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Karen, I feel your boob pain! While I didn't have beer and tea shoved at me, I somehow managed to create a super monster boob on the right side. I've been diligent about changing sides every time, but I think 2 nights ago I fell asleep w/Lauren too close and she must have snuck in some extra midnight and 1am and 2 am snacks that I slept through. Watching her little head bobbong routine when we're in bed has demonstrated a high accuracy for the target and some pretty good head control on her side.

Help! How are you guys getting the babies to sleep w/o you? I can *maybe* get 15-20 min of quiet after a feed if I put her down, but she will sleep mpre like an hour if I hold her. Dh goes back to work on Monday so we'll have to figure something out as I'll need to shower at some point

Chiro, thanks, I'll watch for the pm.

Visiting nurse was great. It's a program sponsored by the county and childrens services, aimed at educating people with needs - lots of teen parents, clueless people, etc. so they had to give me the SIDS and fire alarm and other "standard" rules, but our nurse ended up being really crunchy and we chatted about cosleeping, slings and dipes too. Babe is up nearly a pound since we left hospital.

I hadn't considered pacis until now - they did send us home with one. Maybe next week. Andy, how do you manage to walk the dog?!? Thanks for the bum tips, I found a Calif. babies cream that seems to work.

Ohh mailman just came with frilly pink things, and we have no food. Must get a list going so dh can go to the store.

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Lisa, Brynn doesn't sleep soundly if I lay her down either. Maybe 15 minutes or so, at most? I haven't tried it much though, to be honest. For us, this is another example of how the Pouch has been an absolute lifesaver! Honestly, she will sleep the ENTIRE afternoon (with little snack breaks ) in it and I can keep a relativley normal existence. Showers, I haven't attempted yet ... wait, let me rephrase that... I *have* showered (thank goodness!!), but always someone has held her. I have two ideas for this though that I will be trying out in this next week ~ 1. the solarveil as a shower sling (assuming I'm not doing a major shampoo, just a rinse) or 2. haul out the bouncy chair (I hate to do this already, but I remember using it when DD #1 was small & I wanted to shower).

Has anyone yet showered with their new Baby? Any tips or feedback on how it's gone? I never showered with DD #1 when she was small, and it's something I've really been looking forward to. I figure the solarveil should be great for this.
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I am so tired today. I had terrible cramping and stomach muscle pain. I kept waking up either feeling like diarrhea was coming on or the my stomache was just going to rip open and drop off. DH just left for a couple of hours of work so I might try to get a nap in, even though I just woke up 2 hrs ago.

Andy sorry to hear dh is sick but good for you for not losing it on him about the wool. Did you know that they are not renewing Zoom? The PBS station out here makes it and it was in the papers a few months back. Too bad because thats a nice show

Mar, sounds like you've been a busy lady. It must be hard having dh so busy. Is he going to have some free time soon? I feel like such a jerk, but I was going to ask if you had any chiro recs out my way too? If its not too much trouble. I've been saying I was going to go to one since I was like 5 mths along, but I just don't want to blindly pick one and the chiro I went to after ds was born is just way too far away

I didn't use a pacifer with ds. We did give it a half-hearted attempt at one point but he didn't liek it. However after his cousin was born (my sister and I lived together) I'd have to say my nephew was about 4 months old and he used his lots ds (14 mths) decided he wanted one. He found the one we got for him when was was a baby baby and he would use it all the time. We have one this time but that's only becuase it came with the bottle set. I really don't think we'll use it, though.

My mum just called and I talked to her for 1/2 hour so I forgot what else I had to say. Hope everyone and all the little babies too are doing well
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Originally Posted by slygrrl
Has anyone yet showered with their new Baby? Any tips or feedback on how it's gone? I never showered with DD #1 when she was small, and it's something I've really been looking forward to. I figure the solarveil should be great for this.
I never showered with ds, but we would take baths together. I'm terrified of falling in the shower. I make dh sit in the bathroom with me if I do take a shower, unless I'm doing a super quick rinse off, with no soap. I have fallen in the shower, more than once and I wasn't even pregnant : So I'm reccomending the bath but take it from where it comes. Plus the bath felt really good on my sore bottom
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Kathy, I've heatd lots of good things about using the solarveil sling in the shower/pool, we don't have one (yet! I think dh will get one as a bday gift from baby) and I agree, when I pop her in the pouch I can get things done, at least some basic laundry and a snack.

