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Do you let your kids run around naked at home?

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My three year old dd is in the (very slow) process of potty learning, and has discovered that she likes wearing no clothes except for a pull-up. She hates pants or skirts, so a lot of times she just wears a shirt and her diaper. Every time I turn my bakc, she's stripping. It wouldn't even phase me if we were home by ourselves all day, but I teach violin lessons out of my home and have students in and out of our house most afternoons, and I realized the other day that I wasn't completely comfortable with her being nearly naked with other people besides family in the house. At what age do you start encouraging them to get dressed when other people are there? And how do you explain modesty to a little girl who hates being dressed?
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Get her one of those cute tank dresses (short enough so she doesn't have to pull it up too far to potty) and tell her that when you have students she must wear the dress, but that when the students are gone..she can wear or not wear whatever she wants. I think 3 is a little young to explain modesty, but setting a rule up to make you and your students comfortable is important.

My children must have clothes on when we have company unless they are under 1. Babies can go nekie if they want to..especially if we're airing out bottoms. Everyone likes nekid baby bodies...
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My girls love being nakie but have a sence of modesty as when some comes to the house they run to throw on a dress or shrit and shorts/pants.
A long shirt or a short dress IMO is perfect for potty training.
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DD (3) loves to be naked and I don't mind her being naked. but dp doesn't like it and always makes her have on at least a shirt and panties. and now that its cold, she has to have on pants and a sweater/sweatshirt too (if i'm lucky!).
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If there are other people around, then yes, we must have clothes on. We have to close the bathroom door too Ds disappeared earlier today, so I went into his room to find him. He was in his castle with his pants off When I asked what was going on he said he was playing in his castle. No mention of where the heck his pants were or why they were off:LOL
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I rarely have to do laundry because my dd is so much more comfortable without clothes. But with company, yes she is dressed, until her friedns want to play dress-up and then suddenly she is just in underwear. I don't know how she does it in the winter exept she says she likes to be cold. I've become very used to it.
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My dd loves to be naked too, but I do put limits on it. Our house is too chilly this time of year, and although she doesn't seem to care, i don't like her freezing, LOL. Also, if she does want to spend lots of time w/no clothes on, I do ask that she puts panties on. Her girly parts need protection from the cold floors, carpets, etc IMO. If we had company, I'd at least want panties, and if they were people I didn't know well, full clothing. I think the dress someone mentioned is a great idea for your dd.
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My 4yo used to love being naked at home. As long as she wasn't dancing naked in the front window (has been known to happen), and as long as she puts at least undies on when someone is here, then it was fine.
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If you had company I would also agree that a long shirt or shirt dress, or at least a shirt and undies would be alright. My kids went nekkid alot too, but if you are teaching I can see why a limit would be needed. If she wore a long shirt or shirt dress she wouldnt even have to wear panties... which would make getting to the potty easier too.
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4.5yr dd is almost always naked at home. If she's cold she will put on a shirt or dress with no panties (can't make her wear those for anything). By 2yrs dd understood that she couldn't be naked at other people's home. We rarely have people over so it's never been much of an issue. I'm all with the dress with no panties for when you have students over.
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We have an undies rule in our house! It bugs me to have naked bottoms sitting on the furniture! I wouldn't make a good nudist - LOL! 5yo ds had a playdate recently where 6yo hostess was completely naked the whole time we were there. I didn't say anything about it and neither did ds. It kind of bugged me though...I like the idea of dressing for guests!
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He..he...he....he. My son wouldn't go naked if he wanted to. It is the middle of winter and our heat is set at 61. He'd get cold really quick! He's not the naked type though, even in the summer I can't get him naked--even to go swimming in his pool. Just not his thing...

For a girl, I guess you could have a special "company" dress or outfit that she could only wear when people are comming over. Make it a big deal and let her help pick it out. Who knows, she might enjoy showing it off!
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wow stacy you and I are twins!
I also teach violin lessons in my home, three nights a week. My almost three year old loves to be naked and well yes so does my almost 5 year old...

