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Newbie :)

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I'm Hillary, a SAHM to identical twins, Lucas and Tristan. They are almost 7 months old, exclusively breastfed. I havne't started them on solids yet although I've given them a few tastes to test their readiness. I'm happy to have found this forum and wish I'd found it sooner.

I hope to become a LLL leader to use my experience breastfeeding twins to help other twin Mom's!
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Hi and welcome.

Congrats on the twins. I am 15 weeks pg with twins and have a 3 year old and an 18 mos old.
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Hi Hillary! Welcome!

My girls are 7 mos today. Josie and Lena. I have a 24 mos old also.

I think it would be great for you to be a LLL leader! More twin moms need to know that it is very doable!
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Hi Hilary!

I've got 7 month old twins too. Mine are exclusively breastfed as well. I have tried solids a couple times which didn't go over real well just yet.
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Hi Hilary,
Welcome - I'm pretty new here too. Found this forum when my babies were about 7 months too, and wish I had found it sooner - it has been such a good place for advice and reassurance. We have another thing in common - I am just about to become and LLL leader applicant - it's exciting but a bit scary to be doing something more than looking after the boys...
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I'm a LLL leader applicant too, and I also have a Lukas . My LLL group was really excited when I said I wanted to be a leader. They've never had a mom of twins leader before, but we do have a lot of moms of twins at our meetings. They've already started referring new moms of twins to me, and I love talking to them and encouraging them. Twice I've made housecalls, and lent out my EZ pillow. . . I love seeing the teensy twins and telling moms how very possible it is to nurse twins.

My guys are still nursing up a storm at 23 months. This morning they had their very first "wanna trade sides?" conversation. Pretty cute.


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Hello, Hilary and welcome!! I have three daughters...Haven is 4 1/2 and Lillie and Faith (monozygotic) are 25-months. They are still booby addicts...big time! It's so exciting to see so many twin moms wanting to become Leaders!! I became a Leader in August 2004 and am so happy that I did! I can now put my passion to good work.
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Hi and welcome! Another LLL leader applicant here, I hope to finish in the next two months, woohoo! I figure after all I went through I can encourage others and plus I have LOTS of information just from all my experiences - gotta put it to some use eh?

My girls love breastfeeding and I love nursing them. It's so wonderful to meet other moms who are nursing their twins and loving it. With twins there's often the attitude that if everybody's surviving you're doing well, and as we all know there's some truth to that! But it's wonderful to find a place where breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc etc (you know, MDC stuff) is considered normal - even for twins!

Welcome and have fun here!
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