We have all the "baby plastic" - swing (hates it), bouncy seat (almost tolerates it), etc. so something will have to work next week or we'll be eating cold food from cans!
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I use the sling to make food and cook and stuff. The only part that gets me a little nervous is putting things in the oven, but no big deal since during the day I only use the microwave or the stove. I can't imagine that the pouch would be much more difficult to cook it, FWIW. We lucked out and Will likes the bouncy chair, which helps when we have to deal with our daughter.

Speaking of which, we are in the middle of a tantrum about underwear, so I need to go.

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Originally Posted by malama
ugh. but he's so cute... I forgive him
My husband says this is a survival characteristic of babies.

Mar, that's fascinating about the chiropractic problem that may cause some SIDS deaths. My chiropractor does the first 3 months free on newborns. We'll take our baby in when he or she is a few days old. I'll feel better about SIDS after what you said, and after the adjustment.

Kathy, thanks for posting the pictures. You can be nostalgic if we still-pregnant ones can be excited about those first few hours and days. Weeks 2-5 I'm not so excited about. Those sound hard.

Lisa, that's hilarious about the right boob.

Az, how do you pronounce Gloucester? Sorry you are tired. Have a sleepy day.

Oh hey, it's snowing again here. It must be right around freezing, because I was just watching the ice melt off the holly bush outside the window. Or is that much heat leaking from our house? We have maybe an inch on the ground from last night. Midwife is coming to us today, which is great, because her area (much more rural) got three inches on top of ice. Ew.

Energy vibes to all the moms of newborns and toddlers. Wow, that sounds exhausting. I'm a little bored here, with no baby and no plans for the weekend, but y'all make me appreciate it more.
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Az, how do you pronounce Gloucester? Sorry you are tired. Have a sleepy day..
Gloucester, would be gloss-ter. Its one of those english, new england names that people from other parts of the country can't pronounce just like we new engladers can't pronounce any of the native american or mexican names in other parts of the country. I'm actually less tired now, but thanks

Oh and all the weeks, imo, are hard but at the same time the best weeks of your life
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Lisa- here's my tip for "trying" to get baby to sleep alone.... though no guarantees. Nurse her lying down, but not with her head on your arm.... after she's done, ever so slowly inch your way away from her- and it has to be slow. If you can, replace yourself with a pillow or something- sometimes a hot water bottle can help. I've had some luck in the past with this- but mostly they sleep 10x better with/ on me. Those babies are on to something!

Az- you sure sound like you're getting close! Are you feeling better about dh? Maybe you should give yourself some tlc today- special food? a nice long bath? something else- like chocolate?

Jessica- I'm positive your boredom will end soon. No time to be bored with a nb- it's ON all the time!

I've discovered that Luka's pattern is to nurse well only every 3 hours. In between he might sip (just enough for a let down) and then stop- mostly if he's tired or something. My other kids weren't like this at all. It would be perfectly fine with me if I wasn't so engorged.... I soaked through several diapers last night in bed, waiting for him to wake up.... I know in a short time all will be good, but the meanwhile isn't all that comfy. And this am, after all that fuillness, he woke up super early and then pooped several times (each time in a clean diaper, of course)while I tried to get back to sleep.... Now he's asleep on me and I'm wondering what the heck I'm doing up!!! hm..... the bed calls.
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I am blessed in the sleepy baby department. I generally held or slung my other two a lot, but Ribh just crashes right out. One thing i've been doing differently is swaddling her really well (arms down) in this really snuggly blanket I splurged on....she just sleeps thru all the hub-bub without a peep. Maybe she's just used to all the noise? But I would suggest swaddling for the last feeding before baby dozes off...and then its like Rip Van Winkle time! Seriously, she slept almost three hours this morning while I vacuumed and cleaned (in laws expected anytime now) and dealt with the big kids.

I will look for everyone's Chiro references tomorrow when dh can help or else Monday at the office. It's no problem...I'd rather you go to someone *good* TOO!

I'm off to in-law land. They are very nice and we get along fine...just don't really have a lot in common...except they really love my kids! Can't complain too much.

