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Why did you have/are you having an UC?

Poll Results: Why did you have/are you having an UC? Check off as many that apply to you (private)

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 13% (21)
    To save money.
  • 35% (55)
    Because I think that having the baby assisted would impede my natural flow.
  • 3% (5)
    For religous reasons (please explain).
  • 2% (4)
    It seems like the most crunchy way to birth.
  • 15% (23)
    The baby seems to tell me he/she wants to be born like this.
  • 29% (45)
    I just like the simplicity of it.
153 Total Votes  
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Why did you have/are you having an UC? Check off as many that apply to you...
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I'm having an UC because I don't believe in the practices that our hospital deems mandatory. Eg: iv, no eating or drinking, immediate cord cutting, the list could go on and on. My dbf is 100 percent behind every decision that I make. I want things done MY way this time, not the way other people think it should be done.
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I voted : Because I think that having the baby assisted would impede my natural flow.

but its not a "i think it would" its a " I KNOW IT WILL!" I had a homebirth with a midwife for my first child 2 yrs ago and it definitely changed the flow of my birth. I could feel at the time that things were not 100 percent as they should of been. There were too many distractions, and I do not like the way things went after my dd was born.

I had to push the placenta out before I had the chance to breastfeed because I was approaching my midwifes 30 min limit to get the placenta out (or i'd get a shot of drug). Immediately after I forced the placenta out, I felt wrong, dizzy, lightheaded, in shock sort of. I have a feeling that could all of been avoided if I had been left alone - as opposed to had all the fears and concerns of my midwife pushed onto me.
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i selected the last one but i think the 'birthing assisted would impede me' would apply, too.

i guess it just feels right to be alone. i don't want anyone but my husband and daughter there.
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the closest for me was "to not impede.."

I was no feeling pain or fear before others arrived. After others (than my husband and sleeping kids) arrived I started to feel pain and fear.

In looking back I realized that issues of security (from molestation/rape) were seriously at play. I will be safest when I birth how I feel safest. That appears to be with nobody but my immediate family present.
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There are other reasons like not another acceptable option where you live.
I picked 2 answers but in the end I was wrong. doing it alone impeded my labor.
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Religious and....

I chose religious reasons. After my husband and I read the book "Pleasurable Husband/Wife Childbirth: The Real Consummation of Married Love" By Marilyn Moran, we understood from our religious point of view how birth is the completion of the sacrament of marriage. We believe childbirth is natural, personal, private and sacred.
We also feel that since birth is such a simple, normal, bodily function, why is there a need for a doctor to be present?
There were three people present when our child was concieved, my husband, myself and God. The same three were present when she was born.
We read extensively and educated ourselves to the whole world of natural childbirth and after our first UC, we discovered how remarkably simple birth really is.

If you asked us 2 years ago "would we ever consider UC?" we probably would have said no. Our first child was born in a hospital and that birth was littered with problems; problems "caused", not solved by the medical staff. But we were unlearned of the world of childbirth. Hey- everyone did it in the hospital right? That was what you did.
It wasn't until after our first child was born that we began to question what really happened. We wanted our next birth to be different, or at least less traumatic. Who knew we would turn 180 degrees from the "mainstream" thoughts of birth!
Our search for enlightenment truly began here at MDC. Lots of people helped us here. Lots of mamas clued us in to the misinformation and the danger of obstetrics. I stumbled upon this site sort of by accident.
We never looked back and we plan to UC again with our future babies.
Thank you mamas...you all know who you are...

here is our birthstory... (just in case you haven't read it yet )

Lots of love!!!
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I chose impeding natural flow and liking the simplicity of it.

