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Weight Watchers and Starving?

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Okay, so I'm not literally starving as my body is quite padded and semi-famine-proof.

But, now seriously. Have you done or are you doing Weight Watchers? I'm limited to 20 points a day. I stuff myself with the 0 points items -- like cooked green beans and carrots -- but I am often so hungry. For some reason, tonight, I went a bit wild. I'm at 38 points for today -- twice what I'm supposed to have! Actually, it was sort of an emotional thing.

Are you hungry on Weight Watchers? I've lost 8 pounds so far, but I really am struggling. I'm doing this online, by the way and am using the flex plan.
Maybe I should switch to the other plan where you just eat certain foods. ???

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I don't think you have enough points period. You have the target points plus a weekly points allowance which is best spread out over the entire week. And if you are nursing, then definitely not.
Tell me in a PM if you want how much you weigh now and how tall you are.
I went to meetings and lost 43lbs before having ds2, I went back after dd was born and have the meeting books. I'd be more than happy to give you my opinion.
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Are you using all of your flex points? If not then be sure to use them. You could try the core plan also, it lets you eat as much as you want as long as the foods are on the list. I am always hungry for the first few days and then I guess my stomach gets adjusted to it. Also, be sure to drink ALOT of water. And, the more protein I eat the less hungry I get. For instance, when I have eggs for breakfast I stay full alot longer.
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I have followed the WW program off and on (unfortunately, more 'off' than 'on' lately) and I am always hungry in the beginning and then my body gets into the swing of things.

Good Luck!

20 points doesn't seem like enough.....
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Thanks for all of the replies!

I am allowed 20 points per day and have 35 flex points each week ... so, I can basically eat 25 points a day.

I was always a pretty healthy eater to begin with, though I definitely ate big portions of everything. I drink a quart of skim milk every day. Well, that's 8 points right there. So, I've cut back on milk.

Anyway, I am 5 feet tall. I started out weighing 155. Now, I'm about 145. My goal is 130. I was 135 in my wedding pictures. I know that sounds heavy for my height, but I'm big-boned. Honestly, I wore a size 6 at 135 pounds and thought I looked and felt very healthy.

I shouldn't put the cart ahead of the horse here, but I really have no idea how I can even maintain my 145 pounds eating this way. I'm not a glutton, but I do like to eat and to cook. We eat only chicken and fish (no beef or pork or lamb), lots of fruits and vegetables, and home-baked whole grains. Since on Weight Watchers, I've cut out cheese too. Cheese was a big part of my regular way of eating.

So, somehow I also need to change my regular way of eating too. In all of this, I'm thinking of my children. I want to make sure I'm helping them to make healthy choices too, but I honestly believe that milk fat is crucial to bone and brain development. ... They are thin and very active. We're all big into exercise here. (So, on some days, I very easily earn 4 activity points too.)

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Way to go Elphaba!!!
I will check into this core plan.
I like the idea of eating like a horse.
I honestly think I didn't formerly have a
true enough and deep enough appreciation
for eating though I certainly ate a lot and often.

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Another vote for CORE - it is awesome. You'll have to give up those breads, though, or use your activity or weekly points for them. Fat free cheese only, also, but other than that it sounds like your current diet would fit in well. I love CORE

I've lost an average of 1.4 lbs /week on CORE through the holidays - I'm breastfeeding and have a 18 lbs left to lose - so that is good for me. AND I'm not hungry - that's the BEST thing!!
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I felt like that on WW too, a couple of years back towards the end near my goal. I was eating like 18-20 pts. a day only. It was bad for me...I felt soooo hungry. Then I started again this time, and I have decided to do Core. I am nursing a baby this time, so I am allowing myself to eat and drink a bit more, cuz nursing really depletes ones stores!! :LOL Hope your hunger eases!
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I'm a big eater too ( on the Flex Plan) so I try and figure out the foods that I can eat the most of and will satisfy me longest. Someone else said eat more protein and I agree.
FYI, here are a few staples that I make:

Polenta, 1 cup =2 points, very filling
Oatmeal, 1 cup=1 or 2 points, depends on which kind
Mixture of barley, wild rice and quinoa, extraordinarily good for you with lots of vits, mins and fiber. The fiber is a big help. I think I count it as 3 points per cup.
Vogel brand bread, regular (not diet) bread that's fabulous toasted and is only 1 point per piece.

I also make a mixture of ground flax seeds and ground sesame seeds to sprinkle on many foods. Besides the vit and min, the type of fat in flax seeds help the body burn stored fat more efficiently (got that from the Family Nutrition Book by Dr. Sears).

Hope those ideas help to fill the rumblings!

BTW, I'm down 25 pounds in almost 5 months on WW. Less than 10 pounds to go!
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Thanks for the responses and for all of the support!!!

I am still very hungry. My weight went up and then back down
because I was fed up with WW, went on vacation, and treated
myself to cheese cake, lemon mousse, tiramisu, chocolate pudding
with whipped cream ... Oink! Actually, my husband always split
my desserts with me. I felt so in control and virtuous while putting
on some padding.

Now I've got 7 pounds left to go. My size 8 clothes are all comfortably
loose. I can't believe it, really. I agree with what you said about oatmeal,
Crunchmama. I take an extra point to put honey on it. I've cut back
my skim lattes to cappuchinos. So, I'm down to about a quart of milk
a day. This alone really helped me cut points (about 6-8 each day).

I looked into the core program, but I think I'd be making too many
exceptions all the time. Maybe I don't understand it well.

I'm guessing that people who go to WW in person -- rather than doing it
online like I am -- get more benefits from WW than I do. But anyway, that's fine with me because I want my hours that I have for myself to be spent on working out or going to something at the library at night. I also am too self-conscious to go to a meeting.

I'm glad you're all out there!
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0 point recipes

I just rejoined WW after a few years. I am vegetarian which means I already eat a lot of 0 point foods (at least for me).
I try to always have some garden veggie soup - 0 points (recipe in week 1 book) or some kind of veggie salad in the fridge. This week I made both and put them into single serving containers in the fridge...all ready to go!
I made a huge pot of green beans, cauliflower and broccoli (frozen organic veggies are so helpful to have on hand) and then tossed them in a bit of pesto. Sometimes I add a cup of cooked pasta. Each serving is huge and is only about 1-2 points at the most.

I also find that if I drink lots of water frequently throughout the day, I will be less hungry. I've hardly had any today though
good luck
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