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Elimination Communication - Have you tried it?

Poll Results: Elimination Communication Success?

  • 16% (21)
    Never heard of it
  • 21% (27)
    Never tried it, think it's a crazy idea
  • 13% (17)
    Tried it with no/limited success
  • 47% (59)
    Tried it and was successful
124 Total Votes  
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I'm just curious. How many of those of you who have tried it have actually been successful?
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I happened to mention it to dh today - that there is such a thing, not that I was wanting to do it. We were discussing switching to cloth with the next kid or baby. You should have seen the look I got. I don't think we'll be doing it in this house.:
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I think it is great, and makes total sense. I also think it will eventually be another tenet of AP. But I learned about it when I was pregnant with my second and we moved from maine to maryland when he was 2 mo old and I had a toddler to take care of and I never felt like I had enough time to learn this new "skill" before he was too old. I wish that I had someone near to teach us and I hope that if I had another I will do it.
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I first learned about EC in college studying other cultures and traditions, etc. I never thought I would do anything like that with my own babies...well, I started to consistently notice when dd was about 2.5months when she was about to have a bm and I'd say, 'oh, here she goes' and wait for her to finsih to change her diaper. So, then I remembered what I'd read in college and thought, why not take her over to the toilet when I see her about to go? I tried it. Sure enough, she goes on the toilet if I sit her on it. Now she is 5 months and she is using the potty about 50% of the time. She wears cloth diapers all day. It doesn't have to be a big deal- it doesn't have to take up a lot of time or energy. I know some people are amazed that I know when she is about to go and every child is different...I think it helps if you wear or hold your baby a lot. And, my dh looked at me as if I was nuts at first too and now he thinks it's so cute to see her sitting on the potty. He doesn't know when she is about to go and he doesn't bring her to the toilet...that's alright.
So basically, for me its been easier than I thought it would be.
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Still pregnant with #1 but planning on trying EC. Never heard of it before a few months ago (thanks to this board and Darshani's website)... Have already ordered two books on it. DH thought it sounded strange but interesting (he is an international consultant and has traveled all over the world; so he's more open to practices from other cultures). If it doesn't work out, at least it will be an interesting research experiment. I was in grad school forever working on my PhD and now (after working a few years) will be a SAHM. So I'm up for a new experiment
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I had never heard of it until I found these boards. I'm still researching and mulling over the idea.
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I guess I just don't get it. DD nurses 20 times per day so that is where she does most of her peeing and pooping. Am I supposed to remove her from the breast (screaming) and hold her over the sink? I don't think so. It's not a bad idea I just don't know how people do it. Sometimes I can tell by the look on her face she is about to poo but I know if I took her off the breast & removed her clothes I would have one very unhappy babe on my hands.

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I do it more than part-time but not full-time, meaning that we still use cloth diapers. kerikadi, a lot of moms just keep a CPF under the babe while breastfeeding. Some moms hold them over a baby potty or bowl while breastfeeding. I tried that a couple of times but it was just too awkward for us. DD usually holds it, like 99% of the time, now while she nurses and prefers to go afterwards.

Like others, I also thought about it way before I had DD. My parents lived in Africa for about 10 years so I knew about it naturally. Then I found the internet list and ordered a book, etc. It just makes sense to me that if you're tuned into elimination, which most moms are anyway, why not make life easier for yourself and your baby? more communication - less diaper changes - cleaner way of being.
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I just stumbled upon the thread that had the link to Darshani's web site. I loved reading about it and started this morning with dd. When she woke, I took her diaper off (wet) and took her to the sink. She peed !!! THen i nursed her and napped a bit and took her back when she seemed to get active and she peed again!! Yeah! So cool I had to call dh at work and tell him about it. I diapered her (cloth) for a day of running around and came home and took her diaper off and she indicated she needed to go and sure eonugh, she peed again!! I dont' know if this is all coincidence or not. She is breastfed and does not poop every day. I'm still working on learning her poop indicators as it's not such a big deal to her. I'm carrying her in a sling in one of those open ended gown sleepers so I am close. It will take me a bit to learn her cues but I'm going to follow this a while and see what happens!

DD is 3 months old
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I remember the first time I heard it, my sister was telling me about a colleague of hers who said that she was "toilet-trained" at 6mos and I didn't believe it. Then I read about it again when DD was about 5mos and tried it, and we do it part-time now. When I first started, it was more because DD would sometimes pee as soon as a fresh dipe was on and this was a way of having the dipe last longer (I change as soon as I notice she's wet, even just a little). I also look at it this way, with every pee/poop that she does in her potty, that's one less pee/poop to cause a rash and we haven't had any rashes yet! Some days are more successful than others, but since my goal is not 100% in the potty, it doesn't bother me. My biggest success was with my last wash day--14 dipes over 5days!
Oh yeah, I didn't think dh would do this when I first started, but he actually finds it kinda neat. He proudly tells his friends that DD can "pee on command!"
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I am thinking about trying this first thing in the morning but if you hold baby over sink and she pees doesn't it run down her legs?
I'm thinking changing a diaper is easier than giving multiple baths per day. How do you hold them and not have them pee on themselves?