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I can't really put Violet down either. Sometimes it works if I try it like Malama says, and slowly inch away from her. Then I put a milky old t shirt next to her so my smell is still there. It works ok, but she won't sleep very long without me (maybe 20 mins).

Kathy what great pictures!

I don't really have much to say this morning. Violet has been really grouchy the past two days..She nurses, pulls off, then clenches down like she has to pass wind. I finally put her down, took off the diaper, and um...stimulated her bum with a q-tip and some salve, and she had a HUGE bm explosion. She's still a bit grumpy today, so maybe there's some left. I dunno, I'm going to let it work itself out on its own. I just hate to see her uncomfortable and grouchy. She's usually such a calm baby.

Mar- I'll be waiting for your PM. I can feel all this pressure between my thorasic vertebrae. Last night I was thinking -oh man, do I need an adjustment! Hip has been feeling ok, but my back has been messed up, so I think it must be compensating. Add to that, my ab muscles have become almost non existant Gotta work on that. We're actually going to get a real couch or loveseat or something today because I need something better than futons, floor and wooden chairs to support my achin back. I feel so old !

Dh turns 31 today! I keep teasing him that he's old. Not really, I just like to tease him any chance I get

Take care all! Have a great weekend!
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Originally Posted by Malama
Az- you sure sound like you're getting close! Are you feeling better about dh? Maybe you should give yourself some tlc today- special food? a nice long bath? something else- like chocolate?
I'm feeling lots better about dh, thanks for asking. TLC sounds good and chocolate mmmmm we have a box of truffles that I think I may just have to sample........

I have a question for those who have already delivered, how long before the swelling in your feet and hands goes down? I can't remember for the life of me and dh asked last night when I was complaining about my feet (they are so swollen parts have changed color). I knew it was sometime after the baby was born, but not right away. Is it a couple of days? a week?
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I think I'm blessed with a sleepy baby. Let me knock on some wood for writing that! Yesterday and today he slept all morning in the bed. It's nice to have a little time to get myself situated- at least to brush my teeth!!! woo hoo.

I'm also dreaming of going to the chiro.... Right now the boobs are too big, but maybe when I'm feeling up to venturing out next week I can go. My pelvis needs a big adjustment for sure, and i'm sure elsewhere needs some help too. Sounds heavenly.

Dh is off taking my mom to the airport. It's always a mixed bag to have my mom around- on one hand she was helpful- made lots of meals, and all sorts of stuff, but on the other, she was bugging me too.... can't get past that kind of stuff I guess. She started in with the pacifier or other bf "advice" last night (she barely bf me 6 mos). Dh just went off.... I've been a LLL Leader for 5 years now and have 6+ years of personal experience and he was all mad that she dared try and tell me what to do.... an uncomfortable moment for sure. He was like "How can you tell and expert in their field what to do???"
Well it's all ok now.

I had my first little weepy episode last night but it wasn't bad. I know i was overtired and well, baby wasn't going to sleep and there was dh playing that darn computer game online again. He ended up walking Luka down the road while I slept. He's just not on the program yet at all.... he'll get there eventually. Like Mar's dh, he's super busy doing a million things and so he'll help when it's convenient.

anyhow, here I am taking up my free time writing.... that's OK right? lol
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Originally Posted by Azreial

I have a question for those who have already delivered, how long before the swelling in your feet and hands goes down? I can't remember for the life of me and dh asked last night when I was complaining about my feet (they are so swollen parts have changed color). I knew it was sometime after the baby was born, but not right away. Is it a couple of days? a week?
I personally didn't have any swelling, but right after you have the baby your body starts eliminating fluids rapidly- called diuresis (think that's how it's spelled). You pee tons and sweat a lot. For me it lasts a couple of days, so that's my experience.
Giving birth is the catalyst for some rapid and dramatic changes (in hormones, esp).

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!
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I didn't think I had any swelling, but wow are my lower legs skinny now. It took about 3-4 days I think, I remember my knees feeling funny the first day we were home from the swelling.

EDIT: Anyhow, what I meant to say was I didn't think I had any swelling while I was pregnant. I know I had some serious fat sausage legs after she was born, between my body trying to balance itself and all the extra fluids they pumped into me in the hospital. That swelling was gone 4 days after she was born, and I also now realize that I did have some swelling while I was pregnant, I just didn't see it, but my toothpick lower legs and big thighs are back in their correct places now.

