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andy- I know exactly what's going on in my pelvis. it's my symphysis pubis-0 the cartilaginous joint under your pubic hair. I'm hoping the pain is just part of the usual stretching I've been having there, but it got esp worse when I was swimming- doing breaststroke, which I shouldn't have done- and there was a very slight current that made me work harder. Oh well.
Nothing really to do about it- no contraindications for vaginal birth or anything, it's just painful.

oh, and re: castor oil- which I don't recommend unless you are depserately facing induction or anything- there's not really any evidence to suggest that it makes the baby poop. Usually moms take it when they are closer to 42 weeks, when there is an increased chance of them passing meconium anyways..... saw a whole talk on this sometime back. But like all things, co only works if you're ready. i've seen women take it several times and just get the runs and no baby (even when they are "over"due). So..... not my choice of stuff! better to let nature do it's thing, IMO.
In the end, you gotta do what's right for you (if anything)..... and if you have a caregiver- I guess you gotta take them into account too!
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yeah, P&A- we're on the same page with the swelling. We GIO this am and I'm suffering now- but whatever. It could be awhile before we can (i.e. I want to) do it again, right?? Unfortuntately the swelling usually will last all day after doing it. Oh well......
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Ok I'm done being pregnant. I have had enough. More ctx last night, this is what 4 nights in a row??? They are all over ctx, and I could really feel the baby pushing down. They started around dinner and went from 10 mins apart or so all of a sudden to 4-6 min apart. I was a wreck, moaning, pacing, breathe breathe breathing. DH insisted we call the bc since they wanted us to call when ctx were 8 min apart. Ofcourse since the ctx picked up so suddenly when I talked to the mw it sounded like things were about to happen. When we got there she even had the backup mw come in. Well I was 3 cm and 5 hours later still 3 cm so I'm home. I tried to take a bath when I got home but there wasn't enough hot water. DH and I did manage to get to sleep and now nothing Well almost nothing, fairly light ctx every now and then. I can almost gaurentee that I will be having ctx again tonight. I'm feeling crampy just like I did last night before the ctx started.

I really can't take much more of this. I just feel like giving up and crying all day.
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Azriel- hang in there- baby will be here soon!!!
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s to everyone...sounds like we all need it.

I'm feeling much better today. I have to say that I think I have finally found a psychaitrist that actually helps instead of making me feel more depressed. We had a whole converstation about these buddhism/meditation books I've been reading and how my emotions don't define me and there's no reason to spiral into despair just 'cause I feel sad or out of control. Especially at this stage of preganacy I'm really not in control of a lot of things and that's ok.

Anyway, I'm thinking Thursday is the baby day for me...not sure why but Jan 20 sounds like a good day. Otherwise the 25th would be good...dd was bron under a full moon.

P&A and Karen- I'm so at the same point for GIO. It's actually ok during, but afterwards is sooo uncomfortable. Dh has been great, though, very patient eventhough he's usually a horndog.

I took dd to preschool today so I could have a little time to myself. I'm baking biscotti (never tried before) and sewing the receiveing blankets I've trying to get to. I think I might do a little shopping and then go pick her up.

I feel much more relaxed now that I'm not working...ahhh. My midwife says I even look like I'm moving slower...
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Az, how frustrating that sounds! Especially about running out of hot water for the bath. Try, try to rest. Your baby will be here soon, in a matter of days, but they sound like they might be loooong days. Remember that these contractions are doing something - there's lots for them to do besides just dilate the cervix. They're getting you closer, however slowly.
If you cry all day, try to sleep in between.

Since we all love baby pics, here is my best friend and her new baby.
I've never seen her (my friend) look so beautiful.
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hugs to you Az...

I can empathize.

