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Introducing....... Brynn Cavell!!!!

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Our sweet new baby GIRL (!!!!) was born at home on Tuesday January 18th, at 1:35 pm, after a very quick and intense active labour of about 3 hours. She was 8 lbs even, and 19 1/2 inches long. Brynn is just so amazing and darling, and has been nursing beautifully from moment one! She has an awesome latch, and a really good appetite already!

DD was able to attend the Birth, and I just can't ever hope to express how incredible she was. She just hung out beside us, watching quietly and happily. You've never seen a prouder big sister, I can tell you that! I am so overjoyed that DH was home for the birth. He caught Brynn himself, and he was such an incredible support to me the whole time.

Thanks to everyone for their beads. I have to tell you, they were really helpful to me. I squeezed them and played with them between my fingers through most every contraction, and they really helped to center my energy.

I hope to write our birth story later today or tomorrow, and will definitely share it with you guys. Thank you SOOOOO much for thinking of us. We have just been basking in our babymoon, and has been truly blissful.

I will be making a photo page soon, but here are a few to share



DD holding Brynn for the first time

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Yay Kathy!!!!!

I've been thinking of you and knew you were probably basking in your babymoon!!!!

Congratulations and welcome Brynn!!!!!!!
: : :
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All right! You looks so happy with your little girls. That's awesoem that dh caught her.
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de-lurking in this forum to say:

Yay, Kathy!!!!!

and welcome, sweet baby, Brynn!!!!!
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Ooooh congratulations! The picture of your older daughter holding the baby is incredible. Congratulations on your happy family.
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What a dream! Congratulations Mama and family! (for the big sis!)
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What good news!!! !!

Enjoy your lovely babe & your babymoon!

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She is soooo beautiful. I love the picture of her and her little sister! Enjoy your wonderful new family mama!!!!

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Congratulations to your whole family!! I am glad dh was able to be there and that dd is doing so well in her new role

Welcome little Brynn :

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wow! So great, you did it...Thanks for pics, look forward to the long version...Heidi
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Thanks everyone!!!

Ligmom, thank you for keeping in touch... I am forever grateful to you She is absolutely the best MW we ever could have hoped for!
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Super- congrats! I love that little stretchy-pouty face babies make. Ethan does the same one! Congrats on your beautiful girls and your quick labor!
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I've been keeping my eyes open for a birth announcement

So happy that you had a good birth...what a beautiful family you have
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Congratulations on Brynn's birth!!!! She's lovely! I just love the look on your older daughter's face as her sister is laying in her arms. Just precious.

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Congrats Kathy!!! Isaac and I both send our best babymooning wishes! I totally hear you on the WOW bib sister thing,,, it's such an amazing family experience for them to be part of. I am SO g;ad your dh was there - having mine there was a HUGE boon - as well as all our beads. I strung them and wore them and did just like you, kind of played w/them when I had the wherew/all to keep my eyes open. What a truly wonderful baby you birthed! Lots of love, andy
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