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Poop questions - sorry, lots!

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You know you wanna talk about poop! My son is 11 months and eats quite a lot - solids and breastmilk. He loves his food! He also poops a lot. Anywhere between 4-7 times day. Yesterday, 6 times. The day before, 7. So my first question, is this normal? Is he maybe eating too much or too much fibre? I can't believe that he's eating too much. He's a small, very active boy and his weight gain has always been slow. I'm also wondering what poops for babies of this age should look like. I know this is disgusting, sorry! (Mamahood is just so sexy at times eh?) You can often see what he's been eating in his nappies - I'd expect that with a baby just starting solids but is that normal for now? Some foods more than other. Does it mean I shouldn't give him so much of that food, that he can't digest it properly? Is he getting the nutrients? From time to time there's also mucus in his poop. What's that about? Also, he's been getting nappy rashes quite often and I'm trying to sort out why. I'm suspicious of dairy but haven't been able to link it conclusively yet (it's got an alibi - sorry, being silly!). Sometimes he gets what we call dairy poops (creamy, milky) after he's had quite a lot of dairy - is that a sign he's not tolerating it well, or is it OK? Also wondering if the rashes are just from him having so many poops - I try to change him as soon as possible after a poop, but not always possible (e.g. if we are out and I have to find a spot, or I don't always know he has done one because cant' always smell it in his cloth nappies), so it's possible he might be sitting in it longer than I realise at times. Sorry this is so long with so many rambling questions - just trying to figure this all out! Advice, opinions etc appreciated!


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some babies poop after every meal and/or nursing session. that's normal, even at his age.

Everything else you describe sounds like food allergies or intolerance, or maybe his digestive system just isn't mature enough for solid foods yet. Definitely cut out all sources of dairy, because it sounds like a serious allergy there. An 11 month old baby shouldn't be given cow's milk or other dairy products, anyway. I'd also not give him so much of the food he isn't able to digest yet. Solid food at this point is just practice, he still needs to get the vast majority of his nutrients from breastmilk. If it were my baby, I'd elminate all but the most easily digested solid foods, and maybe only introduce one new item each week to see how he reacts to it. I'd go back to the beginner foods, pears, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash. If he doesn't react to any of those, start in with one new item at a time that you don't think causes him any trouble.
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Fern's the same age, and while she doesn't poop quite that much she will sometimes go 4 - 5 times in a day, and I get all kinds, ranging from watery to peanut buttery, it often seems to depend on how much nursing she does in a day, when she does a lot, and little solids, I still get breast-fed baby looking poops. And yeah, I get lots of foods coming out like they went in (esp. spinach, carrots, papaya (that one was briefly scary, blood red poops!!)).
As long as he's nursing lots I wouldn't worry about the nutrients, at least the bm he'll digest fine. I think rashes are often linked with acidy foods (citrus, tomato, pineapple etc).
btw, if you want to break dairy's alibi , try a diary of what he eats and how the poops look after a few days you should be able to get an idea.
The worst thing about solids poop, IMO is the smell!
Yeah, who though, a year ago, that we'd be sitting here chatting about poop in depth :LOL
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Thanks for the replies. It's good to hear Alex isn't unusual with all his pooping! I stopped dairy on the weekend and have been giving him a blander diet for the past few days. Today he only pooped three times - woo hoo!! I'll reintroduce dairy once I'm sure his rash is gone and he's had time to 'rest' and I'll do that diary idea, thanks Carol, and see what I can figure out. He doesn't have much dairy at the moment, just milk on his cereal (though I said in my post 'quite a lot', I meant that relatively speaking - one cereal he has needs very little milk, another needs a lot more). Has had a few pieces of cheese and had cheesey poop. Yogurt he loved but puked up, so has had no more of that. He just doesn't tolerate it well, I guess. I know some people believe you shouldn't give dairy until a later age, but then others say six months, eight months, etc. No one ever agrees!

Anyhow, thanks again!
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Yep its amazing the conversations you'll get into about... poop. Never thought you'd talk about it before you had children but you get a group of parents together and as long as one still as a child in diapers... the discussion will eventually end up on poop. :LOL :LOL

Number of times he's pooping... totally normal.

Being able to SEE exactly what he recently ate... unfortunately also normal. : Its really amazing to realize how little we actually chew food. And there are some things that just don't "digest"... the skins of a lot of stuff... grapes, and of course then raisens, corn , olives. Lots of food will change the color of the poop. Like the PP mentioned papaya or blueberries will turn EVERYTHING blue, poop and urine. Don't use any favorite white cloth diapers if you've given DS any blueberries. Its really hard to get those stains out.

I think its pretty standard to not introduce cows milk until 1 year. It is really pretty tough on the digestive system, especially an infants.

The only time you should really be concerned about the poops consistance are if they are really watery and foul smelling or hard. Yeah I know it never smells great but when they are really nasty and loose that shows that the body isn't processing well and there could be a sign of sickness. Also if they get really hard almost pebble-like and the baby becomes constipated often caused by dairy (milk & cheese being the biggest two).
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Instead of milk in his cereal you might want to try juice (if you don't want to express bm). Fern usually gets fruit or juice in hers (kool aid a couple of times : ). She LOVES cheese, but it doesn't seem to have any ill effects on her.

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I would think citrus/acid would be more to blame for rash.. unless its on the face...
A little dairy at 11 months should be OK, I'd think.

The only time my baby has ever gotten any rash was after a lot of plumb. I just had her go naked for a bit and it cleared right up. Be sure to change and clean him asap after every poop. That's all I can advise. My SIL was terrible about changing my nephew and he had awful rashes. :

Yes you should see some food in the poo, thats OK.

I dream of a little potty in the bathroom just for her... sigh... someday...
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