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coffee question...

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Hi there...

Just a question about coffee.... can someone tell me why coffee is bad for the body (cafeine in general).. I am wondering if I should stop drinking it.. (i drink 1 or 2 cups of coffee and 2-3 cups of tea daily)... I need some reasons why I should wean off coffee, I love tea so I think I will keep drinking it.

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I too am curious about this. I have low iron and I know that it contributes to that, but what else is bad about it?
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I'd do some searching at www.drweil.com. I have a couple of his books but I can't find them right now, I know he had a section on caffeine and coffee and its risks and benefits...
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I love coffee - so I'm not one to talk - but...

it somehow acts on the adrenal glands and your endocrine system by mimicking a stimulus response. It is not good for our body to be in a constant state of adrenaline release (fight or flight) - which is what "stress" is -

I took a course in the psychology and physiology of stress years ago when I was in graduate school. I will have to dig up my old textbooks.
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from what i understand habitual coffee use will actually atrophy the adrenal glands & make them not as functional. I find it amusing that many people will question taking herbs but have no problem drinking coffee, which has more side effects than most herbs!:
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