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Hey Mar,

Try taking some calcium for the afterpains? It should help with the cramping. Glad you're doing well
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Congrats, Mar, on the new little one!!

Don't have much computer time. DS is not feeling well. He has been sleeping all day, which is VERY unusual for him.

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Ann, you sold some dipes on the TP a few days ago that i was chagrined to miss. I wanted that green gingham one! It would have matched our nursery.

I need to photo and post more of my stash. It has grown a lot. It's getting ridiculous. Someday, when we decide what we like the best, maybe I'll sell some of it. Yeah right.
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Mar, I hear you on the afterpains! Mine were quite intense the first couple of days, especially when she was nursing... which she did a lot of! My MW recommended drinking RRL tea to ease the pains a bit. I am happy to say that today yesterday and today have been afterpain-free! Hope yours pass soon.

Mamamaya, thanks for asking after us. Yes, my parents are still here and are helping quite a lot with DD #1. They even surprised me with a decaf soy caramel latte this afternoon on their way home from picking up a few groceries!

We also use plain-ol' boring prefolds, but I have to say I LOVE them... so soft, so absorbant. I have tried others, but they are simply my favorite.
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Jess - I hated selling those. They were so cute. I have few left, but I'm too lazy to go bump the thread. But, alas I must feed the yarn addiction, lol. How is knitting going for you?

I just finished the cutest pair of shorts for baby. They are lanolizing right now. I'll post pics when they are done.
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I know i mentioned those afterpains about a hundred posts ago; too many posts here to keep track. it was the worst thing for me not to have been warned. with ds1 i never even took a tylenol before, during, or after the birth and i was induced; but when ds2 came I NEEDED THE IBUPROFEN every SIX hours on the dot. with ds3 I Knew when it was 5 hours and 59 minutes because I would be hit with a contraction that would make my knees buckle.

definitely BIG BIG hugs to 2nd+ time mommas recovering. take good care of yourselves.
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DS & I spent the day lounging in bed. He has had a fever on and off and just wants to sleep. We ventured out briefly for popsicles...

Karen - I tried calling dh to tell him about ds. well, lo and behold, he forgot his cell phone also. UGH!!! What if it was something big - like, "HI, your baby is -being born!!"

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Hi Mamas,
How nice to come home and read all these nice and actually upbeat posts! Wow.

Mar, I am soooo dreading those afterpains. I had them really bad after my 2nd- wanted to puke every time he nursed. ugh. This time I bought an after ease tincture, but will not hesitate to pull out the big guns (i.e. allopathic meds).... I am generally not a pill taker, but I found those pains to be so much worse than labor AND, really ruined my first few days with a new babe.... so like ST, I'm into drugs for that if necessary.
And thank you for recognizing the unfairness of you going before me (lol!). Your brief dessription of your labor is inspiring though and I hope to follow you (all) in baby land soon!!!

Ann, I wanted some fancy diapers (after always using prefolds for my boys) and bought a bunch of fuzzi bunz as per the recommendation of a few mamas I've helped with babies. I wanted to have 1 kind, because I found before that I'd favor certain diapes and then not use the others. So we'll see if we like them (only bought smalls) and go from there. Someone did send me a whole bunch of used unbleached prefolds that are so soft already.... we'll see how they get used.

Pam, I the name. Geneva is sweet. I'm sure you'll eventually catch up on sleep.... someday!

Dh did call me as soon as he realized his cell phone was here. He's checking in. Poor guy is a wreck already, so I can't really be mad at him. AND, truly nothing is going on with me (other than a little more discharge- no biggie).
My mom bought me some lingere (cotton and practical) to wear pp to make me feel good. I wanted to try it on and make sure it fit (as good as I can right now) and we just couldn't stop laughing at how absurd I looked.

So hanging in there are
Human_Being (though we haven't heard from her today....)
and me
anyone else???
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Originally Posted by Proudmom
Karen - I tried calling dh to tell him about ds. well, lo and behold, he forgot his cell phone also. UGH!!! What if it was something big - like, "HI, your baby is -being born!!"
LOL! (well kinda)..... are you sure we're not married to the same guy?!?!?
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Okay, we should probably start a new thread for the new week. See you all there!

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