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Sounds like a lot of action going on here today........more action than I can keep track of!! :LOL
I am so excited to read here & everyday & here some news...

I was right where you all are just a week ago.....my how time flies!! Those babes will be in your arms before you know it. I can only offer s & prayers for labor!!!

And may you all have shorter labors than I did. UGH
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Ooh, Kathy I am up way to late and took a glance at the computer...May you have a baby when the sun comes up! (Or soon after...) rest inbetween until you can't , and we look forward to seeing if it keeps up or peters out...Heidi
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Heidi- it's waaaay late where you are! get thee to bed!
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good morning friends! Just back from a seriously frigid outdoors... even the dog was psyched to get back into the warm house. Whew! It's like -2F without the wind-chill, like
-10 with. Sheesh! Tit's up cold, according to dh

Hey CONGRATS sly - even if it does peter out (btdt!) I think having them is a really great sign. 'Course mine started almost 2 weeks ago now, so I'm a little discouraged, but having show is a good sign, I personally spent most of the night up checking for more, like every hour with snoozing in-between. But no serious ctx and not much more in the show dept. either. You?

Hang in there Karen - yours is coming! Be cool, mama. Heidi - what's up withthe 2am special? Of course we LOVE hearing from you, but get some sleep girl! How you gunna have a baby all tired out like that??? I sure know the up and can't get comfy thing.

I'm serious about a lot of us having babies by the end of this coming weekend - full moon. Some others have mentioned it - with all the signs and symbols floating around, all the ready-ness, Karen's mom coming into town, etc., I think it's gunna be a BONANZA!!!
Hey - I can hope, right!

I'm meeting a friend for a while in town, then to mail your beads, Ann and Lisa, and then to a bit o shopping. I'm hoping the driving and walking will help me move this baby into the right space and doooown. Not that it could go much further without becoming a health hazard, but...

Lots of hugs to all, andy
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It's quiet here this morning. Everyone either is busy with infants or *in labor*. Gosh.

I'm still preggo. Every other night I have tons of contractions and indigestion and *signs* and then the next night...nothing. I wake up every morning disappointed and trying not to be because my due date (such that it is) isn't for another week. I had my other two a few days early, so I am assuming if I go *past due* it won't be by much...but I must prepare myself for anything.

When I'm stuck home with the kids, I get more nutso, but when I go to work I am pretty chipper. Today I am stuck home with the kids ALLLLL day with no DH. Joy!

Happy babyland to those in the trenches (Sly, Lisa, Andy?)

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Hi Mar - I'm here. Show and a few ctx but nothing to call the mw over. sigh. Best laid plans got waylaid today...dd is sick, all over the hall at school (funny, since she's been home nothing, but she's tucked up in bed with her leappad now, and a bowl, after a few stories, so I'm hopeful she'll be ok...). Just what I need during labor, a sick kid ugh. Poor girl.

I'm sorry you are ALSO having a frustrating kickoff. If it's not too cold, try going out for a walk, or to a park. If it is too cold, try a friend's house for a couple of hours, maybe right after lunch - that'll take you to about 2-3pm and HEY - who among us can't make it just a few more hours till bathtime?! I must admit I've had some preeety eeeeearly bathtimes that lasted like over an hour HA!

Good luck hon. Drink lots of tea, keep your feet up and let them rip and roar. Dh can clean up the mess later. LOL!! Andy
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Still preggo too

It's nuts how crazy we can make ourselves while waiting, isn't it!? I keep going back and forth between enjoying the last days of being a Mom to one and catching glimpses of the big belly in the window reflections and the joys of feeling this little being moving in my belly to being a basket case because I JUST DON"Y KNOW WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gwen was 10 days late and we are planning a homebirth and if we go more than 14 days we can't have the baby here and what if that happens and what if I never go into labor and should I try the reflex combs that tell you absolutely not to use them until your midwife is present because you may birth very quickly, and will Nick (my partner) ever make the net he promised to make to scoop any unsightlies out of the birth tub. Maybe that's it. Once he makes the net, I can go into labor. I'm going to get on him about that. My apologies for the vent. I have to admit that I feel better though and think I will enjoy my pregnant body today. Sending birth vibes to the other Moms in holdng pattern!
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It has been quiet this morning here. It was a zoo at my house. It takes so long to get 2 ready to go. I have to take DD to montessori in the am, since DH has to work really early. So I get up at the same time as him. Luckily, we have a pretty good routine, but sometimes, you end up working on toddler time. Which seems like it take forever to get anything at all done. Can be so frustrating.

