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Houston Area Diaper Party - THIS FRIDAY!

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ETA: The party is set for this Friday, February 11, in the River Oaks area! PM/email me or join the Yahoo! group for details! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Anybody up for one? I know there are quite a few WAHMs in the area and lots of CD users too. It'd be great to meet some more of you! Does anyone know of a good location? I live in Sugar Land, which seems like a bit of a drive depending on where you're coming from. A good central location would be nice.

Hope to hear from some more Houstonians!
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me! Not up to hosting right now, but I'm game for a party!

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Depending on how "central" it is... I'll make a trip down. I've missed everybody.
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Yep, I miss you guys too! I'll host, but I'm even further out than Heather, so I doubt anyone would show lol.
Just tell me where and me and my little ones will come
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I live at the last organic outpost. I am up for whatever you want to do pm me and we will get this rolling. So nice to see other Houstonians on this format.
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Yay! So glad to see other mamas! Samantha, that'd be awesome if you could make it in!

I was wondering if there might be a public place we could meet, something like a play area where we could reserve a party room or something? I'm thinking of Memorial City Mall but honestly I haven't been there in years. I hear great things about their play area, though. It'd just be nice to have a big space where we can sit, talk, show off fluff, and also somewhere for the kids to play that doesn't destroy someone's house. :LOL A park on a nice day would be great, for that matter.


ETA: Ooh, I just thought how cool it would be to meet at a major park (Hermann, Memorial) and have a banner over our area announcing the "Houston Cloth Diapering Mamas Meetup". Nothing like getting a little attention from the public.
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I would love to meet local CD mamas (though I still have a little time until I'll be one ). Count me in.

BTW, Memorial City's play area is nice - my sisters' kids love it (ages range from 16 months to 6 yrs).
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I'm in Houston and I actually work across the street from Memorial City Mall. They remodeled it last year and it's gorgeous now. If you guys met up during a work day, I'd happily pop in over lunch

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Just moved to Houston two months ago from Michigan I would love to come to the diaper party.
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I'm just north of Houston in Magnolia, we could host if you want if you would rather meet at a house. We're about 45-50 min north of downtown. Fridays are good days for us. I work part time but not on Firday!
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Memorial City mall is GORGEOUS now!! I love the big seating area with the big fireplace, so comfy. The play area is really nice, its fully enclosed and they only allow so many people in at a time so it doesn't turn into a total madhouse. They keep it manned with an employee at the entrance... no little ones make it out without a parent. They also keep an eye on how old the kids are in there. They have a "yard stick" and if you are taller than it playing for you. It really helps to keep the wilder rough and tumble older kids from squashing the littler kids.
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My mother's house is right across from memorial city mall. Count me in!
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I'm right across the street from the mall
The play area gets crowded during certain periods but there are lots of comfy seating 'areas' all around the mall.
I'd offer to host, but my house is just not capable right now!
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can we plan to go at a not crowded time? I absolutly HATE crowded play areas where it is hard to keep up with your children, everything is stressful, and the big kids are jumping and pushing around the little kids
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Would there be good areas at Memorial City to sit and talk/show off fluff? I've looked at the mall's website and couldn't find mention of party rooms or anything like they have here at First Colony. Thoughts?

Someone mentioned Fridays - those are great for me, too (though not next week and probably not the week after :LOL). Weekends are busy for us for a few weeks now.
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Originally Posted by anyachristina
I'm right across the street from the mall
The play area gets crowded during certain periods but there are lots of comfy seating 'areas' all around the mall.
I'd offer to host, but my house is just not capable right now!
Christy!! Tori has been asking about Anya. She misses her.
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Friday is good for me.
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Awww! I know that Anya loved Tori too... How is the new home?
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DANG! I am new to this board and I am out in Richmond but I am moving back to California tomorrow! I would have loved to meet some of you!
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man, what a bummer... I'm in Rosenberg, were practicaly neighbors lol
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