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Originally Posted by Chiromom
I'm obsessed. I'm obsessed with whether each little thing is a *sign* of labor and I am obsessed with trying to stop thinking about it and just know that it will happen when it is supposed to. I feel like a nutcase. I am a nutcase.

My *rational* plan is to not expect the baby for at least another week plus. In my *emotional* reality, everything seems to be a sign of imminent labor. Am I this nuts everytime or do I forget?

I'm not going to post much more or I will start repeating myself (obsessive!).

OCD girl (Mar) signing off!
ummmmmm.... could you be my long lost twin mar????????
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Yay Lisa! Hurray baby! I hope it is a beautiful birth today for you. (Or tomorrow) Your baby will be fat and have lots of brain cells, with that extra couple weeks you gave him.
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AND, dh is just as obsessed. He asks me every morning if something is new.... today I said that my hips really hurt last night. He is sure that since it's something different, it's something..... geesh.... we're a horrible bunch!!!!!
Good news, is that if the baby is waiting for my mom to get here, she'll be here in 5 days. I think she'd rather it be born right before she arrives, but WHATEVER!!!
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I am SO with you right now. My due date was yesterday and I'm still extremely pregnant!
Steph (begging to the baby gods!)
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Lisa----May the force be with you! Hooray, so glad things have gotten going....and so glad you don't have the strep thing to worry about either!
I hope you surrender well to what ever is ahead

And due date mamas, Karen, Mar, and Steph...hang in there! I am also sending birth vibes to you all...I hope you can surrender to what is happening, or not, in the moment.

Glad your birth plans are all clarified Kathy..in the SAcred birtihng book it says parents invite many people to a birth, but only the ones the baby invites will attend. So remeber to keep that high visiioon of the birth, that whoever is there, husband or not, parents or whatever, it will all hold the perfect lessons that both you and baby need to negotiate life....

Also, on Will's fussy stomach, what do you all think of gripe water. Its got ginger and fennel, etc, and got some at the blessingway as a gift from a mom with a 3 month old says it;'s a life saver...any thoughts?

Well, I am taking it easy today in my nice clean house. Have a lovely day ladies, and a lovely birth Lisa!

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Malama and Steph, sounds like you are now our Overly Pregnant moms for the time being, since Lisa shouldn't be pregnant much longer (if she still is). Is anyone else past 40 weeks? Mar?

Andy, your bead came, and juuuuust barely stayed in. The little plastic bag had a hole worn in it that was 1/2 the size of the bead. yay bead! way to stay in there.

Heather, your bead arrived too. It may be a good idea to start a new Missing Bead thread, since we're all sooooo chatty lately.

Thanks everybody for the comments on the nursery! Heidi, action scenes is just what I'm thinking - My Little Ponies or GI Joe, somebody will build castles or fortresses in the desert and the jungle and the mountains.

Andy, those coming-and-going contractions must be aggravating. I s'pose I'm in for that in a few weeks. So far this babe shows no signs of being ready to emerge. I may finish knitting this baby afghan after all.

i found out today that I get a good bonus from work this year, at the end of the month. It should cover what we'll owe on last year's taxes, plus a little left over. Yay!
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HI all!
Lisa - YAY! Hope you had a great birth!

First day of no work. The last couple of days I have been feeling really crazy in the mornings. Poor dd has to endure my cleaning frenzy. By afternoon I feel a bit better.

I need to get to a point where I feel "ready" for this baby. I honestly think that's what's holding me back. But I'm only at 39 weeks today...

I don't have much to say and I'm feeling a bit unlovable today so I think I'll sign off.

Have a good day everyone!
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Originally Posted by Malama
Az- 75 visitors in 2 days That is SOOOO not OK!!! WTF??? How can you establish bf, rest, or anything with that type of visitation? And the germs!!! (i'm not generally germ phobic, but everyone is sick around here, so I've thought about it for this new babe). I like Heidi's idea of a note written from baby's perspective- would be sweeter than written by you!
I don't know how she did it, but from what I understand that is the norm with any baby born into dh's family. I think the 12 from his family ( dh's parents and 9 of his brothers and sisters + grandmother) that we agreed upon is a lot. However that is the price to pay for marrying into such a large family. I can't really refuse anyone of them. DH says he is going to take care of any uninvited guests, so I'm sure he'll be for the sign in a couple of days. Plus I just won't answer the door. I really don't care.

Mar, I think all of us are obsessing over any tiny thing being a sign of labor coming
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Sending good birthing vibes your way, Lisa!!

I made a huge error today. I thought I would check out my varicosity with the hand mirror. Oh my goodness!!! It was not pretty. That in turn made me wish the baby would just go ahead and be born. What is the hold-up (and I am not even 40 wks yet).

I made another mistake and looked at the calendar to identify 42 weeks. That date seems SO far away!! I give huge kudos to you, Lisa. I don't know how you did it with such a good attitude. tOday I am just feeling melancholy and grumpy.

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Oh, wow Lisa! Hurray!