It was a long journey for me. I first heard about UC from a friend who did it with her second, who was born a few days after my first. We met when our babies were thre weeks old. At first, I thought "well, good for her but I love my midwife." I still love the midwife I had for my first birth, but we moved 3000 miles away from her. In the meantime, my friend and I had had many discussion about birth, and I came closer and closer to the idea of UC. When I got pregnant, it just felt like the right thing to do. I KNOW my body, better than anyone else, and I didn't want anyone telling me what to do or making me doubt myself (even subtly). Also, it really fits with my views on healthcare in general. We go to doctors when we need medical attention (for instance, my daughter fell got stitches on her forehead a few days before I gave birth) but not when we're healthy (we never did well-baby visits).
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I voted "because it would impede the natural flow" because that was initially my justification for doing it. But after having done it, I can say that it was a lot more than that. I guess I would say spiritual -- not religious -- reasons, although it's hard for me to label it even that. I still have a lot of thinking to do about how to explain what this birth meant to me.
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This may be long so bear with me

With my first UC it initially started out as a way to save money as at the time we could not afford the midwife fee and Tricare was not yet paying for midwives. I really wanted ot homebirth and knew there was no way in hell I would ever go back to the military hospital that my son was born in. I was lead to the UC path somehow, although I can no longer remember how I found UP/UC. Once I did, and I read as much as I could on it I knew in my heart and soul UC as the only way to go.

With this upcoming birth I knew I would want to UC again, i had been looking forward to another UC since the birth of my daughter. But circumstances have been preventing me from being able to have a true UP/UC. Some may know this story, but DH is military. His last command in HI was aweosme, they never asked any questions, someone going to mast was rare. It was a very relaxed command, very understanding. His new command however is beyond strict. I can recall one month my husband having to take more than 5 of his students (he is an instructor at the sub school) to mast for one reaosn or another. The slightest infractions it seemed would get people taken to mast. Knowing this we could not under any circumstances risk his career (not with a 5th child on the way). It sucks but if his command where to ever find out we UP/UC he could lose his job in the military. My perfect birth is not worth the loss of our home, our vehicles, our support.
So this time we are seeing a midwife for the pregnancy. Tricare is covering most of the cost which helps since I have no desire to have a midwie. I do adore the 2 womyn however and have come ot have a nice open relationship with them. They both understand my desire for a UC and to be left alone. They know we may call them in time for the birth and they know we may not call them in time for the birth. But as long as they are calle dbefore I deliver they can verify (in the evnt its needed) that they did not make it in time for the birth. Right now my plans are to have a labor party with a few friends and the midwives. i have a very well written, no questions asked, birth plan written up so they know how I wish things to be when they are here. Its a plan we will be going over at my next appt, altho I know they will have no problems staying back and out of the room if that is my wish.

So that is my UC story I am not sure many ppl would consider my upcoming birth UC since the midwives *may* be here but to me I am still getting the birth I want. This baby has shown me how she wishes to be born and its with no one around but dh and I in our room with soft candlelight. And for now that is my vision as well, even if the midwives are in the next room over.
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I chose impede...

But most of it is just a strong feeling that I can't put into words.
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I'm sorry I didn't put in more options I thought it would be neat to do a poll, and then you know how it is, with babies needing your attention.
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I chose impede and simplicity, as well as religious reasons. I suppose I could have put financial reasons too, since when I first started learning about UC when I was pg with my first (now 2 yo) we had a midwife in mind, and the more I learned the less I wanted her involved - so we ended up with the realization that we were going to be paying someone 2 grand to sit in the kitchen avoiding us, and that was kind of the wake up call. As far as assistance impeding the natural process of birthing, and the total simplicity of UC, I think those are very self-explanatory. As for religious reasons, I picked that because I feel very strongly that God led us to UC, and even when we would have rejected it, He kept bringing us back to it. It's about having faith in His design and His will, and not relying on technology to control that. And birth is such a deeply spiritual experience, and to have an assisted birth just seems like it would take so much away from that for me.
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I voted that having my birth assisted would impede my natural flow, and that my baby is telling me that's how it wants to be born.
Let me explain a bit
I honestly just don't want any person there I haven't known for a long time and have a deep/intimate relationship with. I have some sort of a mental block that tells me I won't be able to labor and birth like I need to if I 'm inhibited at all, hence those restrictions.
Also this may sound really wierd, but I have a strong feeling that when I do conceive my baby wants me to birth at home, without anyone else there but my dh. A gift concieved in love and born in love shared between the three of us. You know, sacred I guess.
hehe, hope you all don't think I 'm too loopy now!!
I suppose I could have also put saving money and simplicity, but I wanted to emphasize my main reasons. Money, when you come down to it is not really an issue, although I have heard a homebirth in my area would cost upwards of $3000. Also simplicity is cool but not a reason I 'm really doing a uc. My decision to uc has more to do with a deep down conviction that it's something I need to do for me and my baby.
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There was no option for why I choose UC, I choose UC because in all honesty I feel its the safest birth option for myself and my baby... I believe that almost every birth *complication*is iatrogenic in nature and that most things that midwives fuss over are variations of normal.

