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Originally Posted by Human_Being
Happy due date me and Jesse!
That is too funny. My sister left me a message yesterday signing "Happy Due Date to You"


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Az - I have to tell you, it makes me chuckle when you talk about your MIL and mom wanting to come. The reason is that it is so completely different from my mom and MIL's reaction to my labor. I think that if my mom could have been in a different room from herself when she was in labor with my brother and I she would have. My MIL would rather have had a tooth pulled then be there. I felt like you do though. I wanted to have Will to myself for a while.

I called the insurance today and spoke to them directly. We should be okay as long as they don't do any fancy new procedures that aren't approved by the insurance. I can't even imagine what people without insurance and can't qualify for Medicaid manage when their kids have to have something done. Even with insurance it could cause financial distress.

We had a rough night last night. Will decided that 3am was the perfect time to voice his displeasure about something. I finally buckled him into the car and drove around for 20 minutes. DH and DD were sleeping and I didn't want to wake them up. All it did was calm him down. He didn't even fall asleep. Hopefully he will sleep better tonight. We are pretty exhausted today.

Well, gotta go clean the house. We are getting Will's 1 month pics done tomorrow as well as the new family portrait. And we are finally getting our Christmas presents from DD done too. She is painting coffee cups for each of us, but we ran out of time at Christmas and then things kinda got much crazier. At least we are getting it done.

Happy Birthing Vibes to those who need them!

Nicole and Will
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Nicole, oh wow, insurance troubles. I hope the double coverage will fix it all! If not, I know the hospitals frequently are willing to work out things, including taking off a discount and making payment plans - even if you can only pay $10/mo, they are willing to work with you. *hugs*

Az - sounds like you are doing better today, dhs can be such dickheads instead of dear husbands sometimes!

Chiro - do you have any chiro recommendations in the Cleveland area? I think I messed up my tailbone - since we ended up with the epidural I had to push on my back, and oww it squishes around when I walk.

We're hanging out waiting for the visiting nurse to come - it's like the cable guy, "sometime between 11-12" so dh is cleaning up what he can until she comes. We've had a rather pukey day today, the dog decided to color the new carpet a lovely slimy green/yellow color, and we had our very first baby projectile vomit as well. Of course she timed it just right, I had just gotten dressed, gotten her dressed, and settled down on the armchair, and she got me, herself, and both sides of the chair. I'm sure this is just the first of many fun things. Dh couldn't contain himself over that, he laughed and laughed at us both.

But now I've got her sleeping in the kkafp, which is nearly a sweater on me, so I'm warm and cozy, she's snuggled in, and life is good. We're planning our first trip out alone, and sending dh to the bookstore and grocery while we go have fun. Yaay!

And I actually got some sleep last night, not sure how much, but I must have slept a while because I woke up with superboob - kid was close enough to latch back on and I was too tired to notice, so now I'm a lot unbalanced. I'm sure that too will fix itself, but yikes, talk about a scary moment in the mirror this morning!

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Nicole, scary about the insurance. If you do need to pay for some of it, hospitals are usually good about working out a payment plan.
One-month pictures already! Wow. Does he look a lot different?

Happy due date to us, indeed! Mine is today, or tomorrow, or Sunday, depending whom you ask. FertilityFriend's is today, and that's by ovulation.

Az, are you going back to work after the baby comes? Or is the lack of pay just for part of FMLA? Tell DH that being present at his child's birth is worth way more than a few nights' pay at plowing. He'll regret it his whole life if he misses it, and so will you.

Can you make ice cream from goat's milk?

Heidi, I like your blog. Your fridge went out too? Your house is against you going into labor. Maybe all the appliances are jealous of the attention the baby will get.

Andy, that sucks about the wool. How infuriating! I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking, "I forgot to comment about the Andy's wool wash." Last night I finally washed and lanolized all my new baby wool... very carefully.

Heather, let DH blow off a little steam with the video games. It's good for them sometimes. But so is weeding. Weeding, ha! That's a strange chore for January.

Today, not feeling quite as labor-y as yesterday, but still pretty good. It's like a mild buzz that has lasted for days. Coooool. I go to the midwife today, the 40-wk appointment. How many babes will arrive this weekend? Who else is all ready? Heidi wants to wait, and Az sounds like she wants to work some stuff out first. Heather?
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Mamamaya- I hope everyone in your hometown is OK! It really is a stupid war, if 'ole W had to send any of his family members there, I am sure things would be happening differently.... Anyway, that is wonderful sleeping schedule you have worked out with your baby. Ethan is up consistently every 3-3 1/2 hours. It makes it hard to get some good rest!

