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Bad Doctors

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My primary care physician has been my doctor since I was two years old. He has been our daughters since she was born ( 19 months). When we went for well baby we started immunizations. I asked for only polio, diptheria, and measules. They told me that it all came in one shot and that I couldn't pick and choose which ones I wanted. So, I did two rounds. My daughter reached very badly to both rounds. High fever over 100, swelling, and a hard rock like place at the sight of injection that lasted for several months that hurt her very badly all of the time. Needless to say I didn't go for a third round.
She had an acident yesterday requiring stiches. I called the office and told them what happened and they told me to bring her in and they would take care of it. We sat in the waiting room with a bleeding child for over an hour while they took allergy shot patients in that came in behind us before we went in. Then my doctor gave me a lecture about how I was a bad parent because I didn't finish my shots for my daughter. Saying that everyone gets shots, and I won't be able to get her into school without them. In which I told him that none of my per group give their children all of the shots suggested by doctors, and that she was going to be home schooled. He rolled his eyes and told my husband to talk some sence in me. Which pissed me off, Like my husband was the only person not crazy in our family or something. He also said that he couldn't give her stiches because he didn't have a craddle board to tye her down to, as my daughter is his only patient under 10 years old. Then he told us to go to the hospital.
We went to the hospital where we waited with a bleeding baby for another two hours. When we got to see a nurse she laughted and said that no one has used a craddle board in the last 15 years because it is unusually cruel and unnecissary. Also, that we should have gone to our family doctor to get this done. Which we had! So, we got the stiches and it ended up costing us over 800.00 dollars. 10x what it would have cost to have them done in a doctors office.
I called the office back and told them what the nurse had said and that it could have been done there. She said, " Your daughter got the stiches she needed, Right?" I said yes. Then she had the nerve to say, " Then I don't understand what the problem is!" I told her that the doctor refussed service to an injured child, insulted my parenting, and ended up costing us 10X what it would have if he had just done his job. She said I should find another doctor if I was upset. I have never been so insulted. what in the hell am I suppost to do!
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Ipmeadows, just continue on the path that you're on...

..to finding true health, and not "medicines" for your family.

What you exposed is that ego is primary motive behind most doctors-- not the desire to help.

What that doctor did is absolutely outrageous. Not simply unprofessional, but dangerous.

Unfortunately, he felt challenged and retaliated.

Your Vax decision, however, was the single best decision that you could have made.

80% of the ailments afflicting the children in this Health and Healing forum have been caused by antibiotics and vaccines.

The remaining 20% is poor nutrition (including lack of proper exposure to sunlight-- believe it or not)

Find a new doc, and turn your rage into energy by doing the work of finding out about the true sources of health in our natural world.

Check out "The Power of Probiotics" thread for the closest thing to an elixir of life that Nature has provided. Not only have the beneficial flora that our GI tract was made to house been neglected by Modern Medicine, these essential bacteria have been under assault by the antibiotic culture (even in the conventional meats) we live in. The Industrial Food Complex with their major propaganda campaigns continue our biochemical destruction.

Don't get mad, get even, and living well is the BEST revenge.

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Your doctor was just one tiny part....

...of a monstrous wheel.

Here's some of the "Big Picture"


Procreate, Lactate, Disseminate!

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I agree with her -- I think you should find a new doctor. Situations like this are part of the reason why I personally don't like family practitioners for little children. Dealing with children is very different from dealing with adults & in a serious situation I prefer to have someone very well practiced in caring for children. Family practitioners are often unskilled & unequipped to care for kids.

Even if they used stitches that are supposed to dissolve, realize that sometimes they don't & they might need to be removed. I ended up having to remove my dd's myself. Her injury was to her mouth so we had to go to the hospital too -- totally feel your pain about those ER bills. Anyhow, keep in mind the instructions the hospital folks gave you about the stitches & follow up care. If she needs any follow up I certainly would not take her back to that doc's office.
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yup, definitely find a new doctor! AND, then write some letters, to your insurance company, cc your doctor's office, and corporate office if he's part of a large group, anyone you can think of. Tell them exactly what you told us and why you are firing that doctor and in search of a new one. You don't have to put up with that sort of treatment (or lack of treatment, as the case might be). You definitely shouldn't be charged for the office visit, if they wouldn't treat your child.
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Find a caring doctor; there are many.

Then as suggested, write a letter to your insurance company, the state medical board, and copy to him, about what happened. Reactions like you describe are legitimate reasons to not continue with that vax. Only a doc so jaded and unimaginative that he can't think beyond the various guidelines (though even those allow for times when not vaxing is the appropriate course of action!) would be so callous and out of line in his statements.

The insurance company might also be interested in why they're paying out for an $800 ER visit when an $80 office visit should have sufficed.
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Very wise decision not to continue with vaccines. My daughter had a less severe reaction and we're still dealing with the problems it caused. I have a list of nonvax docs and docs who are friendly to non vaxers. This is a national list that I received from another MDC mama. If you pm me and let me know what city you live in I'd be glad to send you the docs for that area. Good luck - you've made an excellent decision for your precious one!
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i agree that you shouldn't be responsible for the fees, BUT, if you choose to contact your insurance company, be VERY CAREFUL about how you proceed. The insurance company could find in your favor that the bills shouldn't be paid and not pay them, again, BUT, the dr office and/or the hospital will ultimately hold you responsible for the bills. So, not to make this a huge issue, but maybe there is a lawyer in your area that you could consult (usually free) on the issue before you might end up with major bills. It may sound farfetched, but insurance companies will take advantage of anything they can to deny payment. I used to work for and with them.

Good luck.

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Thank you so much for the support. I will be happy to find a new doctor, and I do plan on telling the insurance company. This way it doesn't happen again.
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