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Well, we had our second pretty bad sleep night here. Will decided to wake every 2 hours and nurse. And for some reason, he hates my left breast at night and will not nurse on it easily. So, by the time I finally got him latched, he was wide awake. Then he poo'd all over himself and I had to change him into a new outfit, waking him even further. It took 2 hours to get him back down.

Since the is only the 2nd time this has happened, I don't feel to bad. Tired, but not exhausted. Does make me wonder what is wrong with my left side, since DD was the same way. Oh, well. We'll get the hang of it sooner or later.

Gotta go get DD up and ready for school. Have a good day.

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Well, I had surges last night and now agin this morning, and today's my edd. They're getting very intense, and though I've been trying not to watch the clock, they're usually a few minutes apart.
Hope to have good news soon!
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Sending birthing vibes your way, P&A!!!

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yay P&A!!! bring em on!!!

We tried some nipple stim last night after a long walk. Gave me tons of contractions that were painful- or one long one- coulnd't even tell. But i was so sleepy and just wanted to rest my eyes. Had contractions through the night that I noticed when I woke up but nothing to brag about. I can feel that my body is so on the edge but maybe just not quite there..... soon!
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It's so quiet here this am... is everyone having babies cept me??? can't be ALL of you!!!!
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Originally Posted by fromscatteredtribe
I will not call the midwife to come again until my knees are buckling, i'm moaning uncontrollably, or my water breaks. my last birth was painless until pushing, but this apparently will be mild and drawn out and maybe painful later
I hear you there. I worst part is I knew it was too early to go to the bc, but dh and the mw both thought I should come in since the ctx were about 5 min apart. The trip to the bc wasn't all bad though. I got to see how the mw operate, they are very hands off. I only had 3 internals in the 5 hours I was there, 1 on arrival, 2nd I requested, 3rd after I woke up and wanted to go home. The doppler is soo much nicer than the efm. They'd get a heartbeat so much faster than having to strap the stupid belts on etc. The mw spent most of the time out of the room to let us do our thing. Even when I fell asleep I figured she would come in every so often to check things out but nope, she didn't come back until dh went to tell her I was up and asked for some lotion.

I slept or rested almost all day yesterday. I refused to answer the phone or talk to anyone who called for me. MIL and FIL took ds with them yesterday to go feed the hungry at mil's church and they didn't bring him back until 7:30. THat was great because I had a nice nap with DH, it has been so long since we've actually slept together. Well it was me, dh, the 2 dogs, and 1 cat on a full sized futon. How we got any sleep is a mystery to me. I even slept all night, only getting up a few times, and I got up at 11 this morning. So I feel quite rested. Oh and last night I only got mild bh, which was nice becuase I really needed some good rest.

Ann, I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather. That must very hard for you. Make sure you get enough support for yourself to get through this. 90 is very impressive, he must have had a lot of character to make it that far.

Nicole, sorry you had such a rough night. Did you ever speak with a lc about your left breast? Since dd did that same thing I couldn't hurt. Maybe the ladies of at the bf forum could have some advise for you. Oh and good luck with Will's cardiologist.

Leigh, I did the same thing last week. I was running errands everywhere. DH says that we have enough food and supplies that we could easily survive being trapped in the house for 6 wks.

Pam, I hope you're getting ready to or have already birthed your baby.
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[QUOTE=NadiaSJ]I gave birth to Jaylene Eva on Sunday, January 16th, 2005 4:55AM. We had a great birth. I got to the maternity center at 3:45AM and was 6 centimeters, labored and delivered in the water and pushed 3 times and she was out. It was great.

She weighs 6 lbs. 3 oz. & 21 1/2 inches long and gorgeous, she is so petite compared to my other two, so beautiful. I am so happy, so relieved. [QUOTE=NadiaSJ]

Congrats Nadia! She's a cutie. You had the same due date as me, hard t obelieve your baby is here already...Heidi
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Nadia, congratulations on your lovely daughter!

