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Vent: Co-worker says my belly looks fat!!

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So at work today, my co-worker asked if she could see what my belly looked like. I lifted my shirt, and she said, "wow, it doesn't really look like a pregnant belly." I was like, what do you mean? And then she asked if I was really skinny before I got pregnant because it just looked like a really fat stomach. OMG

I feel really terrible right now. I feel like a fat cow. I've been so proud of my belly lately and now I feel gross and fat. I know I shouldn't let it get to me like this, but I mean, come on!! How the do you tell a pregnant woman that her belly just looks like a really fat stomach?!?!?!

Now I just want to go tell her she sucks and her hair looks bad today!! :
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You look great to me
some people
don't let it get you down
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What a twit. I'm sorry she said that to you. She sounds like a real idiot. I think pregnant bellies are beautiful and I love looking at pictures of them! My own SISTER told me "wow, you look fat" when I was about 5 months pregnant but I know she was trying to bring me down. I just ignored her.
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What a jerk! And she must be completely blind and/or stupid, too, because your pics definitely look pg to me!!
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What a jerk! I'm sorry.
When I was pregnant my MOM said, "You don't really look pregnant. You just look chubby."
Oh, so loving.
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I hope no one minds me popping in. I just happened to see this post as I was scrolling by. That woman is stupid. She obviously has never been around a pregnant woman before, because first of all, she would know that's exactly what you DON"T say to a pg woman. And second of all, she has no clue what a pregnant belly looks like if she thinks YOURS is fat. Pshaw! You have a cute lil pg belly, and it's something to be proud of!

*hugs* to you, mama.
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What a b*tch!!! First and foremost, I think your belly is beautiful! I'm jealous.

Second, I think you should ask her if she went to one of those beauty schools to get her haircut, cuz it looks like someone was practicing.

That oughta fix her wagon!
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One of my "friends" said something similar to me~ and she actually thought she was COMPLIMENTING me!! Don't let her make you feel bad~ you look great!

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I am also just popping in to tell you that you look beautiful and she is a loon.
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you are beautiful and perfect
our society is just so screwed up....
we are bombarded with anorexic airbrushed barbis everywhere
people are dumb!
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you look great!!!! such a nice little belly

I'M the one who looks fat due to the need for wide load signs on my back end! : I am waiting for my belly to get big enough to balance out the back. Cus you know, I carry my babies in the back as my mom tells me. Yes, please don't remind me. Such a nice way to say "you sure do get a really big butt when you're pregnant" :LOL

I concur with the idea to tell that woman that her haircut looks like a beauty school practice cut!
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Jenn, that was just plan rude! You keep on having pride in that belly of yours! It definitly is a pregnant belly, not a fat belly like mine (Even with my huge belly, I still look preggo now!) Keep smiling & sticking that beautiful baby out.
Are you going to do a belly cast??????
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I also think your belly looks fabulous and you should be proud of it!!! That woman is looney and crazy!!! Urrrr the stupidity of people. Be proud of your beautiful belly. I also agree you should ask the woman if she got her haircut in beauty school because she looked like they used her for practice. These people need to be put in their place!!!

I had a similar comment yesterday. It really tweeked my nerve the wrong way. I had a schoolmate tell me "My you have grown over the holidays. You look really plump these days" Humph. I had really nasty thoughts running through my brain but I gave her a "look" and kept going.
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You have a perfect belly! This woman has no idea what she is talking about.
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You women are so wonderful! Your kind words have made me feel so much more beautiful today!

Thank you!!!
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When I was pg w/dd, there was a guy I worked with who made a fat comment to me. He was quite a ways away from me, so it was easy for me to ignore or pretend he was talking to someone else. He said it again, again, I ignored. The third time, he was right next to me and said it again- I whipped around and said 'you have a girlfriend, right?' he said 'yes'. Then I told him (rather loudly and very annoyed) 'then you should know you NEVER tell a woman she's fat!!' He stammered something about 'just talking about the baby' blah, blah, blah.

The guy was a total imbecile, not just b/c of this, but I ended up snapping at the guy more than once over the course of the pregnancy. I wasn't overly bitchy while pg, but I was much quicker to speak my mind instead of just holding it in.
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I looked at your pics - you look pregnant! definitely. may be she just doesn't know what a pregnant belly is supposed to look like? she's just being stupid telling you this stuff. why do you want to listen to stupid people? listen to the smart ones - MDC mamas.
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what a cow she is!!! Ugh! I cant figure some ppl out. what exactly did she think she was saying???

Continue to be proud, woman! Your belly is GORGEOUS and very baby (i snuck a look at your pics). she's just a clueless twit.
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I'm sorry! My brother in law did that to me about a week ago. We showed up there to drop something off and he said, "You're gettin' fat" and we all just looked at him in shock. He thought it was funny so when I said he shouldn't say that he reworded it to, "You look plump". People are just dumb!!! Ignore the dumb girl. She's probably really gross when she's pregnant and wanted to make herself feel good. Dumb bully!
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