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Poll Results: I homeschool because...

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 45% (40)
    I don't believe that learning within bounderies is the best way to learn.
  • 17% (15)
    I am anti public school
  • 4% (4)
    I can't afford private school
  • 32% (29)
    It just works best for our family
88 Total Votes  
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OOhh, I just love reading all of your posts!

I voted that homeschooling just works best for our family.

We were all set to send our dd off to K this Fall, had even visited, and dh was psyched cuz we had chosen the grade school that he went to. Supposedly, the best of the best...awesome school district, awesome small school in an older, nice neighborhood,teachers never leave(low turnover), low(comparitively) class size,etc...and oh,boy, was the K room ever inviting(in hindsight, soo glad we didn't take dd with us to visit)!

However, none of it *felt* right to me. It seemed to really not make sense as far as the next logical step in our parenting...which is sorta how I viewed it. Everything about our parenting has been out of the mainstream...cuz it felt right for us. Why should this next major decision be any different? Shouldn't my mommy instinct feel right about this too?

So, I set about to do lots of reading(thanks for all the book suggestions ), including homeschooling boards, and also talked to people who were homeschooling. It also helped that my one of my sisters was deciding to homeschool her kids as well.

My dh wasn't quite on the same page as me, as he has only great memories of his educational experience and felt that that was also best for dd, and was concerned cuz I have health challenges....but, I slowly started to turn him around, and we now have the agreement that we will try it for K and reevaluate the decision next summer. And I of course feel confident that K will go well....how could we go that wrong??

I think dd would be fine if she were at K...but fine isn't good enough for me! I want my kids HOME with me, and with each other. I want our kids to have OUR values,NOT other families. I want me and my dh to follow our babes and what they want to do, not adhere to other peoples agendas. I don't want to be a slave of dropping off and picking up everyday, then having mindless homework to interfere in our evening family time(which is sometimes short anyway due to the demands of dh profession). I LOVE the idea of my kids kearning at THEIR pace, mostly following their OWN interests, and very much want to foster the LOVE of learning.

Oh my, I could keep going and going and going....but I think you all get the picture?

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I'd always sort of had homeschool in the back of my mind. Sounds like fun, nothing wrong with fun - not that there's no work involved...

One thing that sort of tilted it for me was when my friend w/2 kids (5 and 9) said "Once they start school, life is basically over. You have to plan around what's going on in school. Even vacations and such, and then everyone else has the time off, too".

yarg. I thought, I'd rather go grocery shopping with my kiddo at 11am I think I'd miss them if they were in school all day.

I'm not against public school as a socialist institution. I feel better having it than not. I think there a lot of benefits for people who utilize it. There are limitations that I don't want to deal with. I would rather state my views by not attending than trying to fix it from within while having my child there because the changes can't come about in the amount of time it would take my child to finish school.
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Well said MysticHealerMom! I've never regretted the time and energy I've put into educating my children at home, and I sure have enjoyed it.

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I've really enjoyed reading all your posts.

DH and I are considering homeschooling for our DD (who is just 5 mo old yet!). We seem to have decided on this because we couldn't agree about DD's education. I am pretty much against public schools b/c of their huge sizes, impersonal instruction, poor standards, and the fact that the income of the area dictates the quality of the education.

DH was against private school b/c he felt DD would not be immersed in a very diverse socioeconomic environment. While we are fortunate to be able to afford private schooling, it is important to us that DD not grow up thinking that "priviledge = normal", ya know?

So...I want all of you to know that it is because of MDC that I said to DH "you know, there are some mothers on my board that homeschool". I'd never even visited this forum. I was impressed with everything I'd read (I knew nothing about hs before this) and it just felt right when taken in the context of everything DH and I believe regarding education. Frankly, DH is all set to unschool, whereas I think I'll have a tiny bit of structure and do some homeschooling.

But the important thing is: it is YOU, each one of you here, that has led us to decide on homeschooling for our children. So for those of you who feel you are "too small" to affect change, think again!!!

PS - I personally am so excited to have a "mission", and to feel that I have not "wasted" my education, and that I can continue to spend time with DD. What could beat being a mother, other than being her mother AND her teacher?
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I'm glad to hear we have had a positive inpact on your family! Enjoy your venture!

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I was just thinking the other day while I was nursing ds3 how happy I am that I will never (well, at least for a long time) have to send him away! That's the best feeling!
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Dear MDC:

I home school my youngest totally b/c when I sent my oldest children to school, I had so much trouble making sure they learned to read on time and properly. I ended up spending much time sending them to school and then to a tutor that I just teach them myself and make sure they learn properly rather than wait for the teacher to tell me they are underachieving.

I also found out that few teacher will tell me anything b/c they are afraid of alarming the parent.

Anyway...it is the legal responsibility of the SCHOOLS to teach my child, but I will live with it if they don't; so I just teach him and let him learn at his own pace. I have taken full responsibility for his education.

He is operating above grade level, and he does not know it. This is a good thing, b/c my other children would just rush thru their work and not try very hard . They did not want to stand out. There is peer pressure not to do well.

So in short, I homeschool my youngest b/c of the poor way my oldest children were educated in the public schools and no one took responsibility for their poor results, despite my best efforts.: :
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