Andy- I got the first envelope from you sans bead

Everyone hang in there! Babies are coming, I swear.... Full moon is next weekend. Seems like last month we had a big rash of babies the week of the full moon.
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Human_being: We tried gripe water with Emily (DD) and she never responded to it. She did respond to mylicon, so that's what we went with this time. We might try experimenting with other natural remedies if it does not go away.

I am noticing that if I have anything at all spicy, it gets a bit worse. For example, I had a sweet and spicy salad dressing last night, as well as chili, which was mild by my standards, and that seemed to cause more gas. So bummer, the salad dressing is so good!

On a different subject entirely, I have done something I didn't think I could do. We have a snugli, but Will is so floppy right now that I wanted a sling or a wrap. I have purchased a new native sling pouch thing, at a pretty reasonable price, I might add, but my great achievement is that I sewed a maya warp like ring sling. I haven't gotten the hang of wearing it yet, and he seems really uncomfortably scrunched in it, but I assume that through will fade as I get used to it. I like the tail thing and possibly being able to nurse. Besides the fabric was so pretty. Nice cobalt blue like newborns blue eyes. Seems like it doesn't support his head as well as I would like, but who know, perhaps that will change too, as he gets more head control.

I got the pouch style one for work, so that I can take him with me to meeting easier and still present and stuff.

Well, gotta tend to Emily. She is being a 2 year old today, which is really frustrating since she is typically really really well behaved.

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My best friend had her baby today! Right on schedule, at 9:35 this morning. It was a C-section, mostly elective. (medical indications, no medical imperative, against a natural birth.) She and the baby are doing well, and they had no trouble latching on. Hurray! Sydney Abigail, 6 lb 14 oz and 18" long, at 39 weeks.

Heather, thanks for starting the bead thread. I've been wondering - what happens in March?
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i'll read the posts in a bit. i've been having contractions for over 24 hours (very mild, like my last one) but five minutes or less apart lasting a minute and apparently not dilating me much. midwife checked me last night and spent the night sleeping in our guest room, but i'm still at 4cm. so annoying, but at least not painful. dh stayed home and we're going to ikea to get some ebay stuff and jiggle this baby around. i'm really frustrated with my body, which is no welcome to the baby in utero.
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Hang in there st- that baby will make his way out!!!! at least you have something going on.... c'mon baby!!!

Proudmom- you LOOKed at your varicosities ! Just feeling mine sends me over the edge!

I'm wiped. Went to town and even the mall (ugh)- none of my bras were really fitting though. I ran into an old neighbor who said "you're due and walking around the mall??" like i should sit home and await labor??? people are crazy!
Off to nap..... sending active labpr vibes to you st!!!
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Heather, thanks for starting the bead thread. I've been wondering - what happens in March?
RE: My dreams come true in March

I had a dream (sounds funny saying that today...) when I was first pregnant - around 10 weeks-that my sister was also pregnant. It was one of those real dreams where you wake up and think you should call the person right then! Well, I called her when I got up, and told her about my dream. She admitted to testing, but said the test came back negative. I insisted that she test again, because I KNEW she was pregnant. A few days later, I posted on MDC and noticed that someone had DDDDC me. That was how she told me that she was pregnant....

I also had a dream that she was pregnant with twins, but that one wasn't right

Not sure why it is still there. I thought they only lasted a few days.

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: Hello my friends! What a weird day I had... I was VERY weepy and had ZERO emotional tolerance today. It didn't start at first, but by lunchtime it was clear something was up. My doula was due at 2pm. at 1:45 she phoned to say she'd be late, 2:30ish. I was disapointed, and had spent the last hour or so waiting... but I wasn't too bad off. Dh went to get dd at the playdate. When they came back I was kind of a wreck. The doula called at 2:30 to say she was really hungry and going to stop for food before coming over. dh offered to feed her here and I all but FLIPPED! Now that is SO not me... but by the time she'd get here, we'd make food, she'd eat food, it would be like 4pm, and I just couldn't handle it. I went up to bed, propped myself up on all the pillows I could find and watched star trek and cried. Poor me... sheesh, I was truly pathetic. I just had one thought of the 15,000 mamas in Indonesia/E.Africa/Sri Lanka who are birthing under palm trees with no help, no family, no doctors/clinics/towels/icepacks/clean water for god sake! That sent me into another fit of crying... Dh came in a couple of times but I wanted nothing from noone. By the time the doula arrived I was feeling a little better. When I went to the bathroom and changed into my robe for the massage, there was show in my panties. OMG! I phoned the mw to check and make sure the massage would be ok. The massage was wonderful, but by the time it was over, I was grumpy?! I crabbed at dd (who wouldn't leave us alone, but who cares!) and then pestered dh about dinner (which he cooked from scratch and it was WONDERFUL). I was really starving. I wonder if I'm storing up for something 'cause even after a big dinner I had cc cookies (yet again!) ... anyway, it's been a weird day. No news from Lisa, so probably they went to hospital... I sure hope they have their baby now!!! What a great day for them.