I had five hours of five minutes apart and 24 hours of 3 minutes apart (all lasting about a minute). last i was checked (in the middle of all of that) i was only 4cm. I will not call the midwife to come again until my knees are buckling, i'm moaning uncontrollably, or my water breaks. my last birth was painless until pushing, but this apparently will be mild and drawn out and maybe painful later.

took the kids to storytime at the mall and the indoor playspace, then an outdoor playground (since it is 80 degrees).

i'm trying to be positive. i wanted this baby just over ten pounds (rather than just under), so maybe two more weeks would work well. who am i kidding...i can't wait that long.

you're all in my thoughts.
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Sounds like everybody needs a this morning. Including myself. My grandfather passed away last night. It was his time. But its still really sad. He was all alone in the hospital, so nobody got to say goodbye, and we are all pretty upset. My mom had me when she was pretty young, so him and my grandma pretty much raised me. Its kinda like losing my dad - my mom and auntie are total wrecks. Sigh...I think he was just waiting for the baby to be born and his 90th birthday, which was on the 14th, and then he felt ready to go...

I'm posting with a question for all you mamas of girls - I noticed yesterday that Violet had a bit of milky white lockia in her yoni, and then she had it again today. Is this normal? There doesn't seem to be any sign of infection - it doesn't smell or anything...but I've never had a girl so I have no idea. My mom said it might be hormones, but she wasn't sure? (you'd think she'd know. I have 5 sisters )
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Wow Jessi - the baby looks so much like her! Amazing to see in a newborn. They are both beautiful!

Az honey - hang in there. I know this is hard, maybe the hardest thing you'll ever do, but be patient with your body. It's doing a great job of getting ready for the epic ending - rest up, walk around and keep the ctx moving. Nipple stim, as much as feels good. drink your tea and stay hydrated. Cry if you want, talk to friends on the phone about old times, coming times, their babies, anything that keeps your mind busy. Even through the ctx. Have dh go out and get a really funny movie and LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH!!! It will move things along. I am sending lots of good birthing vibes honey - just be patient. Let the baby and your body do it's thing. You gotta get your head out of the picture, as difficult as that is. This is primal...no place for a smart girl like your brain to be. Ok?

Karen - I'm glad there is nothing to really worry about for the pelvic pain - I'm just sorry now that it's there at all! Yuck, ugh, owie, shame. Do baths help? I nearly got totally stuck in the tub the other night. Everyone was alseep, and I took a bath, and had no leverage to get up again! I realized how soft my tummy muscles have gone...uh oh. How is your birthing space shaping up? Did you mobile the space?

Jess - you sound GREAT! I wish that energy was contagious by email! Wouldn't that be great?! Have a fun shopping session and enjoy the time off from dd.

P&A - I have no energy at night for any nocturnal activities. If dh does, he's not saying peep about it. We used to be the monkey couple, but pregnancy with dd was so emotional, and then the post partum, things never really got back on the road , so sometimes there are longish gaps...a few months is neither here nor there for us. You hang tough, too. Things will happen soon!

Ok girls - enjoy the day, I'm going to spend some more qt with dd who has been very good today...what a sport!
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Ann..... so sorry to hear about your grandpa!!! 90 is quite a feat for men these days and I hope he had a good life. he was probably thrilled to hear about the baby- hang in there mama!
Violet's lochia is normal (not that I've had a girl). She does still have hormones from you and it'll all work out of her system.

rubysmomjess- hang in there.... I'm glad you've found a helpful psychiatrist. This is a hard time with hormones raging and all and it's important to get the RIGHT kind of help when you need it!

andy- my birthing space- the living room has been ready for ages.... 2+ weeks already. EVERYTHING is ready. There's nothing to do. Today I walked into my sewing area and decided I'd just start another project- no sense in sitting around anymore..... if I don't finish it- fine- if i do- great.

My lower back is VERY achy this am.... maybe a good sign, or maybe I'll start having labor signs that just draw out like ST and Az.... my mw had lots of labor symptoms with her 3rd child, so I was expecting it. I can't tell if it's achy on and off or just achy. Who cares anyways! I can't overanalyze EVERYTHING!

anyhow, I'm going out to lunch with my friend.
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oh, and I didn't share this wonderful tidbit with you all. My dh has a job shooting (video) at some corporate retreat next week- shooting them having fun and all- sun, mon, tues. It's 1.5 hours away..... not ideal, but good $$ and he's gotta take it. We figure that if i start labor, he leaves- he'll have someone with him there, so it won't be a total loss. BUT.... today he says, YK, I might be on a boat with these people shooting- and so I wouldn't be available!!! WTF?!?!?!? I got so mad- he can send the OTHER guy on the boat. Of course he'll try, but just wanted to let me know that. WHY????? so i can have something to be really upset about???