Nicole - big s to you. It sounds like you have been really strong throughout all of this. I am glad to hear insurance will cover everything, that should take some of the weight off of your shoulders. As for babies sleeping on their stomach, as of right now all they know is that there is proven lower incidence of SIDS when they lay on their backs. Until they the exact reason why, I don't think it is worth the risk. What I did with DS#1 was put him to sleep on his stomach and then after a few minutes turned him over. It seemed to work....

Heidi - thank you for sharing those great belly pics. I also love the painting you have on the opening page. Have you seen Klimpt's mother and baby paintings? I love those too!

Az, I feel your pain about the family IL situation!! There was a huge family reunion planned here in Santa Fe about two weeks after Ethan was born for my husband's parent's 50th anniversary. I made a big point to my husband that I didn't want our son passed around (my cousin was passed around at birth - 3rd child - and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and questions as to whether she would survive) - especially to the children. Anyway, dh told his brother that we didn't want a lot of people in our home all of the time because of the baby (we had ensured everyone booked a suite at a hotel so there were other places to socialize). His brother called his sister who completely blew up and called us selfish and overprotective. It kept escalating until I was called a Jew b*tch. Needless to say, the reuion did not happen and we are no longer speaking with them. It is unfortunate when people don't/can't respect the boundaries you set for your baby. So again, I understand how hard it can be, but if you instinct tells you to protect your baby - do so. Its health is most important.

Things are going well at home. I have started to get into a groove with my family. After feeding Ethan at 6am, I am able to pump, get DS#1 ready for school, make his lunch and clean the kitchen. Around 4PM Ethan takes another long nap and I am able to get dinner ready. When DH comes home, he takes Ethan and I have a few minutes to myself. I actually was able to take a bath two nights ago!

The only thing I haven't figured out is how I am going to start working out again. It is a little cold to go outside with Ethan now and most of the gyms here are small and w/o daycares (although I don't know that I would want to leave him in one).

Anyone I didn't address directly, I hope you are doing well with your new little loves or hanging in there with your beautiful pregnant bellies!
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Az, are you going back to work after the baby comes? Or is the lack of pay just for part of FMLA? Tell DH that being present at his child's birth is worth way more than a few nights' pay at plowing. He'll regret it his whole life if he misses it, and so will you.
I'll be going back to work after the baby is born but I'm hoping on September when ds goes back to school also. I get 6 wks paid maternity. It used to be 3 mths full pay 3 mths 1/2 pay, so finding out I only get 6 wks blows. At least I can have up to 1 year, its just unpaid, unless I get disabled then I would get what little bit disabilty pays for the time that they pay it.

DH plans on being at the birth he and his cousin's husband both have cell phones when they go out plowing. So he keeps saying he be there, however, I think he'll be useless. As was already proved a couple of weeks ago when I thought I was in labor. He kept nodding off at home and I oculd tell he was very tired at the bc which of course pissed me off. I keep trying to explain to him that he needs to be here, physicall, mentally, and emotionally.

I really think with him it is fear of the unknown. He's never really known life with a newborn. All of his younger brothers and sisters were adopted and they didn't come until anywhere from 6 mths to 3 yrs old. The one bio-sister that he can really remember being a baby was a preemie and didn't come home from hospital until she was a few mths old. DH had been really supportive and we were always talking until a couple of weeks ago when we tought it was "the night" So I really think he's overwhelmed.

Az - sounds like you are doing better today, dhs can be such dickheads instead of dear husbands sometimes
Lisa thats so funny becuase when we got the flyier about the ergo there's quotes from people raving about it and one woman talks about her "DH", well when my dh was reading it he asked "whats dh, dickhead?"

Oh Lisa I hope you like the visiting nurse. I had one come a few times after ds was born and I loved her. I think everyone who wants one should get one. I wish she could have come more.

Nicole, my MIL has expressed no interest at being at the birth. Thank goodness. She and I, well its not the best relationship though things are getting better. My mother however was at the birth of ds and nephew #1, she wanted to be at the birth of nephew #2, but never asked and my sister would have said no anyways. She wants to be present for this baby's birth. But she is just so unrelible. DH and I had talked about her being there but desided against asking her becuase of this. Part of me still wants her there but part of me thinks not inviting her was the best choice.

Andy I'm sorry about your wool. Have you tried giving dh laundry lessons? I had to do that, now he has everything sorted out. He's more likely to wash something on gental & lowheat that doesn't need it than put something in for a reg wash that needs gental. Then again dh is way more domestic than I am.