Chiro - all of us 40 weekers are D O N E. I am crying, fighting, bleeding, weeping all over town. I am with you on the crazi seing everything as a sign thing, because I just am READY! Karen - I think the mall is a perfect place for preggo mamas to be. Lots of walking, easy env't, and generally you can pawn off anyone who sees you whom you know onto some other topic, store, person... I hope you got away from those vibes pronto!

Scat - your body has done an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING job bringing all your babies into the world healthy and whole! I think you sell yourself short. Make sure you are taking care of your needs right now - you are probably going to birth really soon. Lots of juicy birthing vibes to you!!!

Nicole - good luck with the carriers. We ended up having one or two that we preferred (dh and I didn't like the same one - he's a big fella and needed something with a lot more fabric than I liked), I'm sure you will have it sorted out soon enough. I think it's AWESOME that you sewed it yourself! I hope that it becomes your fave! And I think the wait and see on Will's tummy stuff is a good plan.

Jessi - I don't think everyone has these surging ctx - I didn't have them with dd. It's frustrating, but it also means something is happening - thinning, prepping; something! I feel like the show was more telling of dialation, which may not be true... but it feels more significant, maybe because these ctx have been going on for so long? I am SO glad you got your bead! Whew... I've started taping the outside of the envelope right over the bead on both sides, maybe that'll help too.

We love you Jess! If you're not ready yet, then probably your baby isn't either, so no big whup about that! I hope that you are feeling lots more loveable tomorrow - it's going to be soon now and I think the high level of emotion is a good sign!

PM - avoid the calendar. It's an ugly western concept of time that, for sure, babies do not want any part of. I think there's no point in spending our time waiting... just being ready for the big changes ahead is a lot of work! So don't stress, dont let other's stress you, and just ride the wave...

Ok all, I think I'm going to read for a while. Lots of cheer and prayers for everyone! Andy
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Yay Andy (for the show, not the weepiness!!!). Sounds like something is at least starting over there- you have one sign, at least!!! Can't say I'm not jealous- even if I'm thrilled for you! woo hoo!!!!
And I'm so GLAD you got your massage. you deserve it honey! And I would also be upset if I had to wait and wait for something like that!!! take care of yourself

I did run into my mw at the mall- she is also anxious for me to have the baby because she is so excited. She was my mw with ds#2 and then was my teacher mw and we were to start on a partnership together before I got pregnant. She knows that my babe will be one of the ones that she'll get to see a lot. she babies.
I also ran into a former client who had had 2 horrible births (c/s and crazy bc vag birth) and then last year had a homebirth where her baby practically fell out. She didn't know I was pregnant and was so excited- I thought it was a good sign to see her. She has 3 redheaded kids. so cute.

We've had 2 phone calls where the person believed that since we didn't answer the phone that that meant i was in labor- WTF??????? one was even from one of my closest friends in the whole wide world who had a baby 3 mos ago..... what are these people thinking???!??!?!?
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They are crazy hon., even crazier than we are! Your friend is still in lala land with baby, so ok, we can cut her some slack. But I've had several calls (Dad and a couple of friends) and because I didn't pick up they left these messages hoping the birthing would be easy... ok, I'll take the good thoughts, but I agree - w/out anyone saying something it's pretty rude.

Let it roll mama. No stress. Walk it off. Get yourself one of those blow up clowns and give it a good wack in the chin. Or at least think about doing it... that's sort of where I get to...I think about it but it doesn't actually happen. Only the food. Anyone need some food? I have like 400 frozen zucchini latkes, great with sour cream or applesauce, and so much else that this kid will be 2 before we empty the freezer! Whew. The house is totally a mess, the piles are piled upon piles, but that's sort of how we live. I did manage to vacuum the first floor, so the dog hair is a lot thinner, and the kitchen floor is clean, but the kitchen is a wreck from dh cooking b-fast and dinner there and not cleaning up ANYTHING, and I sort of am refusing to pick up the slack. Just not putting my energy there. caio!
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Sooo, any other night owls out there?

Actually, I've been having contractions for 3 hours now ~ spaced anywhere from 3-8 minutes apart! I lost a bit of mucus at two separte occasions today, but no blood. The contractions are everywhere from quite mild to more intense (not THAT intense, but still find myself humming/breathing deeply). DH was keen on calling our MW, but I feel still like it's not "time" yet, if that makes sense. I think they are starting to ease off a bit, and probably the wisest thing would be to get some rest. Easier said than done though, right?

I'm not sure what I want to have happen ~ some part of me is thinking "WOW, already???" and another part is thrilled that DH is home and feels raring to go. Guess it's kind of out of my hands anyway

Ok, that's it from me for now! Happy slumbering, Mamas! (oooooooh! contraction!)
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woo hoo Kathy!!!
I think now is a perfect time for you to have a baby---- if you really want it!!!! At least your hubby is there for you.

I'm not a night owl, it's only 8:15 here.....
thinking of you.

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