So i said, fine, I'll just have your son get in the tub with me and help me catch OUR baby sarcastically (not that my son would- he'd probably be too freaked)- and he thought that was a great idea. UGH.

So if I go into next week- gotta be a night time baby so I don't have to deal with this ISSUE!
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Malama sounds like a cool job, but too bad your dh doens't want to leave it to come home for you!

My mw was here, and things are still looking good. The baby is SUPER low, they measure in fifths of the head, I guess, and she can only feel the bottom fifth, basically the back of the upper neck, baby is so engaged. Now I think I know why sex has been so uncomfortable! It's crowded down there. My urine also showed high mucus and my bp is up a bit. I'm due tomorrow. Wouldn't that be a freaky day to actually have the baby!
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Hey now - Ann: I'm so sorry about your grandpa. We posted almost simuls - that's a really hard thing to deal with, especially all the upset family. I would try to keep to your own space as much as you feel comfortable doing - obviously not exclude yourself from the family grief, but not overexpose yourself or your dc's to it. kwim? I'm so sorry... Dh's dad passed away right before dd was born and it was very emotional for everyone. I can only IMAGINE how much harder this is for you! Lots of hugs, mama!

The lochia is totally normal. It may be her own hormones at this point - she should start to make lochia so that she can keep her yoni clean. That's how we do it, and she's gotta start sometime! If it's excessive, make sure she stays as dry as possible inside her diape. It may be a response to a small infection. A little bit of tea tree oil in her bath and a good soak would probably be ok, just don't do a hair wash with the oil in the water.

K - it is time to SLAP that man! If the cell phone doesn't work there, he shouldn't be there. That's it! No if's and's or but's. This is not just about him getting to see dc born, it's about being there for YOU! Ok, my .02 is only going to get ugly from here, so I'll quit now, but tell him he's NOT making any friends in NY - so THERE! huh.

Having lots of b/h today, kind of painful and having to breathe through them somewhat. Cancelled on the birth class tonight (didn't want to have another mom over to b-sit dd), and it's so cold and unlikely that anyone else would come I think our mw was grateful. Baby is low here too P&A. Killing me low. Walking around a bowling ball low. Ugh. So low I can't even IMAGINE having sex at this point. Totally not appealing. I'd rather wait a week longer than go through that! Poor dh. Well, maybe some oral sex tonight if he's feeling up to it, and if I am too. It's not my favorite activity, actually...anyone else weird like that? I sometimes think it's all the nutty positions that work best for it, and make me feel somewhat servant-like. I think it's the same reason I don't love scrubbing bathrooms. Weird. Time to think about dinner. See ya!
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I gave birth to Jaylene Eva on Sunday, January 16th, 2005 4:55AM. We had a great birth. I got to the maternity center at 3:45AM and was 6 centimeters, labored and delivered in the water and pushed 3 times and she was out. It was great.

She weighs 6 lbs. 3 oz. & 21 1/2 inches long and gorgeous, she is so petite compared to my other two, so beautiful. I am so happy, so relieved.

Congrats to everyone else who had their baby already and good luck to those waiting. I can say that visualising and breathing on my own really helped me a lot.

Here is a link to our pic at the Maternity Center: http://www.miamibirth.com/index.asp?...ch&pid=1252257
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congrats Nadia and welcome Jaylene!!! I knew it didn't sound long from your other thread! woo hoo!!!

on the STIll pregnant note....
Been having more contractions today that feel different and hurt more- yay!!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up and it could still be days, but this is the 1st change I've seen, so I'm thrilled anyways! I've had them consistently all day. yay

if you all met my dh, you'd like him. he's a wonderfully sweet and supportive guy- but he just doesn't always (or rarely) thinks about what he's gonna say before he says it. generally it's not a problem with me, but at this stage of pregnancy??

andy- sounds like we're having a similar contraction day..... let's have our babies, eh??? mine is all low too and i'm very ready.
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Nadia - she is BEAUTIFUL! I must say you do NOT look like you just birthed a baby! You look wonderful! I am very pleased you had such a great birth. Happy birthday little Jaylene!

