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DD prefers to be in just her panties most of the time at home. She immediately strips after being outside or after we have returned home from someplace. It's funny though, I only remember once that she stripped when we had company. DH does ask that DD put on a shirt with her panties at the dinner table.
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that's so funny! I actually had to make a cover for the high chair b/c it is vinyl and ds's little butt would stick to it! I always thought clean up was so much easier when they weren't wearing any clothes.
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My 3 y/o LOVES to be naked. He is in fact naked as I type this. He is also in the slow process of potty learning and being naked helps, I guess. We do try to get him to wear undies when at home but he usually ends up removing them. I just warn everybody who may come over to expect to see my son running around naked and no one seems to mind. It doesn't even phase the mailman anymore :LOL

I do dress him when we leave the house and he has no problem staying dressed. He always asks if he can naked and if we are in a place where that is okay. I let him.

My 3 y/o does twiddle his penis when naked around the house. I make sure he understands that it is okay around mommy, daddy, and baby but not when other company may be around. He seems to get it.
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:LOL we have a nudie butt here as well we were having a christmas party and all i could get her in was underwear, i left the room and when i returned she decided to get naked and dance in the living room, good thing it was all close friends who know her usual attire.
we do have to be dressed in public though, and at most other people's houses (unless they like nudie butt as well)

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where we live its too hot for clothes! but now that ds is 4 and potty trained (yes!) he loves his underwear. Now he goes to our neighbor homes in is underwear instead of naked or a diaper. He was always naked and we didn't care. My dh is half samoan and goes commando under his lawalawa at home so its never been an issue.
The beach is a totally different issue. He is reluctantly now wearing swimming shorts and isnt used to it. He'll start off ok, but by the end ends up naked. No tan lines either. He's like, the beach isnt for clothes, mom! Good thing most people think its funny and cute and its more common for the local people here. But the tourists' mouth hang open, tee hee! We had guests from England who freaked out. It was funny. But ds obliged, and put his pants back on.
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We had a brief period over Xmas where DD wanted to go "commando" after the potty. Imagine her running thru my corporate Xmas party in her little red velvet dress and a bare bum, me running behind her with panties and tights! :

I enforced that she had to have panties on, because I really wanted to nip it in the bud. Getting dressed is a big issue at the moment.

My midwife said "everybody needs their naked time". I totally agree. I grew up in a big family, mostly girls, and saw lots of skin. But I would want DD to be clothed in front of guests. And we have a rule that she can not leave the house unless she is appropriately dressed IE she can't go on the back deck or yard in her pajamas (cause I'd never EVER get her dressed then).
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Yes, they like to run around naked in the house, so we started the rule that if there is company, we've gotta be dressed. Otherwise, wear what you like.

Ds likes to just wear a shirt, w/ no pants or undies. So, we just slip a pair of shorts on him if anyone is coming over.

As for dd, she likes being nakie too but tends to pee on the floor (not to mention making little *chocolate* footprints )
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Do you let your kids run around naked at home?

Do I have a choice???

My dd is almost always naked.
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my son has always prefered to be naked. he is most definately 'allowed' to be naked at home. if not home, where else?
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These are our rules about nudity:

Noah is allowed to wear whatever he wants at home, as long as we are alone. Usually he wears nothing, or his PJ`s.
If he wants to help me in the kitchen/sit on the kitchen table e.t.c. he has to wear underwear.

When we have company, he needs to wear clothes. Not much, just enough to cover him up a bit.
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We're nakey here, too!

It started when DS was learning the potty. We found the easiest way to go was as much commando time as possible. And now well, at 3 years 3 months, he's 100% PL, but still likes commando! I am starting to insist that he wear undies and pants, if only to teach him that he can keep his pants around his ankles as he goes potty. Right now, if he has to go potty, he'll completely strip wherever he is from the waist down and then go potty. Then it's a hassle to get his underwear and pants back on him! Usually by the late afternoon, I'm so worn out that I just let him run around nakey for the rest of the evening - I don't even bother trying to convince him otherwise.

But I have absolutely no problem with him being naked. Especially when it was something like potty-learning, I felt his nakey-time was more important than guests' comfort. He's not allowed outside naked. If we have company, I figure if they're in our home, they can put up with our "naked" rules, and be okay with a naked boy running around! However, I must also say that our guests are all extended family and close friends. If I had "professional" guests, (such as teaching lessons) I don't know how I would feel about naked freedom! I'd probably insist he at least wear his underwear and a shirt.