I started back to work today too. Don't worry, only 8-10 hours of checking e-mail and stuff, just enough time each week that I can actually take an additional 2 weeks of leave, so i won't go back full time until the end of February! I get to do this from the house. The only crazy day is the 26th, where I have an all day meeting that I absolutely cannot miss. Luckily Will's great grandmother is here and is going to watch him for us. She is my mom's mom and is wonderful with him. For some reason, though, my daughter doesn't like her very much. Not sure what is up with that.

Well, off to do my 2 hours of work today.
Happy birthing vibes!
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Whew Steph, you sound a little hyper. Baby in, baby out, baby all good. I do hope your partner makes the net for you - it is about time. Last night mine made the trek to Wal-Mart to gather supplies for the birth. Good for him.

Mar, that sounds really frustrating, with contractions and signs every other night to keep you from sleeping peacefully.

This giant belly still itches and feels like it's stretching. Can it really have more growing to do before the baby is ready? Eesh. In two weeks it will be february.

Kathy, any excitement there? If I say "If we don't hear from you we'll assume the best!" then am I being like those people on the answering machine? When people start calling us I'll change the message to, "No, we're not having a baby today, but maybe we don't want to talk to you. Leave a message and we'll think about picking up the phone." Hmm, I'll only get away with that if DH isn't around when I do it. He is never that rude.

I have chocolate today, mmmm, belgian with almonds from Trader Joe's. mmmm.

Andy, I hope your day today is better than yesterday, even with a sick DD.

Heidi, what on earth is "DDDDC" ? That is a cool story about your sister.
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Yeah - DDDDC? Thanks Jessi - I appreciate your thoughts. I think I am feeling better today, less moody etc. Although it is still early. This time y-day was ok too. sigh.

Uh Steph - you ok? You sound ... hyper was a good choice, I'd even go for broke and say upset!? I know it's hard to wait, but don't sweat it so much that you are causing yourself unnecessary stress. If you feel the 14 days are slipping by, talk with your mw about natural induction techniques that she would be willing to work with you on. There may be some that she is willing to do at your home and then you can keep the hb you want. I was the same for dd, who was born on day 14 overdue (although we went into labor on day 13). In canada they poopoo the home birth, just the same as here, pretty much, and feel that over 2 weeks past due is somehow dangerous (which I don't think it is if you are under good prenatal care). Anyway we ended up doing CO which was UGHUghughughugh but worked like a charm, so I must have been at least close to ready. Hang tough. Talk it out. Don't hunch your shoulders (oops, sorry, slipped into mom mode there!).

What is a reflex comb? Sounds like something used to tease up hair on Long Island (that's sort of a NY joke...sorry). Can you tell me about it?
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I'm still here and still pregnant. : I had a bad night's sleep (but was too irritated to post) and of course I'm up at 7 because I have to go to the bathroom- my life is so routinized these days.

Last night I was thinking that I'd go into labor on sat morn and then have to have someone pick up my mom from the airport in the afternoon adn she'd walk in as I was crowning. Wouldn't that be funny. We'll see. I can wait.

I haven't moved around enough today to know how bad my pelvis feels today. I'm worried that I might have actually hurt it for real when I was swimming the other day, rather than just pregnancy aches and pains, because yesterday was really bad. ugh.
I'm suppposed to have a prenatal today- haven't had one done by someone other than myself in awhile- so it should be interesting to get a different opinion- I feel ready, right???

I do have tons of bh- some hurt quite a bit, but they're just not IT. baby is very active too. all is pointing to good.

Without being annoying..... I hope Lisa is now holding her baby and Kathy too (or close to it!!!)
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What is CO? I'm not really as much of a basket case as that email made me sound! Alot of my problem is lack of good sleep and a busy two year old. I may bundle her up and go for a walk. I think its 16 degrees out though!
Reflex combs are used in reflexology. They are aluminum combs that look kind of like those cheap plastic combs used for those teased NJ hairstyles. They are used to hit different pressure points on the body. For labor, you hold one in each hand and squeeze them. Different parts of the combs sort of dig in to different pressure points on your hands. They are supposed to relax the uterine muscles and can cause births to happen very quickly. I've also read that they are good for easing labor pains!

Mmmm- chocolate from Trader Joe's! Maybe I'll go there and stop at the local pet store for a net.
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CO is castor oil, I think.
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DDDDC is "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" and it is a promotion/fundraiser here at MDC where you pay a small amount and get to assign a *title* to someone online here. Its fun and silly and helps MDC make money.

CO is definitely castor oil. That really scares me but I have never gone over so ...I am certainly not one to judge. I just really hate being in GI distress and that mixed with labor sounds awful! But being induced chemically is way worse I would think.