My parents came over with the baby's dresser - I didn't realize exactly how many clothes we have for her - I could barely fit them all in the drawers. I'm thinking that the few 6-9 month things will have to go into a box as well as a few newborn things that just never fit, and a few newborn diaper covers that never fit either. 5 little drawers in the little tiny dresser, and I can't fit the 0-3 and 3-6 stuff in there.

I think we've got a milk imbalance going on too, as her poops are now green and she's really really gassy. She's always only been a one side gal, so I don't know what's up, as she's not topping off on the other side. Could it be an allergy instead? Any ideas?

Ugh, dh was just very "helpful" and microwaved some leftovers for me to eat - except he put them in for 2 min, and the fresh greenbeans are soggy and the meat is so hot and dry I can't hardly touch it. At least I know that any bacteria that might have possibly lived on it is now fried beyond belief. Except it's just leftovers from yesterday, so I'm sure this wasn't a problem!

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I know that I had swelling, but it was mostly in my face. It was gone within a week after Will was born. I have to pee about every 20 minutes for the first couple of days, and I know that I wasn't drinking that much water.

It has been a rough night here. It started out so good too. We went to a place called "As You Wish", which is a pottery painting place. DD was giving DH and I a personally painted coffee mug for Christmas and this is the first chance that we have had to get it done. When we came home, we noticed that our very best friends car was parked outside of another house in the subdivision, who are also good friends of ours. This is not the first time it has happened, but it is getting more frequent and we are never invited. Especially since we had Will, we have been getting the vibe that these people are more and more uncomfortable around us. It wouldn't be so bad, both all three of these people are godparents to our children and DD is really attached to them and asks about them all the time. It is so frustrating, but it really feels like that because we chose to have children, we also caused them to not want to be friends with us anymore. It also makes me sad and mad, because we need them more then ever, with the medical issues that Will is having. We were counting on their support and they have disappered. Did any of you experience this? Did any of your childless friends just up and disappear after your kids were born?

To top it off, Will is having a fit and can not be calmed down. Not sure what the problem is. God I hope it is not colic. We did that with DD and I have decided that fate would not be that cruel. We already have to deal with heart problems, but it would be unfair to have to deal with colic again too.

I better go. DH is having no luck in calming him, so I better try.

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Hi all - I know I'm in for trouble because Ori fell asleep w/me on the couch, boob in mouth (usual position) at like 8:30...I need to get him up or he won't give me enough sleep tonight, but I just HATE waking babies. KWIM??? Well, my swelling was gone gone by day 4 or so - initially (day 1) it is way less, and less and less until I'm back to normal. I can wear prepregnancy clothes again!!! My boobs never leak, but then I can't pump either. And I REALLY tried with dd; I'm not even going there this time. This kid will just live off my tits for the first 6 mos., and then we'll work in some solids and it'll be a bit easier and hopefully by 1 yr., I'll have a tiny bit of freedom. I think knowing he's the last makes this adjustment easier.

To get ds to sleep w/o me is tough. The inching thing helps, and once he's REALLY alseep he's good to go on his own, but there's a good 20 min., that I have to be RIGHT there - like boob w/in inches of face - or he's up like a shot. Once he's really snoozy he's easy enough to roll gently onto his side and he'll sleep anywhere. Not for too long, but for 20 - 30 min. no prob.

Thanx on the suckers info. I don't know- dd hated them, my parents bought them for us as 'gifts'...what craziness is this??? They didn't bother this time, since last time they only lasted a few hrs. before I was ranting about them and chucking them into the drawer. I keep thinking that the babies know what they're doing, and they want to suck this much because they want more milk...and for me who doesn't really leak or anything, I guess I keep thinking that it's ok to want more than I have... but this baby is growing and wetting etc., so I don't see any growth probs. Hmmm...am I making ANY sense. I think I should go to bed. Really.

