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hiding veggies?

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Hi folks

I posted this on the Parenting board, but got a suggestion there that it would be good to try here as well. So, here goes....

I'm searching for some great ideas for hiding veggies in foods. My almost-two-year-old ds is a *hugely* picky eater - he doesn't care much for anything beyond meat, starches and smoothies. I can occasionally get a few pieces of broccoli into him if they're seasoned just right .

I'm thinking about pureeing and putting in soups or casseroles, but I know that if the taste is at all "off" or obvious, he won't have it. Any suggestions are definitely appreciated!

Happy Sunday,
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hiding veggies

Hi there! My two year old is a carbo king. One way
I've been able to sneak him veggies is in muffins (pumpkin, zucchini, carrots) and pancakes (grated carrots and apple). I'll be checking in for more suggestions myself...
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I grate and finely chop veggies and fruits into pancakes, meat and even ice cream! Anything he likes that I make gets the veggie treatment.
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I'm not sure how many of your kids this would go over well with, but one thing mine like is their special pizza. You can either make your own or buy the pre-made pizza dough at the store that they keep by the biscuits. I lay that on our pizza stone, mix some powdered ranch dressing mix with mayo & a pressed clove of garlic. Spread that on instead of pizza sauce. Julienne veggies of your choice (we usually use carrots, bell peppers, olives & broccoli, but the broccoli gets chopped pretty finely) & sprinkle them over your ranch pizza sauce. Then cover them with grated mozarella & parmesan. The flavor is really good & they don't usually freak out about seeing the veggies because they're pretty well covered with cheese.

Another thing is that if you either finely chop or puree veggies like carrots, peppers, zucchini, they go great in spaghetti sauce or lasagna.

Yes, we eat a lot of Italian food.
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I said last week to my dad that if I owned a pizza place I would offer kid's veggie pizzas, which would have shredded veggies hidden under the cheese and special tomato sauce that had other veggies pureed into it!
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See there--I bet you'd be a big success too!! Try it out at home & see if they like it. It's really easy to make & easy to store.
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