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What to bring to the birth center?

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So for my second birth we will be going to a birth center. Not the hospital type birth center this one is not in a hospital. So no OB's or nurses or icky uncomfortable beds. YAY!

Anyway so we will need to pack more in then we did in the hospital. FOr instance at the hospital they had a fridge that was stocked with sandwiches and stuff, the provided diapers, and pads etc.

So I am wondering if anyone has a list of must haves to bring to the birth center?
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We brought a TON of crap to our birth center birth -- a whole box full of food, clothes, radio, CDs, candles, etc. I think maybe I ate a banana and listened to a CD after ds was born and he and dh were asleep in bed with me and I was all dreamy ... awwww.

They did send him home in a diaper (and me in a pad), so we didn't need that stuff. And we went home the same day, as will you most likely so I don't think you'll need all that much -- just food and snacks if you are a snack-y type person.
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Ok that is helpful. This is what I am thinking.

CDs (Norah Jones! I love her!)
A picnic basket with snacks crackers cookies stuff like that
A cooler with cheese, grapes, pop for DH or juice for me
Bag for baby of course with clothes. We are going to CD so I was going to have those.
A bag for me with an outfit to go home in and maybe another labor outfit I don't know why.
Shower kit to bathe after ward.
I was just going to pack pads just because and I still have some of those disposable panties from when I had DD.

And I was wondering should I have a supply of calming oils on hand? I was thinking of getting some of those.

Oh and yes they said the most I would probably stay after the birth would be 8 hours or so. So I wasn't going to pack as much as we did at the hospital.
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Don't forget your toothbrush. If you are like me and vomit in labor it can be the most important thing you pack. Good luck.
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I am a nurse at a birth center. Here's what I would recommend (in addition to what you are bringing).

Hairband to keep your hair out of your eyes.
Your Dh should actually be the one to pack the bag, since he is going to be the one digging through it trying to find everything.
Change of clothes for dh; if he gets a legful of amniotic fluid or a chestful of vomit, he's going to want to change clothes. Also, if they have a tub, have him bring his swimming suit; he might want to get in with the baby after the birth.
He needs a toothbrush and deoderant, too.
Camera, film, and batteries.
Babybook--the mws and assistants can sign it, and they can put the baby's foot prints in there, if you want.
Bottle of wine, if you wish (I always like it when people bring this , usually there's enough for everyone to have a sip...).

Hope this helps!

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