Delfina, I'm sorry to hear things turned out so badly with the il's about the reunion. Its great that dh supported you though. Hopefully things will calm down, and if not they are the ones losing out.
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Andy - you may be able to salvage the wool.. Get it wet, adding a smidge of conditionaer and stretch the heck out of it, then lay it flat to dry. It will never be the sam, but it might at least fit again.

Karen - I just ordered a KKACP the other day too! All this talk about them intrigued me. I wasn't too excited about the color choices. What color did you get, I got honey khacki I think.

Ugghhh, last night sucked. V was up until from 10:00 to 2:30, wide awake. I had a soda in the evening and I think it made her a bit jittery. Finally ended up getting in a warm bath with her and it did the trick. Then, speaking of poophead dh's, he didn't reset the alrm this morning, so I only had ten minutes to wake all three kids up and get them all ready to take ds to school. Luckily V was really tired, so she slept through all of it, and is still sleeping right now.

Oops, just woke up - gotta run
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Originally Posted by mamamaya
Karen - I just ordered a KKACP the other day too! All this talk about them intrigued me. I wasn't too excited about the color choices. What color did you get, I got honey khacki I think.
I am generally a loud person and I ordered the red hawaiian print one, LOL! afterwards I was thinking- geesh, will that match with everything (NOT!), but oh well. My second choice was purple- always for me.....
Between the diaper bag and the sling and my clothes we'll be super tacky!!! sounds fun!

I am in milky hell.... my mom and dh were so "worried" that my milk hadn't come in- kept pushing beer on me and mother's milk tea and NOW, I am rock hard with a sleeping baby. Couldn't sleep on my side last night and have to have a diaper attached to each breast to catch the run-off..... at least I have a content baby though!!!

I'm waiting to hear about more babies-- happy due dates mamas!!!
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Ha ha Karen, that's funny about the milk. Be careful what you ask for. Can you pump off the excess?

Two more hours of work, then midwife visit. Maybe this will be my last two hours of work for a while. It is heartening to think each day as I walk out of here that I might not be back for six weeks.

Ann, wow, the caffeine transfers that quickly? Sad that the diet will be even more restricted than now. I guess now if my baby's awake for five hours, nobody is bothered. But hmmm, maybe the baby is bothered? Makes me think about the ferret who lived at the fraternity house, and one day they gave him minithins (caffeine pill), and the poor thing was going crazy for a day. Maybe I will not drink coffee next opportunity.

Grr, midwife called to reschedule again. There goes my excuse to leave work before 5.
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Heather, let DH blow off a little steam with the video games. It's good for them sometimes. But so is weeding. Weeding, ha! That's a strange chore for January.

Today, not feeling quite as labor-y as yesterday, but still pretty good. It's like a mild buzz that has lasted for days. Coooool. I go to the midwife today, the 40-wk appointment. How many babes will arrive this weekend? Who else is all ready? Heidi wants to wait, and Az sounds like she wants to work some stuff out first. Heather?
Usually the vg don't bother me, but yesterday it put me through the roof. I just kept looking around the house at things that need to be done. It was frusterating to think that he could be so oblivious to them.

I am ready in a good way for the baby to make her arrival. If she takes a few more days that is fine too. DH works some OT tomorrow (6a-6p), so that should be interesting.

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Originally Posted by jessitron
Ha ha Karen, that's funny about the milk. Be careful what you ask for. Can you pump off the excess?
Ha. Don't even own a breastpump... and anyhow I wouldn't cuz more stimulation= more milk.... think I have plenty for now.
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Hi all - thanx for the wool sympathy...here's the next one. Dh is sick. In bed. With a fever and coughing. Poor guy. It's hard to feel sorry for him, but I'd REALLY like some help here...noone has vacuumed in days, the laundry pile up (OTHER than wool!) is pretty big (read: need diapers!) and poor dd is just vegging in front of the tube (zoom). Well, I guess that's just the way it is. Orin is on the same sleep sched. as V. - up from 3 - 5:30, then I finally tossed him to dh and went to sleep in ds's bed (it's a double) and closed the door. He'd fed on both boobs TWICE in that 2 1/2 hrs., I don't think I could have done any more. My poor left nip. is still sore, but a litle better today. VEEEERY careful about the latch now.