Ann, sorry about your grandfather. That is very sad.

Karen, sounds like your baby isn't far away. Think of it this way: Murphy's Law says that if your husband goes out on the boat, it will cause labor to start. You sound like you're pretty anxious for labor to start.

P&A, go go uterus! come come baby! This is exciting.

Yesterday I went to see a doctor, to get paperwork filled out for my six weeks off work. I was there for two hours. Wait, fill this out. Wait, pee in a cup. Wait, get blood pressure taken. Wait, talk to the nurse. The doctor was great for the fifteen minutes I saw him. But whah, that reminded me why midwife care is so much better! Today I will see the midwife, at my own house because she'll be in the neighborhood, and no waiting at all.

Last night DH and I had a fancy dinner out to celebrate our 2nd marriage anniversary. Yum, food. Yum, really good service. Yum, free dessert. The dessert had bananas in it, and DH hates them, so I got to eat the whole thing.
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Azriel- I hope you're getting some more good alone time. It's amazing how we just want these babies out, but when you've had kids already, you know how much easier they are to take care of inside!!!

jessitron- I've heard about moms having to wait forever at their OB's offices. I don't know if I'd have the patience to sit at this point for that long ANYWHERE!!! Last year we had an office that we did prenatals at (now we do home visits) and if there was a wait, the moms always socialized or we had birth videos playing- no one ever minded. but i know doc's offices aren't like that!
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Hi - just pausing on my lap around the first floor. Trying to get ctx back to speed. Last night the mw's slept over, called them at 3am. ctx were 2-2 1/2 min apart. By 5am they were back to 8-10 min and stayed there all day, even going further to like 15min. But they're really good strong ctx, so they must be doing something. Doula is here now, upstairs bathing dd. She massaged my hands and feet and the ctx went back to 6-8 min. I've had a littl erest, dh is making a hearty stew of some kind, and I'm doing laps. GO P&A!!!!! I hope we both have babies tonight! I wonder whether my enthusiasm to have this babe already is somehow making it harder for the ctx to be steady and closer together. Early morning they were closer but not so hard on me. Now they're hard to work through but not so close together. CAN WE GET THIS RIGHT?! I'm sorry - best to sign off now, another approaches. andy
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I knew you were laboring today Andy! Go mama- bring em on!!!

I'm thinking of you and hoping your contractions get regular and you are soon resting in bed with your babe!!!!

Let us know!!

Much ALoha,
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Yay Andy! Sounds like a lot of work. Maybe your baby only wants to come out if it's dark. I bet you have a baby by morning! woo-hoo! Are you counting those laps?

Karen, yes, the doc office was a lot of waiting. In the waiting room, one chick was telling this other chick a story about how when she was 19 she was dating this older man, who was married but lied about it, and how one day his wife held her up at gunpoint. That was entertaining.

This board is quiet today. Lots of people in labor. It will get quieter as people are more occupied with their babies. I'm kinda dreading that.

Midwife appt today. I am 108 cm around. I've outgrown one of my husband's coats and adopted his new one. She dropped off the birth tub. No other patients of hers are due until 18 February, so not much chance of conflicting births. They do seem to group up. In theory, she said I could go to 43 1/2 weeks before we start trying to make the baby come. Wow, that would be like, 23 February. I'm glad to hear there's no deadline soon, though. My babe is still pretty comfy.
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So we had the pediatric cardiologist appointment today. Turns out the heart murmur was the least of our worries. Here's the low down.

Nearly 50% of babies are born with a heart murmur due to a hole in the heart that closes shortly after birth. This hole serves as a bypass for the lungs while the babe is inside since they don't really need that step of circulation yet. On Will, it didn't close, which is what led to the visit to the PC in the first place. They did an ECHO (ultrasound) on his heart, which he did like a trooper. The ECHO showed 3 other problems. The most severe is that his aorta, the major artery supplying blood to the head, arms and body is narrowed. This must be corrected by surgery sometime quite soon. The second problem is that he has a bicuspid valve between the left atrium and left ventricle, instead of a tricuspid. He also has some muscle tissue which is narrowing the channel between the left atrium and left ventricle. All of these are making his teeny tiny heart work harder. So eventually, he will also need open heart surgery. So all in all, my day kinda sucked.