Of course there are a whole host of other fringe benefits but yes the safest birth to me is the best birth.
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Originally Posted by Poolplayer
I'm having an UC because I don't believe in the practices that our hospital deems mandatory. Eg: iv, no eating or drinking, immediate cord cutting, the list could go on and on. My dbf is 100 percent behind every decision that I make. I want things done MY way this time, not the way other people think it should be done.

Diddo! I hated that the doctors and nurses think they know better what you should do and when you should push than your body does. I say "hands off." If I'm not broken, don't fix me!
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All of the above, except the crunchy bit, for my first UC, plus safety. My second UC, finances were not at all part of the decision. But my first UC, I started out just wanting a homebirth, and UC was the only way to get it.
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none of the above

because it is safest, it makes more sense than actually leaving the house to go somewhere for "sick" people and because home is where our family lives and non eof us is a professional birth attender, therefore we birth unattended, although with 4 daughters and a husband I can't imagine I will actually "feel" alone.

PLUS- like many other people, all those stupid hospital practices go totally against reason and good sense.
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I voted actually for everything but crunchy part. And I totally agree with Lisa, in the post above, as well.

As far as 'religious' reasons, I believed God created me capable of gloriously giving birth long before I got pg... my mom used to be very crunchy and I was raised believing that birth can be painless (can be, not necessarily is) and that it was a fantastic experience, not to be missed, so I always had a very positive view of birth. I guess you can say I feel very 'led' spiritually to have our next one at home. Waiting for dh to get led down that same path, but he's coming around. And if a baby that hasn't been conceived yet can tell you where they want to be born, this next one(s) is definitely doing that.

I think the big picture type reason of why I want a UC is the reason why I do all of the 'natural living' things I do. I feel like gov't and materialism (aka big business) have hijacked the roles families and especially parents are meant to play in this world. I think educating yourself, exploring your options, and making wise choices for yourself and your family results in people taking a stand against a culture of so called "experts" and fearfulness guiding our decisions.

Clearly there are parents out there everyday that make choices, by default or by design, that shock and appall the MDC crowd, but what breaks my heart about it is just how many make those choices in complete ignorance, only to regret them. So many of us have come to Mothering and all that goes along with it because something bad happened to us or someone we loved, and we vowed to find a better way. SO ... while I don't broadcast my choices on local radio.. I do try to subltly introduce 'new' ideas when people seem open, and try to really support women I see doing the same things. I hope that I can get even one of my friends to question the status quo and start the process of learning that will, one hopes, lead them down a more natural path.

Sorry~ I get carried away! I try not to judge others choices, and it just makes me so SAD when I hear about a woman who ends up with a C-section or a circumcised son or a baby suffering from the effects of formula, because she didn't know there were better ways out there. I think, maybe if I go UC, someone else will at least go for an unmedicated birth! Or at least go to a hospital birthing CNM.. I mean, if you're going to make (what I believe to be a lousy) choice, at least know why you're making it! Be able (or at least have the audacity ) to defend it!

Illusions of granduer...
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I've been a member here for a while, but mostly just have time to read, but I'm trying to make an effort to post more. I didn't even realize there was an unassisted birth category. Hey, cool!! After 2 hospital births, and 2 unassisted miscarriages, we had our 1st unassisted pregnancy/birth last April. It was awesome!

I think the biggest reason for us was that we feel a hospital is for sick people. We don't want to bring our brand new baby into that environment, plus all of the interventions, etc. It was also so precious to have just my husband and children there...no strangers, no midwife/dr. you met once or twice, no poking and prodding, no accounting to anyone else how I felt or what I wanted to do. Wow, it was just so....powerful for me!

I hope to be blessed again someday so I can do it again!
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