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I lost more than 20 lbs this weekend!

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Just wanted to post that I had my twins!

Indigo Justice (g) was born 1/13 and weighed 8 lbs 2 oz. Taran Jackson (b) was born 1/14 and weighed 9 lbs 2 oz. It was a homebirth and everything went perfectly. We're trying to adjust to the lack of sleep now. :LOL
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Adria! Those are some pretty healthy babes! I am amazed you dropped by.
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Those are some healthy sized twins!
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Congratulations!!! Enjoy the minutes!!!
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: : : :

That is A LOT of baby Adria- You ROCK!!!!!!

Congratulations- I was thinking about you this am.

Welcome Indigo and Taran!!!!

: :
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Congratulations! Welcome to Indigo and Taran. How cool that they have different birthdays!

Nicole and Will (1/1/05)
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Wow thats really cool that they have two different birthdays, and what big babies. Their weights would be impressive for a single baby never mind two babies
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Double congrats!! Great names for big healthy twins! I am so happy for you!! xoxo
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Congrats!!! May I ask what times they were born? How do you feel about having twins on two different dates? That's so cool. I've never even thought of that. Can you imagine having one on Dec 31 and one on Jan 1? :LOL Okay I'm done my rambling.
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You are AWESOME!!

Welcome those beautiful plump babies!! WAY TO GO!
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Congratulations on the healthy birth of your twins!! Welcome Indigo and Taran :

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You totally rock mama!!!! That is amazing I love, love love their names!

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Wow- here from the March board, but wanted to say CONGRATS! Those are huge twins my little singlton was only 7lbs 4oz and she was 2 weeks late :LOL

And I love the names!!! And you had them on different "days" how sweet! Congrats!

Isn't the "birth diet" wonderful!
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Hey your siggy line was broke, but being a programmers wife I figured it out! : So I will post it here let me know if you want me to take it down- I love your 37 week photo!

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And they are just adorable! I love the big sis, little sis photo- look at that smile! You did good mama
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Oh wow!!! Congratulations Adria, and welcome little ones

Good on ya, Mama!
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Awesome, big ole twins at home. good job mamma! Heidi
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Thank you Crayon.

Indigo was born at 11:54 pm and Taran at 12:06 am.
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WOW MAMA!!! You did SUCH an amazing job! It def. puts labor and birth into perspective for me. I am so glad you had such big healthy babies, although they can't have been 'easy'. I hope they give you some sleep - sending lots of healing mamavibes to you! Andy
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