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Originally Posted by kama'aina mama
Get out and take your dumb wallet-on-a-chain with you!
:LOL :LOL Haha! Puuulllleeeeeese.
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Yup yup yup.
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What happened to John!?!? Ugh!! I really liked him a lot in the beginning, too but he just got worse and worse!! What a sexist pig! I'm so glad he is gone. Chris is a loose cannon, too! YIKES!

Tana - I don't know about all her "lingo" last night. It was just a *bit* over the top, IMO. Geesh. But, it didn't seem to hurt them. She has grown on me though. I wasn't really surprised to hear that it was Mary Kay that she works for. I do still like Erin, too.

HEY! Maybe it'll be a woman this time? It needs to be!
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I think the street smart lady with the stripey hair's going to win (can't think of her name). It's so hard to watch the show now with girl:!
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Woo hoo! Erin's gone! (that's her name, right?) I liked her untill last night's episode. She was just over the top last night.
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I liked her until last night, too! She was soooo cocky. She knew DT kind of had a soft spot for her and she just went too far with it.
She should have been QUIET and she would still be in the game. And her beauty queen comments were annoying. Ok...we get it...you don't go to home depot.
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I too liked Erin until her 'princess' act last night give me a break!

She must have gotten over confident after last week on tv because she wasnt that shallow and disconnected when they had to renovate the motel (at the beginning of the season)...whatever...see ya. I also liked how Donald threw in the Paris Hilton comment :LOL

I hope Chris goes next...

I also liked how everyone hated Craigs idea and he was right on the money...you could tell they all felt stupid....but what a cool prize!
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Aww-I loved how most of Craig's team owned up to the fact that they all had a negative attitude about his idea. And the one girl that said he deserved the reward, not them. It would be great if he won!
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I kind of want Angie or Tana to win. It would be nice to see a woman win for a change.
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whaaah I missed it! I totally forgot it was thursday
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What is up with these people *changing* on us?? :LOL
Okay, I know - clever editing but GEESH!

I liked Erin but she turned on me. What was up with all the *wink-wink-nudge-nudge* stuff? Caroline looked like she was gonna stab her in the eyeball!

I do like Tana and I like Craig and I LOVED that box!!! I want one of those chalkboard boxes!
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Tana is still my favorite. I felt bad for the losing teams PM as she is another one of my favorites. I too LOVED the chalkboard box. When Erin did the winking crap I was like ohhh nooo - GO get 'er Caroline!!!!
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If you miss a show, you can always dowload it from the net. That's how we get to watch all of our shows in Malaysia.
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how? from the show's website?
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No, it's like Kazaa but for tv shows...Torrent or something. I forget, my dh dowloads them all, but I can ask.
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I wanted to jump in real quick, we are big fans! This is about the only reality show dh will watch with me!

I love Tana too! I hope she wins, I can't see how she could lose a task.

I pretty much agree with what most people said here...

I couldn't stand John either! Oh he made me mad! But I hit the roof when the pretty girl got fired and in the car said, "well at least Donald said I'm pretty." So there just went everything you were trying to prove about beauty vs. brains.

We'll see if Chris will really quit chewing, eh?
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Did you watch last night? I wasn't sorry to see Stephanie go, but I'm amazed that Chris squeaked by yet again. He's really a loose cannon.
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Anyone else think Stephanie looks a lot like Christine Taylor?

Christine: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0852132/

Stephanie: http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/tv...aniespeaks.jpg
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I was hoping that Stephanie would go even though I'd rather have her working for me than Chris. She blew that task. What possessed her to make a subway ride to Brooklyn to deliver pizzas?
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