All these family probs make me cringe. My own seem somewhat less intimidating, at least. I do feel for the girls handling this stress, so feel the hugs!!! Speaking of families, Karen - is your mom still there? Are any of us using dummies (pacifiers)? I haven't done it yet, but a few times I've been tempted because all this boy wants is BOOB. I do love having him shnuggled up close, I do love feeling the nourishment go into him, but sometimes, just once in a while, a little break would be good...

Just a quick note on poopiehead husbands. They are confused, disoriented, and possibly scared witless. Have pity. In a moment of supreme adulthood, I gave dh a big hug and smooch when he'd screwed up the wool laundry. I was SO mad, but I knew he was trying, and even when he made excuses (oh, yeah, he made them alright!) I just laughed and told him to suck it up and apologise). He actually felt a lot worse for my good attitude, I'll tell you that!

Ok, I've got about 10 min. here, and I think I'll go move the laundry along.
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Mamabeca, we use a pacifier. I use the Mam ones. So far, no nipple confusion at all. We have even done a bottle with him and he latched on afterwards just fine. I think Will is going to be a boob man like his daddy because when I am holding him he really gravitates towards them, even if he has already eaten.

Today has gone pretty smoothly. I started my painting project, and while I want it done, I don't want to be the one who does it. BUT if DH does it, there will be paint all over the place. He means well, he just paints very messily.

Gotta get back to cleaning the house. Will is asleep and DD will be home in a half and hour and making a mess again.

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Hi all,

Well, just got back from the playgroup at the park. It was great! Most of the moms there have kids Makai's age, and also had babies in Dec., so we had lots of fun chattering and commiserating about life with two year olds and newborns. Now, both are napping (gasp) ds is at school, and I'm eating lunch alone!

Jess - I wouldn't worry about the caffeine too much. I think it just affected Violet so much because I had already had 2 cups of coffee that morning, and half a soda at lunch : Really, with my two boys it never bothered them at all. All babies are different I suppose.

I'm feeling bad for everyone who is engorged. All I could do those first days was sit in the hot bath, milk leaking out and cry. Nursing, Kai and violet at the same time has given me a terrible oversupply. The front of my shirt is pretty much soaked all the time. Little Violet is already almost 10 pounds! I think this week is the worst with all the sick kids nursing for comfort, plus her three week growth spurt.

On dh's...I'm allowing him to be a poophead as much as he wants right now. I was pretty poopy all through my pregnancy, and I figure he is pretty good for working sixty plus hours a week, taking care of the kids and housework, grocery shopping - and me! He's a good guy. Much nicer than I would be if I was in his position, lol.

Oh, Karen I love the red one. I was eyeing the purpley swirly flower print, but since I already have a pink paisley sling, and a very loud purple and sea green sea fern hawaiian print sling - I *might* need to tone it down, lol.

Happy "due" dates to all the end of the month mamas! Heidi, you've got a great blog!
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I've never been able to get any of my kids to take a pacifier. I kind of wish they would, because part of the problem at night is that she nurses and nurses and nurses and then spends half the night grunting and burping and farting and generally being uncomfortable and overly stuffed.

(sorry about the run on sentence)
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Hi all!!
I did not read all 6 pages...I must do that in the wee morning hours when all is QUIET!
I took Grace for a check up today...3 weeks old on Sunday~~she gained a pound since birth & grew 2 inches!! :LOL You go Gracie!! Drink that buttermilk!!
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Ahhh, this thread is a little haven while Luka sleeps on me in between nursing, diapers and my sore butt.
I like hearing about other people's problems (sorry!). For some reason, reading this is making me laugh tons.... need that!

Andy- yes, my mom is still here til tomorrow morning. She's been a great help, but of course I'm annoyed with her a lot. I just don't like NOT being in control. She just now is starting to do things the "right" way in my kitchen. She's just so different.... brought napkins from home cuz she can't stand my cloth ones- and then she keeps emptying the dishrack when the wooden plates are still wet (i.e. shouldn't be stacked).... but she's being great. She took the boys to town today- I want her to spoil them up and show them a good time and it's NICE to have them all out of the house.

I haven't used a pacifier and likely won't. I did use one with ds2 for a short time so we could drive all the way to town... they're just generally not my thing.... but I'd use one if I was having a super sucky baby (after bf was established, of course). MW told me about another mama who has a severe case of mastitis (104 deg fever). Apparently her mom (other mw) has been taking the baby at night for a long time so she can sleep.... meanwhile she's sleeping on those not-draining new bf boobs and having probs. ick.

