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The story of William's birth is here:

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Nigel is Here!!

Nigel Wren has arrived!
My lovely stubborn little mule is here!!!
Born @ 6:35 am on Thursday the 10th. 7#s 4 ounces 20.75".

Can't really focus right now because of the Percoset. More later. I promise.

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Congratulations, Sadkitty!!!! Nigel Wren Looking forward to reading your birth story!!! Take care!
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OMG! I'm a moron. Thursady was the 10th. That's when he was born. Not some day that I just made up from my drug haze
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Congratulations, sadkitty! Enjoy!
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Congratulations SadKitty!!!!! Welcome Nigel
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Liam Joseph is here

Just came home today.
He was born Feb 12 at 9:40pm after 40 mins of labor. He was 8 lbs and 21.25" long.
He is a great little nurser and I will post a story later.
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Congratulations Sadkitty and Emmama!!! Enjoy your little ones!!!
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Ben River is here! He was born at home Sunday morning, Feb. 13, at 4:50am. He weighs 9 lbs. 4 oz. I'll post all the details later. I had a 4th degree tear so I'm drugged right now. He's perfect, btw!
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Yeah Tracie!! Welcome Ben!! Congratulations!!

Owie on the tear!! I hope you heal quickly!!
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Oh congratulations Tracie!!! Ben was a big boy! Sorry you had such a tear Owie is right! Hope you heal up soon. Can't wait to see the little guy
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Traci, congratulations on your beautiful baby Ben.
The tear sounds painful. There is a thread about sitz baths in this Feb forum that Heave has posted a link for some natural remedies that come highly recommended. They sound awesome, just right for achy painful bottoms.
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Tracie: Congratulations to you! Sorry to hear about the tear. That sucks! Hope you heal really soon. Try to take it easy. I really like the name you chose. Looking forward to hearing all about the birth. Take care! Love, Tricia
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Congratulations Tracie! Hooray!
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I think I posted in the wrong spot before so.....


HE CAME A WEEK EARLY ON early Monday 2/7/05 @12:17AM (exactly 24 hrs from the time my water broke). So much for going full term+ with your 1st baby. Funny... I had just told my husband that night that I wanted my water to break first (vs. contractions) so I could say "Honey, my water broke!". We basically had just laid down for bed on Sat. night and membranes ruptured within 10 minutes! IT WAS EXACTLY LIKE I IMAGINED IT WOULD BE... pop, gush! Contractions came almost immediately (started @ 3minutes apart & 30 seconds long and went to 3minutes apart & 1 minute long within the 1st hr). I was so tired since we never did get any sleep before my water broke! 24 exhausting hrs of labor later...

Edward IV arrived!

I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT OUR DOULA!!! If anyone needs one in Tampa, FL let me know (my email is vertsk8r@aol.com). My husband was wonderful but we couldn't have done it so well without her tireless assistance! Husband said "hey, I can do that" regarding next birth (possible home or birth center?? but he wanted to do this first one in the hospital and I'm glad we did). I wouldn't mind next birth in the same hospital as it is considered a "family birthing center" - doesn't even have a nursery.

Got an epidural @5cm dilation (wasn't getting any breaks between overlapping contractions). I actually did most of my significant dilating after that (from 5-9) but got a little stuck at 9cm with an elliptical cervix (gave me Pitocin for the last 1cm as I was getting close to my 24 hr mark). We had him circumcised & it wasn't as bad as I've heard everyone say. He cried more about the stupid bath they gave him. If I had one thing to change I would have been adamant about him NOT getting a bath. He was plenty clean already. Ok'd the Vitamin K shot & the eye drops (as I was GBS +) but he's a little trooper and fussed but didn't cry. I was up & around within the hour.

How incredible and wonderful!!! I'm so happy. Breastfeeding going absolutely GREAT... I thought it would hurt as I have always had sensitive nipples but it feels terrific!!!!

Thanks for listening and all your help!!!
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Opps, forgot some details:

He was 7 pounds 5 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long. I had a 2nd degree tear but healing super quick!

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Congratulations to all the new mamas! Now don't forget to go over to the picture thread and post pictures!
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Our sweet boy was born HBAC on January 22. He was 8lbs 12 ounces and had a 14.5 inch head. I will try to post his story soon as well as some pictures. Things are so busy around here that he doesn't even have a name yet and he will be 4 weeks old tomorrow.
Congrats to all the other new (and new again) mama's!
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Announcing Samuel Joseph Ekblad. Born February 20, 2005 (his due date!) at 7:58 am. Born at home. It was a posterior labor and delivery and very painful! He weighed in at 10 lbs and is 21 inches long. Baby is wonderful and nursing like a champ! Birth story to come.....
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