Sly - do your girls have dark eyes? The slideshow is GREAT! Thanks for letting us see you all having such fun together. Chiro - I hope you got a nice afternoon out of the in-laws! And maybe dinner, too?! Karen - sounds like you and Luka are bonding really well. He sounds quite different from his big brothers! I'm sorry for your boob pain. I'm sure you know all the little tricks that could help, so I'm not much use there, but you have my empathy! Although I don't leak much, my boobs do fill up well and I feel the pressure. It feels SOOOO nice when Ori latches on and gets the front milk out. Ahhhhh. The only prob. is that sometimes he falls back asleep before emptying the other side! Then I have to change him or something just to get the other side to empty...I can't stand! that lopsided feel, and then it does start to get really uncomfortable. kwim???

What is the diff. between a sling and a pouch and a front carrier? I have a front carrier and a sling (so I know what those are like), but I haver never seen or tried a pouch. I'm wondering whether he'd like the pouch better than the sling because he doesn't love the sling at ALL. He'll be ok there for short periods, but not long enough to do laundry; I havd to use the bouncy seat for that. Ugh. The front carrier is ok, works great for walks etc., but it's kind of cumbersome and I don't love the limbs akimbo, which works way better for a bigger kid (3 mos+). Any advice from those who have multiple types going?

Ok, lol to the preggo mamas! I hope that you have easy nights and enjoy the kicks! We're loving this babe and I'm so glad he's here among us, but I do miss the kicks...

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Hi, happy due date Az, and you too proudmom since I missed yours!

I am glad to hear about all your life with newborn details...i am excited to meet baby but it's so quiet and good inside! I will miss my sleep. I got to catch up on sleep yesterday by sleeping from 1 am to 12:15 today- I know those days are soon over! Silly me, I should be in bed now, but just realized the wet sheets are still in the wash. Doh! Now have to wait until they are dry. Only have one set I really like - the others are just the birth back up set.

Keep mentioning which baby things and slings you all like, that's good stuff to hear. I got a solarveil, but it has a light pad on the shoulder, hope it's ok for the shower.

Lisa- it's normal for babies to do one side or the other, you don't have a problem if she's not "topping off" from the other side. But if she always prefers one side- like she likes the elft one or whatever- it is often a postion thing, like the way you hold her makes it more comfy to nurse on that side. If that's whats up, experiement with postions and holds....

On engorgement- I have heard to beware of the tea before milk comes in, wowsers, sounds uncomfy. I got this big tank bra from Target, and I got it home it was so huge I was ready to take it back. Maybe I'll hold onto that...

I am also all for chiro for newborns. i know about those SIDS studies you refer to Mar. I have a barter going for Chiro care, and silly me hasn't made it in for two weeks. I know it also helps labor to be well adjusted....

Az, about the posterior- my baby changes postions all the time- i am not sweating posterior ahead of times, as it goes in million postions everyday....it's often posterior then not.

Take care all, enjoy the babies inside and out-Heidi
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Hello everybody. Time to start a new thread. I only have a few minutes before yoga, so won't try.

Andy, you can't pump? Really? Not leaking is good; that must be handy, but not being able to pump would be dreadful. (I'm going back to work at 6 weeks.)

Yesterday using the hand pump to toughen up my nipples, I did get a drop of colostrum from each one. They work! DH came over and watched the second one. Cute. Dunno how much toughening the little pump is doing. Mostly it just gets me horny; nipples are still sexual organs for a few more days or weeks.

I finished the baby afghan! http://www.cirerrek.addr.com/girl/afghan.jpg

My baby is posterior too. The midwife says no more reclining and lots of pelvic rocks. Baby seems pretty settled there, so we'll try to convince him to spin and stay anterior before labor starts. That would probably help with this backache.

The phone calls have finally begun, but not enough to be annoying yet. Not like we can make any plans, so they help break up the waiting time. Everyone I call says, "Is there a baby?" as soon as I say hello. No, nothing that exciting, sorry.

Heidi, everybody needs two good sets of sheets.

Lisa, what exactly is a "milk imbalance?"

Ann, happy b-day to your DH. Mine will be 30 in March. Good thing he'll have a baby by then, or else he'd be getting old too quickly.

Az, how are things going for you in Gloss-ter? (I knew it couldn't be pronounced as it sounds. It is kinda like "Wuss-ta-sure"/Worcestershire, only not quite as bad.)

Off to yoga! People will be a little surprised to see me today.
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