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The Apprentice is back!!!

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Book Smarts vs Street Smarts

I dont know how I feel about anyone yet...I think Donald needs to stop calling the Street Smart group the "high schoolers". Its pretty condescending IMO.

I did think last night was a good episode though. I thought it was weird how that Danny guy seemed so cool and confident until they actually had a task then he froze and totally screwed up...

Hilarious when the dog peed on the annoying blonde!
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I was :LOL so hard about the dog. She still bought the tickets after all of her whining about not buying from peoples apartments. I personally would've left after the dogs started jumping on me and the guy ignored it. Just rude. I like Danny as a character. Todd did drop the ball as project manager and I'm glad he got the boot.
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I was cracking up last night :LOL Between me and DH we have 3 master's degrees and DH is almost done with his PhD, but we were totally rooting for the "street smart" team I think those guys "get it" that they can't be above doing what needs to be done, whereas the "book smart" guys think they are too good for some jobs (with the exception of Danny, maybe).
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I, too, enjoyed the show! My dh is highly educated where as, I never finished high school, so it was especially fun for me to have the"highschoolers" win....

And i think they made the perfect choice in firing todd.
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i think danny was a nice change of pace for that show...last season they had the guy who dressed in bow ties [raj?] but was just like the rest of them. danny has personality, is not afraid to be himself and defended his wardrobe choice rather admirably in the boardroom, i thought.
he won't last, i'm sure, but it will be fun to watch in the meantime!

ps: street smarts did rule last night - well done
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whoa, when did this happen? i haven't seen any advertising for it (though i don't watch much tv) and the other one just ended.
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Had to do a search to find this!!

Can I just say that I'm soooo glad that Michael "the jackass" is GONE!!!
He was worthless IMO and he did live in "la-la land" ....

I can't really say who I think it a frontrunner at this point. I do like Bren and the girl with the long dark hair on the "book smart" team and on the other team - I like the tall dark haired guy that was PM on the first challenge and the african american guy! Sorry - don't really know all the names.

The Street smarts are kicking royal booty though!!! :LOL
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I am glad he is gone too...he was really lazy.

I cant stand Bren...he just seems really pompous...for no reason.

I kind of like Tana, the PM for this project because she seems really upbeat...and at times not that smart...but her team won.

I also like the Vince Vaughn looking guy on the street smarts team...cant think of his name but I remember on one of the first tasks he was pretty cool...

I have to admit that I thought that casting call idea was never going to make any money but who knew.....they could have had even more if they would have handed out flyers in front of one of the acting schools..IMO.

I didnt like Carolyns replacement at all...I hope she comes back next week
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I think Bren is a hypocrite. He has alluded to his background as being right-wing conservative, but he had the idea for the cucumber porn thing, which he said was contrary to his beliefs but would "sell"

So glad Michael is gone!

I was soo bummed out for Net Worth last night, because I too thought they were going to lose. I think Tana did a good job, and I really like the Vince Vaughn looking guy too. He was a good PM on the first task and he had a really good idea for the commercial that got lost in translation. I think Trump really likes Erin from Magna - she speaks very well and passionately and defends her team. I think Net Worth is going to be very upset if the Donald sends someone from their team over to Magna.
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Yeah, I don't like Bren either. He's just so condescending and arrogant. Plus, his hair and his accent irritate me. His accent is just so fakey- and I live in Arkansas, land of the irritating Southern accent.

But I'm glad Michael got the axe. He irritated me,too.

Erin cracks me up, she's very funny.

And ITA with beatgirl- I missed Carolyn!!
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I cheered when Michael got fired.

For some reason, I'd like to see Erin in the final four, at least. But PLEASE, do something with your hair!
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I do not like Bren at all.

I think John will win (from the street smarts team)
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I'm hoping John will win!! But remember with Troy how Trump said it *DID* matter if someone had a college degree or not. Why would he now be changing his tune? Ratings??

I guess that girl - sorry, can't remember her name - lost her "street credentials" since they lost. They were right, she needed to GO! John is smart too in that he knows when to speak and when to just shut up.

I think this one is more interesting than last seasons.........
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I know but wasn't this task the first one that the book smarts won? I think Trump may need to rethink his position....
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Nope they won the motel task also (Ep 2).
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ah - I forgot that one.
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Okay...that John is gone...and I am glad! I liked him at first but he just got worse and worse every week! His sexist comments and behavior would have had me smacking him! Erin was pissed off but held herself together well. Very professional...I have a new found respect for her.

That Chris is so freakin whiny! I would not have cared if he was fired because he is so immature...and he chews! Yukkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Tana was crackin me up with her "lingo" She is kind of embarrassing but I kind of like her. Mary Kay? Not surprised at all!

Anyone else watch last night?
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Yes, I watched.

Buh, Bye John. Ugh. Sooooo glad he is gone. Did not like his sexist, big mouth and how he treated the girl that got fired last week. GROSS.

The tobacco chewing clown has got to go, too.

Liked Erin and Tana. Tana is goofy but I have grown to like her a lot.

I like the team leader last night...what is her name? Bad w/ names. So many reality shows. They had a really cohesive team last night.

-armonia (who really doesn't watch much tv...really...except for Survivor, American Idol, Amazing Race, and the Apprentice...what is wrong w/ me? : )
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Yay! I'm so glad John got fired. It gives me hope that his brand of sexist crap doesn't fly anymore! (I've been out of the working world for five years and used to be in the garment industry in NYC-guys like John were a dime a dozen.)
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I liked John ssoooooo much at the beginning. Right up til I couldn't stand to look at his smug, condescending, male chauvanist face for even one more minute. And that was two weeks ago. Get out and take your dumb wallet-on-a-chain with you!
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