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Don't ask where I got this, but my oldest is my 'Wooby' and my youngest is my 'Wooblette'... O.o

They're also, my Imps, my Demonkin, Monsters, and most frequently, Turds.
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DS "answers" to the following:

Little Monkey Man
Little Man
Little Guy

and, thanks to Tina Fey, my favorite...

Drunk Midget

Ms. Fey was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno a couple of weeks ago and when he asked about her 1yo daughter, she said that it was like having a drunk midget in the house: they stagger around, knocking things off the shelves, breaking things, yelling, crying, etc., etc. :
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For my boys...
Buddy, Dude, Little brother, brother, Man, kid, little man, bug guy...

the girl

Sweetheart, little girl, princess, pumpkin
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Lets see, my dd is also known as dumpling, sugar lump, lumpy sugar, the girl, little girl, chica, girly, munchkin, princess, trouble, sweetcheeks, sweet pea, buttercup, cheeky, milkface, legs, strawberry, peaches, peaches and cream, cutie, kiki ...and probably lots more, but you get the idea.
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Our 3 y/o is Meals, Ninny, bim bim, Millie nillie, Mim butt, Stink weed.

Our 16 mo. old is Nora, Aurora Borealis, Alice, Alexander, Boris, Nori Roll, and Pistol which started when she was an infant who barely made a sound, but boy has she fulfilled that one, be careful what you call them!
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Originally Posted by siouxm View Post
Adorable thread! I thought I was crazy until I read this trhead, now I feel right at home with all the other crazy nick naming parents.

It started as snickerdoodlepie, but converted to schnickerdoodlepie and eventually shortened to "schnick", this summer I added puddin' pie which quickly shortened to pud and then I combined them to be "schmud". this week she has a stuffy nose and keeps calling me Bob so I have been calling her Bill, but mostly it is just "schnick".
: :
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Daddy calls Eliot:
Sugar bug
Tumble bug
Strange visitor from another planet

I mostly call him Pumpkin or Babylove or just the usual stuff like honey, sweetie, etc.
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Boy do I feel more normal right now

My oldest is almost 11, so doesn't like nicknames, but still lets us call him monkey, Aariana, Ariel (can you tell dh has an odd sense of humor?).his lil brother calls him AarynMIchael (stressing the uppercase, and all squished together), for the longest time wouldn't just call him Aaryn.

My nearly 3 year old still has a ton, bear, ConnorBear, booger, munchkin, piggy,dh calls him taco (no idea why ), nut butt, Connie, crazy butt, and a few others I can't remember.

Hunter is hunny,hunty, bug, hunnybug, buggy, nakey bug, booger butt, piglet, kissy bug, munckin, noodle, and, ooo, I'm forgeting the new dh was calling him all week, it was a really odd one lol
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For the group:

Just the girls:

For the boys:
Big man
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Very cute thread!

mr. man
monkey man
senor hombre
little man
yes sir
the boy
mr. poopy-pants
ice cream man
. . .anything but his real name
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Heh, this is a very amusing thread. My hubby and I called our first one "goo" and "monkey", but since he's almost 4, he's kinda outgrown all his names. Mostly we stick with "little man" now.

However, our second son, started out as "Moo" (to replace Goo), which eventually migrated to "Moochoo". Then since his name was Nathan, we shortened it to Nate, which somehow became NateTate, and then became "Tator", which we still use to this day. It fits him too well, as potatoes are his favorite food (mashed, fried, he doesn't care). He will answer just as readily to either Nathan or Tator, and even his older brother calls him Tator. Other nicknames have been snugglebug (because he LOVES to cuddle and is very touchy feely), Tator-trot and Trotsky (when he started walking) and psychobaby (when he is really hyper).

I can't wait till the new baby is born to see what in the world we come up with next!!!
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We tried "little man".

You would have thought we had called him "little bastard". Oh, he was mad!

His left hand on his hip, his left arm akimbo, stomping his little left foot, anger, hurt, betrayal in his eyes. "I not little! I big! I big-man! I like daddy! Daddy is big-man! I is big-man!"

So: "big-man".
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DS has been called more names than you can shake a big stick at, but here are some favorites:

Uncle Fuster
Zoney McZone Zone (when staring blankly on the long ride to town)
Sir Farts-a-lot
Mr. Nakey
"the boy" (always a classic)
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We have gone through many a nickname for DS.

I call him; bud, or buddy, or "my love"

DH calls him; mister mister, the boy, boy, goober, gooblegurt, keen-a-roo, etc.

There are many more but they change constantly.
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