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Did you eat while you were being induced?

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I am going to the hospital to deliver with a wonderful OB. I found out she is on-call two days before my due date, and since I am completely miserable with the way my body feels, I am probably going to plan to be induced on that day if my cervix is ready, and I haven't gone into labor by then. I was induced last time I delivered but I was already in labor.
I was wondering for those of you who were induced before, to start labor, if you were allowed to eat during the induction?
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I was induced, and I was given just (mostly) clear fluids (juice and water, as I recall). I may also have had some popsicles.

Hope this helps, and congratulations!
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I was "augmented" with pitocin with my daughter, and I stopped on the way to the hospital and bought a gigantic protein smoothie. Since I had another 17 hours to go, I'm glad I had some sustenance! If you have a Jamba Juice or other such place, I'd recommend that. The hospital assumed it was a juice or something and didn't bother me about it. I never threw up in labor or anything, so it was a great thing to have. Highly recommended!
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My SIL was induced, and I believe she wasn't allowed to eat anything during the process. I'll check with her, though.
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When I was induced (mind you 7 & 11 years ago!) they would not allow anything. Perhaps ice chips, but what a joke! I hope things have evolved for you!
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I was induced with Lauren and wasn't allowed anything to eat other than ice chips. I got to the hospital at 5:30 am and had her at 7:49pm with nothing but ice chips and a little water in me The nurses wanted to give me popsicles but my OB said no. Dh teases me about it saying that after Lauren was born I didn't care about seeing her, all I wanted was FOOD!

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I was allowed jello and as much fruit juice or water as I wanted. Even popcicles were allowed. But that's about it. They said anything super light was fine and they had a stocked fridge of super light nourishment. It definitely helped.
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I, too, was augmented with pitocin and was only allowed clear or light stuff - popsicles, ice, broth, etc. Unfortunately I was a puker, and when I tried to sneak some saltines after 15 hours of labor I threw it right back up and got busted!! I was STARVING though! LOL. I was told to eat before I left for the hospital, before my labor progressed too far. Of course, I couldn't keep anything down then, either!
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With my first dd I was induced and since it was going to be awhile before I could get into a room and start the pitocin the doctor allowed me to eat and it all came back up afterwards. With my second dd I did not eat before my labor and delivery but I chowed down afterwards!!
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I hope you are allowed to eat. I can't believe they still don't let women eat in labor, that bugs me. I know at the L&D where I work they don't even stock anything in the little patient kitchen besides liquids. If I were going to the hospital I would bring my own food and eat it when the nurses weren't in the room. But that is just me. It is just so counterintuitive the idea that a woman shouldn't eat when her body is working that hard. Plus there is plenty of research that shows that IV fluids are not good for a laboring woman or her baby. But the Obstetric industry, I mean field, wouldn't want to take research into account now would they. They are the only area of medicine not using evidence based practice. It is so bizarre. Maybe you can talk to your doctor about it and get permission to eat. Of course induction does ultimately put you at a higher risk for ending up with surgery but the chances it would be under general anesthesia are so small. Even then, the chances of vomiting under general are small and even if you vomit the way that you are intubated nowadays makes the risk of aspiration very small. And the small chance that all this happens and you do aspirate, assuming the idea that fasting makes your stomach empty (itself a falsity) your stomach contents would be much more acidic and dangerous than if you had been allowed to eat and drink to hunger and thirst. It's all a big joke. They give you drugs that slow down your digestion and delay the emptying of your stomach contents and these same drugs make you more likely to puke and they feel comfortable offering you the drugs so are they really that concerned about it? You should get permission from your doctor. Show him the literature. That is what I would do.
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I wasn't allowed to eat at all. I didn't know I was going to need to be induced that day, so I had a bowl of cereal Monday AM, started induction Monday afternoon and I couldn't eat again until Wednesday evening. It sucked.
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. As I recall I had a popsickle, so no, I wasn't allowed to eat much since a popsickle wasn't much. I was OK with that at the time, because I wasn't hungry. I remember when we discussed the c-section I said 'So when do I get to eat' since at that point I was starving and the nurse said 'oh, maybe the day after tomorrow'. I swear if I could have reached her I would have slugged her!

Side note on the induction - as you probably know induction really ups your risk of c-section, etc - consider making sure you are being induced in such a way that if it isn't working after so many hours, etc that you could just shut it off and go home - don't let them break your bag of waters for instance. Just thought I would throw that in
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Considering it happened in a hospital they would not let me eat anyting even if I wanted to. On the other hand, from the time I was induced until DS was born only 3 hours passed.
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I didn't have any desire to eat. I know some make a big deal out of being able to eat fruit or whatever during the process. But me, I don't really care!

The hospital gave me ice chips (yummy!) and I really enjoyed it. I don't recall water. I'm not sure. I think they just gave me ice chips. I was completely satisfied with ice chips.
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