday, when I'm here by myself for the next four days.
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We had a fever of 104 with our first kiddo. We stripped her naked, except for diaper, and put cool cloths on her and she cooled down right quick. We did call the ped, and they told us to give her tylenol, but also said we were doing everything right. They told us that kids that young can run really hot, really quick and then cool down just as fast.

When in doubt, call the doc.

Good luck.

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I'm still here, too, and without a babe in arms.

I have only half a brain left though and what's there is being used to console a clingy 2yo, a 5yo who spends half the day upside down and the other half breaking things, and a 7yo who is amused by riling up his brothers into screaming matches.

I tried to rest today but the toddlers diaper came unsnappid and poop was spread everywhere in my bedroom (this is why i have the guest room set up to birth--colder and without a bathroom, but relatively untouched).

I met my sister at target just to get out. tired of a week at 4cm and no more contrax since those two days last weekend. she just kept shaking her head and saying "i can't understand how you're sane; i can't understand how you're even a little sane"

stupid people keep asking me how many weeks/months to go. i tell them i am due on wednesday and if my belly gets any bigger it will burst.

we'll make it, huh?

any day but tonight, it's MIL's b-day......
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Hey mamas, dh has babe and I actually get a few minutes to type with two hands. Amazing.

I'm so boohoo today, have been crying all afternoon and evening. Guess these hormones haunt us for life, eh?

Babe still isn't peeing regularly, but I've been thinking logically about it - she has regular bf poops that are very moist at every feed, it's really dry in our house (30% humidity!), and I'm taking Colace which inhibits water reduction in the large intestine.. all of which could make her not need to pee much. She had a big pee (we tried ec!) today at noon, so I'm thinking all is good.

Wishing all of you pg gals some happy baby vibes, unless you aren't ready for them yet.

Going to potty and get to bed,
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Az, the part about the animals is hilarious! I guess they know food when they see it. You sound like you're almost there. If Stacey is right and someone goes into labor tonight, I bet it is you. Snowstorms are known to encourage labor, right? It makes me think about cavewomen, sheltered in their cave or kiva, having babies while all the predators are out of work and there's nothing to distract them.
I wish it would be me. I'm sure it would up the odds if dh was actually home. GRRR He's out plowing with his cousin's husband and probably won't be home until sometime tomorrow. I can't sleep I'm worried about him, they declared a state of emergcy because of the snow and said the conditons are life threatening. I just wish he was home. I'm so terrified something is going to happen to him

The baby is super wiggley tonight. Its been non-stop movement for a couple of hours. I think she is finally starting to calm down.

I ate way too much because of nerves and now I have a belly ache.

Ahh well I'm going to try to get some rest. I'm going to wrap up on the futon, where dh sleeps, with the dogs and pray everything is ok.
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Ummmmm...anyone up?

Stuff is happening here.

Water broke just as DH put kids to bed. Surges are slow but steady. I am restless.

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Hey Mar, I'm here, how's it going? I'm here if you need to chat. Work with those surges, soon you will have a beautiful babe in arms.

Just fed babe, she's all snuggled in my armpit.

I think someone might have kidnapped and brainwashed our renter from upstairs, as she brought us a baby gift today - a beautiful Maya wrap, and she's not the type to know what a sling is. She's 85 and a retired social studies teacher.

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I'm here too, Mar. I'm wishing you lots of blissful birthing vibes

I wonder how Andy is doing? We haven't heard anything from her all week. I hope she's enjoying a beautiful, healthy bambino right now.

I unbundled baby (like Nicole said to) and her temp went right down. Sheesh. You'd think with three kids and my course of schooling I'd know how to handle a fever. Oh well, I'll chalk it up to lack of sleep, and new mom paranoia. Her nose is still all stuffy and she is making little snorty sounds when she breathes. Poor little thing.

Ah, yes, and then there's the boys. You'd think since they have the flu they would actually calm down. Not so - instead they've gone quite the opposite direction. AND COMPLETELY LOST THEIR MINDS. Makai discovered today that its fun to unzip the futon cover, climb inside and then zip himself back inside . oh, there's more, much more. But I don't feel like typing it all out right now.

Lisa, how ya doin? Has your milk come in all the way yet? I always get real weepy around the 4th or 5th day post partum, too.

Ok, kid waking up -- gotta go.
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Lisa - maybe she asked your husband what you'd like?
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Heheh hysterical kiddo you've got. I would have been the one crawling in the futon with him as a kid. Too cute, although I'm sure it might be enough to drive you batty

Nah, I'm going to have to ask her where she got it, dh didn't have a clue what it was, he held up the video and was "huh? what's this cheesy looking movie?" and after I explained to him, he was all excited. He really likes the pretty rainbow she got, but I also showed him the nice manly olive green one that I found a while ago and he is really excited now about using it. I think he might even wear the baby in front of the men in his family, which is a big deal!

I think I've found the perfect solution for me/computer - I've got the laptop propped on a footstool against the couch, babe snuggled under my arm, and 2 hands to type. I think I can even bf like this. Hehehehe.

Milk mostly in, babe is now a peeing and pooping machine. Poor dh said he'll get on the laundry in the morning, we've gone through over 1/2 the diapers today! Had him bring me some cabbage too, which helped an amazing amount with comfort this evening. And yes, day 4-5 were very weepy for me.

Yesterday I sat on the couch and cried, dh asked what was wrong, and I just pointed to my orchid. Of course he thought I was pointing to the renovation mess in the dining room, and said not to worry about it, we'd get it all done before baby was crawling in there, but it was the darn orchid! I've been watching this plant grow for months, and it didn't bloom last winter, but sent up 2 new shoots this year, one with buds and one that is still tiny but looks like it will bloom. The large shoot has at least 6 buds on it, and I've been watching them since I stopped working, over a month ago, and every day I kept telling myself that they were going to bloom when baby was going to come. So I'd watch and watch and watch and watch and they just wouldn't bloom. When we left for hospital, they were still buds, and when we returned, I have one beautiful huge blossom and another about to open. I swear this plant is the darndest thing, and I still get mushy just looking at it. I'll have to take a picture for when she's grown and having her own babes.
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DH of chiromom here. Proud to announce the birth of Ribh (reeve) Wallis at 4:05 am CST. She is so beautiful and so is mama. I am so proud of them both and they were so wonderful throughout the process. DD is nursing right away and interestingly was coated thick with vernix, way cool!! Have no idea what she weighs or how long she is, but she has a thick coat of dark hair. Mar is doing well, waiting with DD in her arms for the placental birth. She will let you know more details later today.
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Yaay Mar! Congrats
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yay Mar!!!

Congrats! I'm sitting here all weepy.... Stacey was right- SOMEONE was gonna have a baby last night. WOO HOO!
: : : :

I don't need to say that I hope to follow you soon!!!!!!

Ann- so glad that Violet's fever is down.... unwrapping- a novel concept, huh?? It's hard to think straight when sleep deprived and dealing with sick kids!

Lisa- good to hear you have milk in and that Lauren is peeing some more. Keep feeding that babe and watch her grow! Breastmilk is AMAZING stuff.

My mom is here now and so we have an extra person anxiously awaiting baby. We're gonna go to lunch and the movies today because, like she said, we should take advantage of the time before the baby comes.

I, too, keep checking the forums for news from Andy.... I hope she's just too busy and blissed to check in
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