Although, when DS was still in the commando stage of learning the potty, our cable went on the fritz so the cable guy came to fix it. DS was wearing a sweater and that was it. When the guy came, I hoped beyond hope that DS would stay in his bedroom, but you know how it goes - the doorbell rings, someone new walks into the house, and he's just gotta be investigated! :LOL So, DS came out, insisted upon a snack, and stood at the coffee table watching the cable guy munching on his food in all his commando glory! I apologized sheepishly, and the cable guy said, "Hey, that's okay! I've got a couple of grandkids the same age and I know how it goes!" So that was pretty cool - at least he wasn't going to report me to DHS for negligence or something... :LOL
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My two sons are almost always naked at home. We're in the stage of PTing ds2, so he's naked most of the time, and ds1 has been a nudist since he was about two. I don't see as a big deal at all. It's their home, and it doesn't do any harm, and if we do have any visitors, I figure that they should be able accept a couple of naked boys wondering around, and respect that they are guests. Both of them become very occupied by their penises when they are naked, but what else do you expect from two little boys?
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I have 2 dd's, age 4 and 6 who are definitely nakey girls. When they get home, they like to strip down to their underwear or go au naturel. I don't really mind unless there are guests over who don't know us very well...the Dominos Pizza delivery guy was kinda shocked once (LOL). My younger dd has no real concept of modesty yet.
I am a little bit nervous because my older dd is turning into an exhibitionist in front of other children. She has been caught several times either lifting up her dress to show off her panties or completely undressing to do her "naked dance." I hope that this doesn't have any implications for any future career choice.
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DD is 4, and I don't mind as long as she's wearingg underwear.
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I don't think of it as instilling shame in my dd's body, but rather conveying social information. I'm not ashamed of my body, but I don't go naked in front of guests. (I guess I consider knowing this information, from the beginning, less shaming than suddenly way too old -- as I did -- how other people are reacting when I went naked in front of them.) I just tell her matter-of-factly that we have to wear clothes when we're around people we aren't very close to. She used to say, "Why?" And I would say something like, "That's just how it is. Custom." Now she sometimes asks for more detail, e.g. why she can be naked in front of Aunt Nilly but daddy can't. :-) Interestingly, I have noticed that when I *truly* believe what I'm saying, she doesn't push the limit (much). I am honestly and truly convinced that taking your shirt off in the pizza shop isn't done (where unfortunately, I am well aware that certain less desirable behaviors are not only "done" but in my mind quite likely to be done by dd). Boy do I wish I could convince myself that waving a pointy object around is on the same level as exposing oneself!

When there are no guests, we are frequently all completely naked. Dd is even allowed to sit on the kitchen counter that way. This is not at all convenient when someone comes to the door. ("Just a minute!...Be right there!...Um, just one more minute!")
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Absolutely! We're all nakey around here If you come to my house, you have to remember that it's MY house and we're living in it. We encourage people to feel comforatble in our home. If you want to get undressed, please, do so. When we go out, we put on clothes, mainly because of weather. I have been known to go out to my clothesline topless or bottomless on a warm summer day. My boys are 18 months eand 6 yrs and they both run around naked in the house all the time. They're at home! A place of peace and comfort. If they can't be naked at home, where CAN they be naked?
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My 4yo is developing a sense of modesty. I had to have the "private part" talk with her because I was uncomfortable letting people see her naked at that age. After that she will sometimes be naked but if the UPS man comes by she'll run and put on some undies. I caught our neighbor looking over the fence into our back patio door the other day. Gave me the creeps! I may have to make sure she's more covered more often.
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I am more easy-going when it's just us- especially with potty training- but I do insist that they would be fully dressed when we have company. I have to say, if I went to someone's house and they let their kids run naked when I was there, I doubt I would go back.
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pee and poo and puppies too

Thanks 4 the laughs. my ds is pt and we are having lots of nakey time. it is nice to hear other moms opinions on it. I think it is so important form my ds to not only have nakey time, but alone nakey time. I mean how can he learn pt if he doesn't know how the equipment works. gotta run to catch the bus.
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