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almost unschooling

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except it's not---but I think they're on the right path, anyway.


"Dr Hazlewood is testing a futuristic project devised by the Royal Society for the Arts which rejects the notion that a teacher's job is to transmit a body of knowledge to pupils.

The project aims instead to encourage pupils to "love learning for its own sake..."

"...I want to give pupils responsibility for, and ownership of, their own learning. I want parents, many of whom are disengaged, to become pro-active partners in the process."
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Super cool. Anytime the kids have more control over their education I am thrilled!
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The link didn't work for me, but I am interested!
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Now if only someone in the US would step up...
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Here's a link to another article about it:


(I posted this over in the School section as well )
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The article quotes one parent as follows:
"But Dr Hazlewood told us that it [homework] is a waste of time. Of course, he knows more than me but I am very worried about it." (emphasis mine)

This struck me as a pretty good indicator that the old system isn't very good at teaching independent thinking! :LOL The "expert" must know what's best for her and her child, right? Of course, in this case, I'm on the side of the "expert", but I thought it was interesting.

I hope this program is a raging success and spreads rapidly!
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Stephanie, I cringed at that quote too.

I had to laugh at the "futuristic project" description though--as if they invented the concept!
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