Ann- I was also eyeing that purply swirly print but thought the 2 color theme was a little more toned down! glad to hear you're just as outlandish as me! lol! I was thinking- wow, and island girl and she got the mellowest fabric- wow. Mine shipped today, so i'll let you know how I like it.

I'm lying in bed with Luka on my chest, while wearing a soft bra with a diaper underneath it. Of course he's SLEEPING instead of nursing.... and when he fell asleepp this time it was 2 sucks- enough to get a let down going and then snoozing.... ugh. but he's so cute... I forgive him
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Hi guys!

I was SUPER engorged on Tuesday and Wednesday...but doing better now. Tender but touchable. I got adjusted on Wednesday night and I couldn't lie down for the two minutes to get checked...boy did that adjustment hurt! Now I still have some nipple pain and overly "enlarged" breasts that can be hard to latch on to, but it will be better soon I know.

Ribh is sleeping more at night but in shorter shifts (2 hours about)...so overall I am getting more sleep, but not more REM. Gah! I kinda flipped out on the big kids the other night when they were all freaking out at once. My tears seemed to motivate poor DS to "help mama" rather than fight with me on every little thing. But I am definitely hormonal as hell. Plus feeling sooo fat in the thighs...no pants fit me at all. I am so tired of maternity clothes. Arggh.

DH is a poopie head too...but its not really his fault. He took Mon and Tues off work, but has been putting in tons of personal hours finishing a big project he must present for his diplomate degree he has been working on for a few years now. It has just fallen on the worst possible weekend that he MUST finish and present this project (which he has been putting off to make more time for my pre-birth projects) and then attend class ALL weekend. Of course his parents are coming this weekend to meet Ribh and I will be stuck entertaining them and juggling everything. I'm not upset with him but GOSH I am wishing he was around this week and this weekend. Maybe next week will get better.

Lisa...I will have to check to find you a reference in Cleveland. I know I have one, but I have to look it up later. I'll PM you. Ann....did you still want one too?

OH, and lastly, on SIDS, there are some amazing studies showing babies autopsied after SIDS who all had severe subluxations (misplaced vertebra) in their upper neck, which were irritating and affecting the brain stem/nervous system balance in that area (the area responsible for respiratory and cardiac function) and that malposition/subluxation is actually exacerbated by a tummy lying posture because it puts that part of the spine into further extension and adds to the pressure. The goods news is....an adjustment can fix that problem. So, FWIW, one more SIDS theory. It makes a ton of sense to me (go figure). So, it has always been my policy to give a newborn child of an existing patient it's first chiro check for free.

Hang in there Mamas!


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Met with my mw today. The baby has gone back posterior. Last week she was LOA...Apparently she didn't like it much. Now I am doing EVERYTHING I can to get her to rotate. I just don't want to have a posterior baby after reading Karen's birth story and hearing everyone else. I know she will still come out, but geesh, I would rather she came out smoothly.

Filled the birth tub today. My mw just got one for her practice, so we are the guinea pigs. DS thought it looked like loads of fun

Off for more sewing...


BTW - HUGS and smiles to those who need them.
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Hi everyone! We're doing great here with Brynn Big sister is still adjusting amazingly well, although I have to say her, um, "enthusiasm" for hugging (read: smothering!) her baby sister is a bit overwhelming to me at times... :LOL

Nursing is still going awesome. I'm still dumbfounded that somehow this little chickadee of ours is able to keep me engorgement-free, so no cabbage leaves for me this time! She gets down to business, that's for sure!

I don't think I posted a link to our photo page yet, so here it is. http://community.webshots.com/album/255602512JJQjmp

DH is back from England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : : I tell you, it was a LOOOOOOOONG 5 days, and boy am I happy to have him home again. The interview went excellent, and he got an offer for a 1 yr position (to be extended, if they secure funding) We're thinking that we'll pass on it, as it's a huge move to make for relatively little security, and we're waiting to hear from a couple more places in the next couple of weeks. Exciting times, but sometimes a little TOO exciting if you know what I mean.

My parents are taking off for a few days to the Gulf Coast this morning, and while I'll miss the help I have to admit it will be nice to have a few days just to ourselves. Of course, the freezing rain coming down right now may put a crick in their plans. It's c-c-c-c-old in the South this morning, folks!!

I'm so thrilled to be reading about all the new babies, and I am so very excited for those of you who are awaiting your little ones. Is it possible for a Mama of a mere 11 day old to feel so much nostalgia for those first moments? I'm an emotional sap, I admit it!

Oh Karen, I have to tell you how much I *love* the name Luka! It's probably my favorite boy's name
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