I did come home to find a been from Ann, which had the chinese (?) symbol for spirit. I am thinking these bead arrived today, to not only remind me of the fighting spirit of my son, but also to lift my spirits. Thank you so much Ann. Even though you did not know it would happen, your bead arrived at just the right, and much needed time.

Gonna go and get some sleep now. Happy birthing Andy!

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I'm so sorry the news at the doctor wasn't what you hoped! When will they do the surgery?

Little ones are so resilient and with the help of mamas milk they heal quickly. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, but good you found out now, eh?

Please take care of yourself!! Let us know if you need ANYTHING!!! Sending good thoughts to you and baby Will (and your family)

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Originally Posted by mamabeca
Nadia - she is BEAUTIFUL! I must say you do NOT look like you just birthed a baby! You look wonderful! I am very pleased you had such a great birth. Happy birthday little Jaylene!
Thank you, that is very nice of you! I feel pretty ok too, recovering quickly. No tears and it hardly even stung at all when peeing. The most annoying thing is feeling backed up and having crazy gas for some reason.
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Oh Jeez Nicole....I don't even know what to say . I'm glad you got my bead. Are you getting a second opinion?

Please, if there is anything I can do too, just let me know.

Will post more later. Can't do this nak thing.
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Positive thoughts for little Will!
Andy, I hope you had a better time than me. It's morning now, and the show stopped. All ysterday I had surges, strong, usually close together, for about 14 hours, starting at 5 mins going to 2 mins in the afternoon, then we took a walk in the evening while dd was with mil, and they got really strong. When we got back from the walk I was really tired so I laid down, and they slowed down, (esp when dd came home) and never took off again, staying at 10-15 minutes till I went to sleep. I had some in the middle of the night, but now it's morning and I am so disappointed!
I feel like I'm broken, I don't know why my body won't keep going!
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I'm still here. I was working all day yesterday and never got a chance to check in. I finally got me some prostaglandin last night....but no tangible result (except this humongous baby...but that's another story). I had contractions onand off all day...but they petered out during the night. I slept poorly because I was uncomfortable and kept waking to *check* if I was having contractions! How dopey.

Finally with my 5 am pee I came to the realization that I may be what is hindering my labor. I know in *active* labor how critical it is for me to keep my mind out of its "educated" space where i try to think about and anticipate everything that happens. This is true for this part of labor (and I am *in labor* even now...that's what all this on and off stuff really is) as well. I have to relinquish control to my body and its innate intelligence and stop thinking all the damn time. It's quite a challenge..but that is what I am up to today.
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Andy- Hope all went swimmingly with you! Can't wait to get the update.

Nicole- Big hugs to you and Will. Have faith that his body is so strong and his healing capacity is more than we can ever imagine! Lots of love and good wishes from us here at MDC.

P & A- Sorry you *stopped* actively laboring...try to enjoy the little break.

Jessitron-I know how you feel about outgrowing things. I am down to two pants and three tops. This sucks when I still work three days a week. My coat only buttons at the top and its been COOOOLD.

Karen- How's it hangin in there? You won't be up for hours I guess.

Az- How is your *break* going? Hang in there lady!

Okay, I'm off to feed the kids.

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Thanks for all the positive thoughts. As you can imagine, it was a bit overwhelming yesterday. After a decent nights sleep, we are just happy that they found the problem this early, while he is still relatively healthy and that they can do something about it. We are so grateful that this was discovered now, instead of when something terrible and tragic happened. Anyway, thanks again.

Nicole and Will
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