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Elimination Communication - Have you tried it? - Page 2

Poll Results: Elimination Communication Success?

  • 16% (21)
    Never heard of it
  • 21% (27)
    Never tried it, think it's a crazy idea
  • 13% (17)
    Tried it with no/limited success
  • 47% (59)
    Tried it and was successful
124 Total Votes  
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Loooove my Baby Bjorn

For some BB pics, check out my website:


Re: peeing while nursing, once I started doing EC seriously, I noticed that sometimes the reason ds wanted to nurse was b/c he was uncomfortable and had to pee! He needed to nurse in order to get over his natural instinct not to soil himself. Once we got good at EC, he stopped peeing while nursing, and hasn't done do since about 2 months old.

DS is almost 11 months old and completely diaper free. I might miss 1-3 pees a day, VERY VERY rarely do we miss a poop. I can't imagine doing anything else now.. my whole perspective has changed.

I agree that this will one day be an AP tenet... although the usual AP magazines are scared silly of doing any articles on it. SIGHHHHHHH.

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I found out about it when ds was 3 months old -- learned it from a lady from India. I was skeptical, she did a few live demos with him and that was it, we never looked back. Worked really well, and I've been an advocate ever since (nearly 25 years!). For more, including a pic of the Indian lady with my ds http://www.timl.com/ipt

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Reply to Heather

-- I told my husband about it by showing him pictures in the book Trickle Treat. I wish I had purchased the larger book (250 pages), because this one barely touched on many of the questions I have. --

Hi there. There's another book too, a much expanded version of "Trickle Treat" that is 500 pages. If you haven't seen it yet, you can probably find it at your library, or ask them to order a copy if they don't have one. It's called "Infant Potty Training." The latest edition is April 2002. It has lot of photos, practical advice and testimonials from around the world. Here's the table of contents http://www.white-boucke.com/reviews/contents.html

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Wise Gramma taught me

I started it with my dd because I know that my grandma did it with her kids. I figured if she could manage with a farm, no indoor plumbing, and 7 kids, I could do it with modern conveniences and one baby. I started dd at 5 months just catching pees. At about 10 months I decided to decicate serious effort to it and found the pees very easy to catch. Since then - 3 months - I only use a diaper at night. DD wears panties all day. I have a hard time with the poos because she doesn't poo every day. I think it's much easier to perch DD on her baby bjorn potty and let her go rather than fight over diaper changes. She's so happy to put on panties and hates diapers. It does take some committment. You have to pay close attention to your baby so that you know when they need to go. You can't ignore them and their needs.
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I love it!

I did ec with my son, now almost 3 years old, we started when he was 2 months and I first heard about the concept. I definitely think it was successfull. You can read our experience here:


Our daughter is 8 weeks old now, this time we started right at birth and "caught" our first poos in the sink at the hospital on her third day. We´re doing great and I cannot imagine going back to "just" diapering again. We are still using diapers, but there are only 2 to 4 wet ones in 24 hours at the moment. We´ve also had 5 dry nights in a row now, so I´m thinking about stopping to use diapers at night.

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Yup yup yup.

I've done EC with both of my sons (one now 5yo and one now 19mo) with wonderful success

I have a huge website on getting started here: http://www.committed.to/ec as well as a wonderful very helpful email list (the link is at the URL above).

To me EC is an extention of AP/CC childrearing - all babies signal the need to eliminate, just as they signal their needs to suck or be held. Once I learned what it was I was seeing, I couldn't NOT respond to his communication.

My 5yo had some intense colic issues - these vanished when we started EC (he hated pooping inhis diaper and had a sad tummy as a result). When his allergy to dairy was in question, simply observing the changes in his bowel patterns confirmed that dairy was the culprit, saving us months of diagnostic trouble.

He was completely reliable w/o training pants by 14 mos, never went through a phase (let alone years) of bedwetting and there was never a power struggle teaching him where to put his pee & poop since he was taught from early on the proper place to put it

It works, it brings you closer to your baby, its in alignment with AP parenting, its how our babies evolved to deal with their elimination needs (cave people were neither washing diapers at stream sides nor smelling of poop therby attracting predators!) and its a delightful process It trims YEARS off of potty training issues, too!

Check us out:
Terranova Tribe Intentional Community: Living the Continuum Concept
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Can you start training a 1 year old? I can tell when he needs to poo, but peeing is still a mystery.
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Yes, you can start with a 1 yo (modified approach)

We have found that many toddlers do well with a modified version of ec. Here is a link to two articles of tips for starting with babies over 6 months http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/9089/67105

And you'll find helpful info via the link in the message just before yours (from Terranova Tribe) too http://www.committed.to/ec.

Finally, Chapter 10 of the latest edition of "Infant Potty Training" (April 2002) is entitled "Late-Starters: 6 Months & Older" http://www.White-Boucke.com/ifpt.html (click on Table of Contents). You can order this book from your library.

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Tried it. Loved it. Wish Mothering Mag would embrace it!

I heard about it when ds was 3 mos old. Immediately tried it and was blown away by instant results. Not *perfect* results, but instant. Dh is now converted and brags to his ma about the cool thing his ds does.

And, yes, we love the baby bjorn little potty.

EC keeps baby clean, dry and happy. Clothes stay cleaner and drier (few diaper leaks) and laundry is greatly reduced. AND ds sleeps naked and dry - without bulky cloth diaper between his legs or chemical disposables against his skin!

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I do EC "part time" with my 5 month old. I love it! It makes me feel so connected with her, and I think she appreciates it too. She wears diapers for most of the day every day, although I put her in training pants sometimes too. I don't stress over it at all. I take her to the potty/ sink/ toliet/ side of the road/ whatever when she wakes. Sometimes I'll take her when it's been a while and she's dry, or if she's sqirmy and it occurs to me that she might need to go.