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The following sites have some pics:


Hope this helps!
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baby positions

There are actually several ways I do it. I put her on her potty or I hold her over the toilet. Sometimes I sit her on the toilet seat and hold her there, other times I hold her by her legs over the toilet seat, facing the back of the toilet, with her back towards me. DD pees most readily facing the toilet and I think this maybe because her legs are putting a little pressure onto her abdomen and bladder, something like us needing to pee more frequently when we were pregnant with the baby pressing on our bladder. HTH!
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Congrats Karen! How thrilling!

You know even though we stopped EC when Abi was 12-15 mos. old we are still getting the benefits and I still count it as a success story. She's never lost the knowledge of where it comes from or how to operate those muscles down there. She still will pee in the potty a few times a day and today she actually produced a tiny raisen poo in the potty and I made a huge deal of it. We are kind of in-between EC and formal potty learning right now and it's been slow but steady. I think it's great that I've never had to explain to a toddler where her pee and poop comes from. That's a huge obstacle in potty learning, I know. And she's never been afraid of going on the potty either because it's been with her for so long. Now she enjoys carrying the potty bowl to the toilet, pouring, and flushing.

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For the past two months dd has been mostly diaper-free at home. She doesn't pee in a potty. She likes to pee standing up in certain places around the house. We have hardwood floors so it's relatively easy to clean.

At night, she starts out in a diaper, which I remove within an hour or two. Then she usually stays dry until the next morning! When she wakes up, I have to give her cuddle time with her daddy and then get her out of the bed to the floor, where she will pee and sometimes poo.

So...I wouldn't say that we have everything under control, but I do feel that she is aware of her bodily functions and that toilet training will not be a nightmare.

I will definitely start earlier with any future children!
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We haven't tried it with the first two, but are planning on trying it with our son, due in December.

I told my husband about it by showing him pictures in the book Trickle Treat. I wish I had purchased the larger book (250 pages), because this one barely touched on many of the questions I have.

I have, however, seen loads of websites and pictures and that helps so much. I was wondering . . . of those that tried it, do you suggest getting the little baby bjorn potty (pretty cheap at $9.00) or just placing them with you on the potty, letting 'em go in the sink and in the sink good enough?

Any difference between boys and girls and ease? I would think boys might be easier because you can *ahem* point them!

Edited to add that now it is 02/21/02 and my son is officially 8 weeks old. We are catching about 85-90% of his pees and about 95% of the poops! It works . . . it really works!
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Keri- I don't stop dd from nursing or anything and I take her off the toilet if she seems to want to get up or if she fusses. Sometimes she does go to the bathroom while nursing but not as much anymore. I sit her on the toilet just like anyone else would sit and she pees without it getting on her legs. It's actually very easy clean-up...I wipe her with toilet paper and that's it.
It might be different for others based on the age and size of the babe.

My reasons for doing it are just becasue it's quick, clean, and easy and ultimately where I'll want her to go.
Good luck if you decide to try it!
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I got the Baby Bjorn potty for Abi, but she was older when we started to try EC. She was 6.5 mos. old and could sit up by herself. I read that it's important when you do get a potty that it has a wide, stable base and they are able to touch their feet to the ground for extra stability. Another thing I did with her was to straddle the toilet seat and then set her on the front edge of it and hold her and she would go (and no need to empty the potty!). She preferred her seat though. I EC'd her on the toilet mostly at friends houses and when we were out, using a foldable seat cover made by Graco.

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I couldn't vote

I am expecting my third and right now haven't given much thought as to trying EC ( I first heard about it when pregnant with my second, and I did think it was nuts at first but like I always do I kept reading and learning more about it before making a solid judgement/opinion on the issue)
So as it stands now I don't "plan" on Ec'ing, but I certainly don't think it is crazy, I think the concept makes a lot of sense and seems to make life easier for parents. On the other hand, with the new baby, if the whim strikes me one day who knows? I'm open to anything new
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Originally posted by hlsanders
I was wondering . . . of those that tried it, do you suggest getting the little baby bjorn potty (pretty cheap at $9.00) or just placing them with you on the potty, letting 'em go in the sink and in the sink good enough?
I got the little potty and my 9 1/2 month old uses it daily.

One funny thing, though. Now she doesn't want to poo *unless* she's sitting on her little potty. I took her backpacking expecting to dig a cat-hole, hold her up and let her do her thing but I swear she was holding it waiting for me to put her on the potty. I guess now I'm stuck hauling that little potty everywhere until she's old enough to go by herself.

Still, it's a far, far better thing than cleaning up a poo-explosion on the few occasions when she misses. I'm also glad that she knows she should poo in the potty instead of being trained to poo in a diaper.

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