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Poll Results: What time did your deliver?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 27% (59)
    between midnight and 6am
  • 24% (53)
    between 6am and 12 noon
  • 24% (53)
    between 12 noon and 6 pm
  • 23% (51)
    between 6pm and midnight
216 Total Votes  
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Ds - hospital birth, 11:09 PM (induced labor at 2:30 PM)
Dd - homebirth, 9:13 PM (only in active labor for two hours)
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Water broke at 1am on Thursday morning and ds was born at the hospital at 10:23am on Saturday...56.5 hours...here's hoping to a quicker and gentle homebirth in May.
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I started hard labor Wednesday the 16th at 4 pm. Water broke Friday morning at 2:30 am, had dd at 7:40 pm Friday night after like 10 minutes of pushing. I was at a birthing center with a CNM. 51.5 hours. Like Cutie Patootie, I'm hoping for a much quicker and more gentle birth next time.
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7.28 PM...I was pretty happy with that time!
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First contractions began at midnight and I delievered Chloe at 5:06am
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went to the hospital in active labor (dilated to 4) at 3:45 pm, delivered at 11:03 pm.
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water broke at midnight- she was born at 7:43 PM- epidural hosptial birth
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my 1st ds was born at 3:42 am.
labor started 5:30ish am on friday, labored at home until 9:30pm and arrived at women and babies at 6cm, Jaden was born at 3:42 sat morning, a beautiful unmed experience
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Time of births

1st birth...hospital....deliverd at 2:30 pm...in labor for eight hours
2nd birth...birthing center...delivered at 9:35 pm...in labor for 3 1/2 hours
3rd birth...homebirth.....delivered at 12:01 am... from first contraction until delivery....35 minutes
All three were so different, at different times of the day. They were all such unique experiences.
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Julia was born at 10:14 pm, but she was an emergency c-section. I was at 8 cm when she was born, so I would guess had she come naturally, it would only have been a couple hours at the most after that, so maybe just after midnight???? My labor started the previous day around 7 pm, and I labored for 27 hours, but she was entangled in scar tissue (from uterine surgery I'd had previously) and couldn't descend.
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I only have one child.

Ds was born 7:18 PM (after a 17-hour labor and 18 minutes of pushing) at a birth center assisted by a midwife and three doulas.
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woke up around 330 am with real contractions. Had been having back prelabor for 4 or 5 days.
water broke at 3 pm or so.
ended up having to go c - section 11:22 pm.

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DD #1 ~ homebirth, started active labor ~9 PM, delivered 9:37 AM (posterior presentation, thankfully she turned after transition!)
DD #2 ~ homebirth, started active labor ~Noon, delivered 9:17 PM
DD #3 ~ homebirth, started active labor ~9 PM, delivered 3:22 AM

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