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I just wanted to intro myself.. I just signed up.. i am expecting my fifth baby in April we are planning a UC birth. this is my partner's first child (we have four from my first marriage)..
I live in Canada (west coast) my children are all two years apart.. this has been my longest gap between babies.. my youngest at this point is four.. might be a bit much personal info .. but i thought I would share just becasue it makes life easier..the last few years i really lost something.. some drive I had before.. it was like my priorities went from being *fully* kid, mama centered to being more centered on self..my ex was abusive so I went through a alot of hard times.. i want to find this place of balance.. where I am me and taking care of me.. and being the best mama i can be, I am nto too sure if that makes sense to anyone, on some level i htink having my *fifth* baby makes me think i should be some old farm wife somewhere.. and I sure don't feel that way..I am seeking.. I wanna find my peace with all these different me's.. the mama, the child, the lover everything..I never fit in with most the forums I turned to too seek out the online support I need when i am at home with my chillins all day and needs some grown up Goddess contact.. so I hope I am finding a home here..
wow that was a lot.. but feels good.. a little purge to start me off.
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Hey there,
welcome to the club! we are glad to have you here. I am so excited that there is a uc forum now. I hope you enjoy yourself, there is so much good info.

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I hope you find what you're seeking. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for joining the journey. It sure is nice to have some company along the way...
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i think that we met at the intentions gathering last winter?! if my memory is clear we shared a cabin..

anyways, hi and welcome..there are a lot of amazing mommas here..
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I am leaving an abusive relationship, and hope to follow in your tracks some day. You give me hope.
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hi hawkfeather!

i look forward to seeing you around and getting to know you. (and way to go!...getting out of that bad relationship and re-finding yourself!! what lucky kids--with you as an example of conscious living.)
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Welcome Hawkfeather. Sounds like I could learn as much from you as I hope you're able to learn from this forum!

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thanks.. and yes Fern we did share a cabin last Intention.. it was a lovely puke fest..are you expecting again?
it is really interetsing to actually see someone you have met online...
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no, im not expecting.. infact, i just found this thread by accident. im not sure how, but then i saw your name and had to say something, because it is so odd to recognise someone on line.

i would like to have another baby but elwynn's dad and i arent together anymore... but if i did i would really like to do it UC. elwynn was born at home and it was amazing and perfct, i feel like i could totaly birth unassisted.

beautiful pictures!
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