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I thought of this thread when I was visiting my relatives. The mom is preggo with #2 and her dh and dd who is 4 call the baby "himmer" (him/her) The best part is they both intend to continue calling the baby "himmer" after (s)he is born As for my dh, he calls our dd "fuzz" Mar and Marble (her name is Maria)
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My DH calls our DS Monkey. Came from him crawling on us at such a young age.
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Boo Boo, Boo Bear, Mr. Baby, Butterscotch, Numchuk
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Don't know if this qualifies since he's not born yet, but before we found out we were having a boy, I called him "Icicle" because hell surely froze over when we got pregnant again!!
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M.T. or My Train. He doens't like his name Aidan. He renamed himself My Train. Some days it's Jalapino (the pepper), or Pet Train.
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DS1 4.5 years pookie, pookie bear, beary boy, and finally just Bear he loves it.
DS2 2.5 years bunkin, bunkie, bunker and finally just Bunny he loves it but only at home
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Poo, Poo Bear, Little Man, Peeper, Peeps, Baby Jett, Jett Jett, Buster, Buster Brown, Buck Rogers, Bucko, Buster Baby, Captain...god, I think I could go on and on.
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Kiana Taylor is
Little Gurl
Cricket(sucking sounds at night)
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Baby Cow. His idea, not mine! He will do anything as long as I call him Baby Cow!
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Jason 7 has been goosie since aboout 18 months cause he had nice baby goose soft blond hair, sometimes DF calls him moosie. lol
He gets called buddy by his sister (3) that stemmed from brother

Juliana 3 is called nanie or nan mostly, but i call her my little huggy bunny, or baby bunny...so cute.
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ds is bug, he loves bugs , it comes with a song too. The song is easy it has only 1 word- BUG. over and over.
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Our yougest DD is 14 months. lately, she has been known as ...

Danger Baby!

Ah-la, Lost in Space, when you say it.

Any number of things that fit that description. Electrical outlets, pulling on the wrong thing to try and stand up, eating objects, trying to scoot facing forward down the stairs, you know, the usual activities of a very curious and determined tyke.
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Turkey, Turkey-butt, Turkey-thighs, Turkey Lurkey, Turkily Wurkily, The Pooper, The Pooper Scooper, Stink-butt, The Argue-tron 3000, Negatron, Junior, Person-Cub.
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we call our ds #1 is 'big guy', 'meatball', or 'beebo'.
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I'm the King.

My ex-Wife is the Queen.

She's the Princess.
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Right now, dh and I call ds "The Pants."
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I have started calling our youngest "Mars Bars" (her name is Marvel) I have no idea why, but it makes her giggle (she is only 2m) so I keep doing it.
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we call our daughter lil pootie pie. when she was born i called her baby bird because she looked like a little bird when she would open her mouth when she wanted to nurse. sometimes i call her monkey bird too
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DH calls our DS Boger. He said he doesnt know where it came from. He just called him that once in the hospital right after he was born and it just stuck.
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Hubby calls Morgan - Mo , Monkey , Monkey face
I call her - Mo , Monikn ( Monkey Pumpkin) Morgie , Monkey face

Hubby calls me Plucky
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