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What prenatals are everyone taking?

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I get so sick until around 15-16 weeks, and I am struggling to take my prenatals. I started with Natachews, which are chewable prenatals that you take once a day. I didn't know much about them except that, and it sounded good for the moment (meaning until the sickness passes). But I think it was loaded with sorbitol or something, because I would get awful diarrhea after taking them. So, trashed those. Then I got some from the health food store -- Nature's Plus Source of Life brand. They are enormous and I'm supposed to take two. I can barely keep down water, so I've basically been taking nothing for the past few days. Since my intake isn't great right now, I really want to be on PNV.

Any suggestions?
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Hey Maya,

There is a big thread going on in the Sept 05 group about this topic if you want to look at that for ideas. I'm not taking any prenatals myself. I take a whole food supplement called Juice Plus and I take purified omega-3s. When I can get stuff down, I just try to make it pure, organic, and nutritionally balanced. If liquids are better for you than solids, maybe some natural supplement that you can mix with water? Just a tho't but I'd see the other thread.
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With my first pregnancy I was pretty obsessed with taking my prenatals every day. I took Rainbow Light Prenatals. Now with the second, I am a little more mellow about it. If I don't feel good, I skip them and just eat well. Some days I take 1/2 the recommended amount, etc. A couple of weeks ago I took my toddler's gummy bear vitamins because they were going down easily. The brand I am taking now of Prenatals is called Taylor and a Naturopath friend gave them to me ( don't think you can get them in stores ). I always take them with food and usually in the evening because I need to take my thyroid med in the AM and you can't mix them.
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I'm taking some from GNC.
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One Source right now. OB wants me to switch to Stuart Prenatals, but I hate those things. Took them w/ dd #2 and had HORRID constipation and electric orange urine {which the NP at least warned me about this time when she gave me the script}
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I take 1mg of Folic acid, 2 500mg Calcium +Vitamin D and one B-50 complex each day. In addition, I chew a couple of anti-acid (fruity Tums) which have loads of added calcium.

I'm vegan and have no energy to cook as I should (although I try my darndest), so I just want to make sure that Baby and I are both getting the calcium we need - particularly since Osteoperosis runs in my family.

Take good care,
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I was taking those Nature's Plus prenatals and then my local Whole Foods stopped selling them, so when I ran out of them, I switched to the Rainbow Light ones you take just once a day. I feel a LOT better now! The constipation is so much better, as is the nausea, etc. I'm not sure why I keep getting so many colds and coughs and general illness with a strong vitamin like this, but I definitely prefer the Rainbow Light ones to the Nature's Plus.

Just my two cents!
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I'm taking Rainbow Light that you take 6x/day. I used to take Stuart's (ever since ds's pregnancy), but I like these better. Less bad taste and they don't constipate me.
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i take the rainbow light once a day also. i like them fine.
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Was taking rainbow light just once prenatal. It made me really sick to my stomach so I switched to Target brand prenatals. They have the similar levels etc., they don't hurt my stomach, and they are WAY cheaper.
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lil critters gummy vites. : it's all I can handle right now.
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Rainbow Light prenatals-6/day. love 'em!
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I take Rainbow Light. They have a big tablet you take 1 x per day or smaller tablets; you take 2 3 x per day. My friend got sick taking the big one, so she switched to the smaller and was fine. I take the smaller ones and never felt sick from them.

It's really cool cuz these are based in food so you don't have to take them with a meal if you don't want.
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I am taking New Chapter, Perfect Prenatal this time, but last time I took the Nature's Plus Ultra Pregnancy. My friend at the health food store told me that the New Chapter are total food concentrate, and the Nature's Plus are only partially food concentrate. I've never heard or seen the Rainbow prenatals, but they sound so popular ??? No constipation with mine, only for about a week, but I think that is because we went on vacation (anytime I travel, my system gets all out of whack).
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primacare - my midwife suggested them b/c they have the omega 3 with the prenatal. so far i like them, they are a big pill BUT soft squishy gel, so easy to swallow. i can't handle tons of pills a day. plus, no real constipation with this one and it doesn't "repeat" on me via burps.
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They don't advise prenatals here in Finland.
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I'm taking the Rainbow Light Whole Food I think they're called. The green ones you take 6 of a day. Also supplementing with a DHA/ARA Fish oil something that my naturopath recommended. And, will probably have to add even more iron before the end since I'm always runnin' low on that.
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Another Rainbow Light "just Once" mama. If I'm feeling too queasy I just take the folic acid separately with fresh juice.
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I take the rainbow light 6x/day, but I don't take 6 a day ever, most is 5x/day
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New Chapter Perfect Prenatals and Fish oil
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