My dirty little *induction* secret has been intercourse (GIO). Both other births occurred during the night after GIO right before bed. Unfortunately, I was really begging DH for it this weekend and we tried for a quicky and he ended up feeling really pressured and *used* and now has amental block in that area I'm afraid. I can't even hint about it or he gets defensive and frusterated. Arrrggghhhh! I need me some prostaglandin! The last few night when I have been have contractions and what not, I've been thinking to myself (selfishly) "if only we could GIO I'd be in LABOR now!" I'm probably delusional but....that's how I feel. I've tried doing *my own thing* but that doesn't seem to be enough to get things going, even with a good orgasm. Sorry if TMI. I'll go now. (ducks head and slinks off)


PS Almost NAP TIME --- Hoooray!
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I should probably clarify that GIO is "Getting It On," for those who missed previous discussions of said activity.
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Mar- at least you feel like GIO. My dh says "anything I can do"? So we try and GIO, but I'm just generally uncomfortable and can't really get into it..... sorry for TMI! ugh.
The mw daughter who I ran into yesterday said that I look like I'll go one week over..... sweet, huh??? It's actually fine. I'm resigned to waiting. It's good for me to practice patience!!!!
You could also get your prostaglandins from EPO if you want- but I don't know if it's as effective as the "real" thing, esp when coupled with orgasm.
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That was me, didn't know GIO...so sad. And yup, CO is def. castor oil. It makes everyone who drinks it (about 1tbs in 4-6oz of Oj) poo like CRAZY! It's unbelievable. Supposedly it's the bowel contractions that start off labor. It also makes dc poo though, so be warned that there will be meconium in the fluid, which is not a good thing. Not too dangerous if the babe doesn't breathe right away, but can be respirated and cause infection, which is really bad. So I took 3 doses one hour apart and had labor start one hour after that. Baby was born within 24 hrs.

Mar - you may have missed this post, but supposedly the gut can process prostaglandins 10x more effectively than the vagina. Maybe DH wouldn't mind a little oral sex???

K. - oh you poor thing. It sounds like you may have damaged the soft tissue holding the pelvis together (I forget what it's called). It's so soft and vulnerable right now. Ow OW OW OW!!! That's so not fair. It req's nothing but bedrest, and even takes a while to recover after birth (since it's getting stretched out more during the birthing). I don't recall there being any reason why you can't still deliver vaginally, just that walking around is so difficult and hurts a lot and it can take a while to heal...but it just may be this is just normal little body big baby stuff that's going on. Do you remember this with DS's? Ugh.

Thanks for the heads up on the combs Steph. Can I use regular combs??? I have more show today even than yesterday, although still no plug. Hmmm. Slow and steady wins the race or WHAT!? I suppose I can hang in there, but jeez...let's get this show on the ROAD, eh?!

Ok, better go check on dd who is unusually quiet upstairs. She's been so good I slept for an hour! Wow. Ok, girls - group HHHHUUUUGGGG!!!!
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As far as GIO, I was relying on that too, but my swelling makes it so uncomfortable, and I can't seem to O anymore - completely frutrated, esp since the only way I can O is through gio...
dh and I have been taking the advice about prostaglandins being more effective if taken orally, but we've managed to take the romance away, cuz we know we're just doing it to try to induce, and though it always brings on some good surges, I don't think I can handle more than once a day...
I'm trying not to dwell on the baby not being here, but after almost having the baby over a week ago, and feeling all during the pg that baby would come early, and fearing another induction, it's hard to remain relaxed. I've set the full moon as my goal, if I can make it to there, I'm sure we'll have the baby.
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Just wanted to add about CO, that the studies showing that it makes baby pass meconium are inconclusive, and it probably has more to do with the fact that the moms are past due and that's why the baby passes mec.
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Mar has positive incentive from her previous two labors to help with her libido, it sounds like.
I'm all for that method of labor inductions. I want it more than DH lately. (but no mental blocks like your DH, Mar, that sounds awful, how frustrating!) But what I really want is to lay on my back and GIO missionary style, or any other number of ways that all are prevented by the giant belly. Gah. And even after the belly goes, weeks before we can do it. And then it won't be nearly as easy to find an opportunity.
DH was laughing at me the other day because I was exhausted, finally climbed into bed and collapsed, and then I ask, "Do you want nookie?" He should appreciate my efforts now. After the baby is here, there will really be such a thing as "too tired."

The other day, on my way up here in the elevator in the morning, a man told me, "You look great." Then he like apologized, worrying that I'd take it wrong, but it was no, thank you! That was a wonderful thing for him to say.
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