EC is not about catches or misses. For me at least, it's about COMMUNICATING about ELIMINATION. "Look you peed in your diaper. I know that's uncomfortable, let me take your wet diaper off." "It's been a while since you peed, would you like to use the potty? psssst.... You peed, doesn't it feel better to have an empty bladder?" etc, etc.
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Re: Yes!

"Tried it. Loved it. Wish Mothering Mag would embrace it!"

No kidding....

More cutting edge and less mainstream magazines like Compleat Mother (www.compleatmother.com) have done it already. CM just had a great article in the last issue by Ingrid Bauer, author of "Diaper Free!" about EC.

Mothering Mag has known about EC for 20 years, but has chosen not to let it's readership be exposed to it's natural simplicity for some reason. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the huge amount of diaper advertising in the mag... LOL!)

Don't get me wrong, I read every issue of MM cover-to-cover, I LOVE it! I just wish they'd get on the ball and tackle EC before "Parenting" for pete's sake does it first!!!! :-)


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Planning on doing it with my future children.
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I am a new mother and am so happy that I found Elimination Communication while I was pregnant!

At 8 weeks old, my baby gets a wonderful look on his face when I take him to potty as if to say "thanks for listening to me Mom". Other times, he gets agitated because I didn't que in before it got uncomfortable for him.

The times I didn't do Elimination Communication with him, were the times that he seemed unconsoleable. EC makes life much less stressful for all of us!

Thank you to all the EC parents, authors, and website owners for sharing with others!
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What do all you EC moms do when you're out and about? This is my third and there is rarely a day we aren't running around: boy scout meetings, religious education, baseball games, grocery store etc. Some days she is in and out of the carseat 4 times. How do you read babes cues when life is happening all around you?

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Inspired by all of you, I've been trying EC with Helen the past couple of days. I've held her over the sink at least every hour or so during the day, but she has yet to pee. I have always known right after she pees, because she lets me know verbally, but... I guess I can't get the logistics of how to do this right.

I haven't been pinning her diaper, so it's pretty easy to get off. How long do you hold the baby over the sink/toilet/potty until you give up if they don't pee? Do you just sit there until they do?

Help! I'm still doing lots of online reading, but I just can't get the hang of it...
At least it sounds like some of you have had relative success, so I don't feel crazy. We were able to do it at the cottage over the summer, but DH objects to letting DD roll around on the carpet with no diaper.
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how to

watch dd without a cloth on (or hold her with one on) and *as soon as* she starts peeing make a sound that sounds like psssssssss, like water falling softly. Do this every time you notice she pees, as she pees, not after. After a few hours or days of this, hold her over a receptacle in a squat position and make the noise psssssssss. If she has to pee, she will go. If not, she won't, try again later.
The best times to try at the beginning are the times you know she is most likely to go, usually first thing in the morning and right after naps.
Good luck!
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I personally was successful with Elimination Timing (Communication) with 10 babies from 1976 - 1987. Since then the booklet I wrote has sold (or given away) over 500+ copies and my little corner of the world on the Big Island of Hawaii has many mothers who have been successful with EC either through an introduction from me, my booklet or discovering for themselves. Welcome to the idea!
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For those of you who are doing this, how often do you have to pee your little one? With Abi it was every 20 mins or so, which made it hard to get anything done. She did wake up asking to pee at night which was neat, and still wakes up dry about 1/2 the time and holds it until I put her on the potty, as long as I run right away and don't let us play in bed after she wakes up. I just wonder how long is normal between pees and if you find it hard to get anything done if you have to focus on it for more than a few minutes.

I didn't train until way late and still have an active bladder, and I wonder if Abi's going to have the same thing. She's 21 mos. and not EC'd but will tell me when she wets her training pants right away. I just don't think she's able to hold it all that well, and doesn't want to take time out of her busy day to let me know beforehand that she has to go. We are planning to do mostly traditional potty training now.


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In the beginning, Nova would pee OFTEN

It's less frequent now, more like 45- 60 minutes while awake, though sometimes we'll go on a hr-2 hr bus trip and she'll still be dry when we arrive. The more misses we have, the more often she pees.
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I first heard about EC on this board and want to thank everyone here who posted about it. It's been great! I first read about it when dd was about 4 months old. At the time I thought it was crazy. I told my dh about it, and we both got a laugh out of it. But, being interested in the idea, I tried bringing my dd to the sink one time when she was around 4 or 5 months to see if she needed to pee. No luck. But, around that time I would take her diaper off a lot in the morning and let her sit on a cloth diaper - noticing she would pee several times in the morning. After reading more about it, I decided to give it a more substantial try (i.e. - bringing her to the sink instead of having her sit on a cloth diaper to pee) when she was around 7.5 months. It worked! I finally got her a potty at 9 months. She's now over 11 months, and since getting her potty, she's only had a few poopy diapers (and it's been a long time since she's had one). She's very happy to poop on her potty. She hated having poopy diapers changed, and of course, I don't blame her. We certainly don't get every pee yet. Sometimes we'll keep her in a diaper - sometimes we'll let her go diaper free. I'd like to let her go diaper free all the time, but she seems more apt to cue us if she has a diaper on. I'm hoping that it will just become a gradual transition to her going in her potty full time.

I've been really impressed with the positive feedback I've gotten from other people who I've told about EC. I was concerned that my parents and MIL would think we were nuts for trying this, but they all think it's great, and makes a lot of sense. When my dh and I went to visit our families last month, our parents were all impressed that my dd uses her potty. My MIL tells everyone about it, and thinks everyone should try this with their babies!
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