Karen - you got it. If I'm not having my baby by the weekend I'll be surprised. All day contractions here too, just nothing serious. On and off a bit, more with walking, but it's so darned cold out I didn't get out much (and dd sick didn't help!). You mentioned a quick reference to having sick people in your house too - that may have been a few days ago...everyone healthy there? Rebecca has an ear infection now - her first ever (first year in all day school is a total bummer for getting every ailment in town, I must say). Figures it's all hitting home the week we're going to have a baby (and we ARE going to have this baby soon, I can tell). Tonight the ctx are a little closer together (10 min?) and harder, more serious to get through. They aren't lasting too long, maybe 30 sec., so I'm going to try to get some sleep. YAHOO Karen!!! Maybe we'll share baby birthdays very soon :-) I'm sure dh is a great guy K., why else would you have chosen him, stuck with him, had babies with him, built a life with him!? But... let's try switching on the ole brain power... he's GOT to get with the emotional end of pregnancy thing here. Mine isn't too great sometimes either, but lately he's SO much better about saying 'sorry' and getting on with being happy. Just sucking it up is making a HUGE difference to my emotionalism and outbursts. It's been a long day...

Have a good evening all, Andy
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yeah andy- let's share some baby birthdays SOON! we're gonna have dinner soon (in theory) and then I'm going for a power walk. Roxanne (my mw) said to walk with some long strides and use my arms to get my blood really pumping.... that actually felt so much better than my guarded pelvis walking I've been doing. Sorry it's too cold there for a big walk- but moving around the house (up and down stairs if you have em) is good too!!!

Sorry to hear about Rebecca! Bummer! When ds#2 was born, my older son became really sick maybe 2 days later- fever, coughing, the works. it was a bummer, but what could I do??
fortunately everyone is healthy IN my house, but i just keep hearing about sick people outside of my house- you know, all those people who will want to come and see the baby..... the kids said the girl next door threw up the other night and they were very adamant that they could not play with her nor let her over.... they're looking out for us all!

Let's have some babies!!! s.o.m.e.t.i.m.e.
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Hello mamas!

I have sort of gone AWOL - I think I am doing some sort of strange variation on nesting, running all sorts of errands that really could wait. But I'm getting lots done, and I'm thinking that will help everything r-e-l-a-x so maybe this baby will decide to come on out early. But if she wants to wait a few weeks, that's OK too.

Just wanted to let you all know I got my beads out today- hopefully they reach you all safe and sound. I know they will be too late for birthing for some, but enjoy just the same!

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Well, today went pretty well, work wise. I was able to get my e-mail done, make a list of what needs to be done tomorrow and set up a meeting for tomorrow afternoon.

We have Will's pediatric cardiologist appointment tomorrow afternoon, to check on the status of the heart murmur. By all accounts from the regular pediatricians, the will tell us that it is nothing to worry about, but still, I wonder just the same. I will let you know as soon as I get back.

Seems like no matter what, we always have a medical issue to worry about. DH just got a call from his PC stating that he needed to come back for a second visit after his CT scan 2 weeks ago. Not sure what that is about. He is calling tomorrow morning. Here's hoping it is nothing serious.

On a brighter note, we got a GC to babies r us, so i get to go shopping tomorrow.

Have a great evening. Let's have some babies tonight!

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Busy day here...not baby wise, but in other ways...

I spent the morning outside with ds. It has been SOOOOooo beautiful here the past few days. We pulled weeds and planted flower. He is a funny one. He loves to help his momma! DH had work early, but was home for a few hours before his real shift, so he took ds to the park for a bit. It was a nice break.

Then we were off to a meeting and the grocery store. Hardly had time to get home and have dinner before baths and bed. Without a nap, I was exhausted. I fell asleep with ds and didn't wake up until a few minutes ago. Now I am just waiting for dh to get home. Perhaps he could make a prostaglandin donation

I wish I had more going on with my body regarding the baby. She is pretty low, but no contractions. I didn't have any B/H or contractions with ds, so I don't expect them, but it would be nice Especially when you ladies talk about it helping to reduce actual labor time

Tomorrow is another busy day. LLL and other errands. Hopefully I can still manage a nap and more outside time. I hate wasting beautiful days indoors...

to all the new mamas. to all of us still pregnant and wanting our babies soon...

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