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What to do before ttc?

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I just started my postpartum cycles (the day after my daughter's second birthday) and am very excited! I plan on trying for another one sometime in the fall, giving me a summer '06 baby.

I am trying to figure out what things I should do to prep my body. Like, for instance, I will probably stat on prenatals again, but when should I do this? A month before I want to get pregnant, two months? I would also like to do a liver cleanse.

Oh, and I should get into shape! Hopefully, I will have a brisk exercise routine firmly established and will have started eating organically (or atleast well) again!

Is there anything special you think would also be important? I am not a spiritual person, exactly, but I am also open to rituals instead of plain old concrete stuff.
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Hi Evergreen-
I just came from an identical thread over in TTC. My son is almost 2 and we're planning to TTC in the fall for a summer baby also! I'd love to be able to labor outside and not have to worry about cold weather, so that's why I decided fall! I'll hopefully get to lounge around like a whale on the beach too! Check out the thread in TTC, there are many ideas over there.
P.S. I see you're another one from Lake Wobegon, where the women are strong, the men are good-looking and the children are above average!
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We just started TTC, but a few months ago I:

~started taking folic acid
~went to the dentist
~took Liver cleansing herbs
~started really watching how I eat & trying to eat more fruit & veggies
~started to be more consistent about yoga, walking the dogs, and riding my stationary bike (still working on that one...)

Good luck mama...

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Cool, thanks, you guys!

:LOL too funny, morgansmom! Part of the reason I want to wait is because I have the idea that I would like to give birth outside!
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Anyone still tracking this thread? What's the liver cleansing about? Is that something that's important when ttc?
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I tisn't really important, but it gets some yuckies out and my midwife said it may help cut down on morning sickness.
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