We've only gotten as far as underwear when my students are here, and I guess I'm ok with that as long as the naked butts are covered.

The majority of my students have been taking lessons with me since my son was an infant, so it is really not that big a deal, and the newer ones, well they just think my kids are funny.
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DC is naked all the time. It doesn't bother me and it doesn't even occur to me that she should dress for company. But, when it starts to make one of us uncomfortable, I guess we'll make some changes. That said, teaching in your home is a different story (although, it still probably wouldn't have occurred to me :LOL) Maybe let her choose her clothes or ask what she would be comfy in while you're teaching. Maybe she would wear a costume.
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Ds1 loves to be naked, and just recently we have started to explain that he must at least have underwear on if someone is over. If it is someone we don't know all that well, then he must be fully dressed. He also loves to answer the door anytime it rings, so he must have pants on for that. I was getting a little uncomfortable answering the door for the postman, with a naked 3yo grabbing at his penis, which he does constantly when he's naked.
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This just cropped up for me! ds1 is ALWAYS naked around the house. He is sort of potty learning-if anything is on his lower half he pees in it immediately but if he is naked from the waist down he goes in his potty. If he isn't wearing pants, it is only a matter of time before the shirt goes. Anyway, a friend came over with her 12 yo ds. This is the kid that asked his mom if he needed to leave the room b/c I was going to nurse ds2 (6 mo old!). I felt like he would be staring at ds1 all the time, especially his uncirc'd penis, so I decided to dress him. If ds1 is around his ap playmates, they are always naked. He doesn't have any girl friends, though, so I don't know how I would deal with that. If it is family, even extended family, or close friends they can deal with our rules in our home. But strangers are another story. I think the dress is a good idea. I don't like the thought of older children staring at my dc's and I would wonder how the parents of the stranger children would feel about a nude little one running around.
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I'm responding to your title... Hell yes!!!
Although, ds has peed a couple of times on the carpet. Oh well, it's washable!
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I hate clothes myself....I really loathe them. My children occassionaly run around the house completely naked with snow boots on and a backpack and goggles!! Yeah!! they KNOW how to have fun! I'm always cheering them on to stay unihibited. When company comes over they are always dressed. So really, I love when the are running around free and naked...and not aware of "social" rules but they do understand that they must put on something, especially if company comes.

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

Your suggestions are so great- the only problem is, I have a very intense little girl on my hands, and for the past two weeks, she has only wanted to wear one dress, and that's it. The naked thing has come about when her favorite dress is either in the wash, when its been misplaced, or when I've had her get dressed in other things because we were going out in public. (She's wearing the dress 24/7, so it's really not usually fit to go out in public...) So, as soon as we get home, she's stripping. She won't go all the way naked, ever- it freaks her out- but she is a fan of as few clothes as possible, and nothing from the waist down.

I just think it interrupts my and my students' trains of thought when an almost naked little girl comes running in when I'm teaching. I like the idea of enforcing a shirt and diaper rule at least- then we'll se where we can go from there. I'm also glad to hear that most of you wouldn't be offended by it-I have a handful of newer students who haven't been around us very long, and I didn't want people to feel uncomfortable or anything. It doesn't bother me, and I don't want my kids to feel ashamed of their bodies, but I also don't want guests in my home to feel uncomfortable.
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My DS (4) is a nudist and always has been. His closest friend is a girl and she's a nuddie too so when he's over there or she's over here they're in their usual un-attire.

I don't sweat it. And neither has our company ever. He's a ham and young so no body seems to mind. That said, if it made someone uncomfortable while at their house then he'd have to have clothes on, but not in his own home.

The mail man, pizza man, all the neighbours (he likes nude gardening, it seems) and all our friends and family actually comment when they're around and he is clothed.

oceanbaby, the rule here is touching, pulling and grabbing your penis is fine and feels good, but it's not for public display. That's awesome private time up in your room. And he's sticking to it. That way he can still be nude around the house.
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