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Help us make the transition, please!

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Wow, what a cool forum!

I *think* that you guys can coach me through the intro of solid food to my -by then- 6 ms old son. I'd hate him to stop nursing. I want to nurse him for 12 monts for sure, ideally for 2 years and if we both still enjoy it, why not longer?
I don't want to set ourselves clear goals, since noone knows what the future holds and all too clear goals can result in frustration & dissapointment if they are not achieved. After all 'it takes two to tango (and to breastfeed) '. Carpe Diem, such is my motto.

How do I best go along starting DS on solids without harming the nursing at the breast?
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someone told me in a LLL meeting (i heard this at a crucial time, i was introducing solids to my firstborn) that breastmilk was the main supplier of nutrition and calories. Solids should not be more than 10% (not sure where they got that from, but it stuck in my head). And you don't have to offer solids!! Some baby's are not ready at all for solids. Don't worry about it if they have no interest. And you don't have to start the intro at 6 mos. My dd refused until she was almost 8 mos old.

I kept that in mind, and looked at solids as practice. (experimenting is a better word, more times he wore his food then actually got it in his mouth) There were weeks that my son did not want solids at all, but i never worried. And i always offered the breast first at meals. So he filled up on bm first.

He also nursed during the night. And i did not stop that.

He's still nursing today over 4 1/2 years later. And he doesn't give me a problem when eating meals, he loves to eat healthy foods.
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has great advice on introducing solids to the breastfed baby. A great site for any bf questions that come up too.
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I was concerned with that aswell (with my now 7 yr old)untill i went threw it.Then i realized my lil guy was a lil piggy with his nursen time.He started eating solids around 6 mo.I did foods like mashed my own bananna,and avacato etc... He however nursed about every 2 hours and all night long.He nursed untill i was sore and we were out of milk.Then when he was a few months short of 3 he stopped.I now have a 2 and a half that is the same way.Ithink if you have a breast milk loven lil one you dont need to worry much at all.Sweet mamas milk is a better sounding choice than strained peas....haha
Good luck!
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My dr. told me they don't really NEED solids until they're 12 months old... mama's milk fits the bill until then! My ds never ate baby food...he hated it. He had 8 teeth by 8 months so once he was interested in food he wanted something he could chew on-LOL! My dd only like baby food -squash and swt. potatoes...she ate no other baby foods!
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