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Time of birth

Poll Results: What time did your deliver?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 27% (59)
    between midnight and 6am
  • 24% (53)
    between 6am and 12 noon
  • 24% (53)
    between 12 noon and 6 pm
  • 23% (51)
    between 6pm and midnight
216 Total Votes  
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Oh, this is neat I am curious...
What time of day did you give birth to your child(ren)?
Please mark off the time and post how many you delivered!

Dd1 -hospital birth labored from 11pm delivered at 1148am
Dd2- unassisted birth, labored from 2am delivered 748am
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Lula was born at home at 5:14 am
Marcos was born UC at 12:50 am
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dd1: hospital epidural birth, labor started at approx. 10 PM, had her at 6:08 AM

dd2: hospital epidural birth, labor started at approx. 5:30 PM (I think) and she was born at 3:10 AM
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Veronica was born at 12:24 a.m. on March 1, 2004 . . . 24 minutes after leap day (Feb 29). In hindsight it would have been kind of neat to have a unique birthday like that, but she'll probably be happier to have a "real" b-day every year.
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skanda: around 8 pm. active labor started around noon but contractions were steady since the day before
nadia: 3:30 pm. woke up early in the morning in labor
both home births.
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10:22 pm at home
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ds1 was born at the hospital via C-section at 6:24pm
ds2 was born at the hospital VBAC at 5:38pm
ds3 was born at home at 1:23am
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ds #1 - labor started at 7:52 am (I was looking at the clock when I had my first contraction) and he was born at 2:02 pm
dd #1 - labor started and stopped all day long, active labor picked up sometime after 8 pm and she was born, accidental UC at 9:32 pm
ds #2 - labor started around 7 am, he was born at 2:44 pm
dd #2 - labor started around 6:30 pm and she was born at 11:46 pm
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Nathan - went to hospital because water broke (guessing that lifting 50 pound bags of manure helped that along ) labored from about 6:30 am and delivered at 10:30 am.
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ds#1 born on a Wednesday @ 6:34pm
ds#2 born on a Wednesday @ 7:12am
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Oh great ! :LOL I know all of my children where born between midnight and 6am but as to the exact time my memory is failing me and my oldest is only 5.

I think dd#1 was 5:45 labor was about 5 hours
dd#2 was 5:57 just looked in her baby book. somewhere around 5 hours
dd#3 3am. That one I do remember as she only 11 weeks old. labor was 2 hours.

I love night births as the world seems to quite and peaceful, it also seems more private for some reason.
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DD - 4:15 pm (began having regular contrax at 3:00 am)
DS#1 - 7:10 am (began having regular contrax at 12:45 am)
DS #2 - 12 pm (induced at 10 am)
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DD #1 was born by c-section at 6:08am (after a long labor)

DD #2 was born at 6:31am (the birth time that came naturally )
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DD--- hospital at 4:23am
(water broke 9pm 12/31, induced w/pitocin 4pm 1/2, born 4:23am 1/2)

DS--- home at 8:46am
(contractions started regularily early afternoon 8/30, born 8:46am 8/31)
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DD- contractions started at 4:30am, labored for a little over 6 hours, born 11:44am, homebirth w/no interventions
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child #1 - 7:32 AM (scheduled cesarean)
child #2 - 8:17 AM (natural VBAC)
child #3 - 5:59 AM (natural VBAC)

I am def. a nighttime laborer and early morning birther.
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dd1 - born 10:19 am at home after approx. 9hr45min (4hr pushing stage) no interventions
dd2 - born approx. 11:02 pm at home (unexpected UC) after approx. 1hr30min no interventions
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I voted on my last, he was born at 6:43 a.m. AJ was born at 8:40 p.m.
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#1 Hospital Birth @ 6:40 pm on a Wednesday in January
#2 Hospital Birth @ 9:40 am on a Wednesday in January
#3 Home Birth @ 10:30 am on a Wednesday in January
#4 Home Birth @ 5:15 am on a Friday in August (my little oddball )
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J was forced into the world at 11:15am
M came peacefully at 11pm
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