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A spoon full of...

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Hi. Could someone give me tips on giving my son Cod Liver Oil or suggest other sources of Vitamin D (I'm using to help him absorb calcium & help turn back caries). I've used a syringe & a spoon. Both situations he gags & almost heaves. I have even gotten Cherry Flavored Cod Liver Oil. Mind you it still tastes yucky & I'm thinking I'll stop all together, but I wanted to bounce it off you all for the moment.
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The best source of vitamin D that I've ever heard of is our own body. We produce this one for ourselves when we are exposed to sunlight.

The trick is to get enough without sunburn or encouraging future skin cancers.

Take him outside to play in short sleeves. In summer, before 10 and after 2 are best to avoid the most intense rays. In winter, go outside to play and let him get sun on his face.

For the rickets issue which was in the news awhile back, the main problem was that the children developing rickets were in situations which imhibited sun exposure and vitamin D production: darker skin{which makes absorbing enough light more difficult}, northern climate{less and less intense sunlight}, staying inside all the time....
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Thank you, Meiri. Maybe I'll just toss the cod liver oil for now & rely on the best source Mother Nature.
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cod liver oil also comes in a gel cap. That form is much more palatable. what does-help turn back caries mean? just curious!
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Make an orange juice smoothie, goes a long way towards diguising the taste.
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Thank you, myrhhmaid. I was using the cod liver as a diet supplement for Vitamin D which helps the body absorb Calcium better & hopefully avoid the breakdown & decay of my ds's teeth & build up his bones, but upon looking through archives & w/ Meiri's posting, it appears that sufficient D is received through exposure outside & in the diet, and that oral hygiene is more advantageous at reducing cavities. So, long story, short, I've stopped being so paranoid & have been doing more brushing.
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