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MIA - update (long)

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Hello ladies, remember me?

I have been so busy with my two new businesses (ask me about them!) - that I haven't had time to do anything!

We've hit some bumps in the road, but we're doing okay. Well, if you remember I had finally got my Medicaid in order and got my appointment made. I went to the first one, and all was well, but the second apt. was missed due to an ice storm. So when I called they told me they didn't accept my medicaid, cause its out of state. So, back to square one, plus a $280 bill! Might have to appeal that one when I get some time, cause I asked and showed them the letter that was what i had before I had the card. Anyway...

We were kindof scrambling because we were already so far along, and now without a midwife, but I have an appoitnment with one that does home births. I have no idea where we're going to birth this baby. I hope I like the midwife. We are just so busy I don't have time to go meet with all the different ones in the area. I figure, it I don't like this ones' stats or personality, I'll go somewhere else. IS that REALLY slackerish of me???

Anyway, I'll let you know how that goes, our Apt is this week (wed or thurs - i forget off the top of my head)!

Baby is kicking and getting big. starting to feel it in my ribs today, which of course is GREAT! LOL!

I really hope all you ladies are doing well. How are you all feeling? let's turn this into an update on everyone, shall we? Since I've been MIA I don't know how everyone else is doing...
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I don't think it's slacker-ish of you. I'd trust my gut about someone. It works for me.

My update...
I'm feeling great, getting involved in life again. Having periodic paranoia about having two kids... Growing (see my new avatar). Babe is kicking lots... Feeling better about my birth plans (was considering UC for a while, but have backed down to a planned, but not planned UC). Totally broke after buying baby stuff (dipes, a couple of clothes)... My ultrasound went well and babe is perfect! My sister emailed me today to tell me that she saw the pic of the face and thinks that it looks like me and will be a girl. : Don't quite understand that. It was, after all, a typical fuzzy alien ultrasound pic, not some 4D doohicky.

So there you have it.
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I love your avatar baby belly pic. Glad everything's good for ya! And I know what you mean about that periodic paranoia about having two kids! Right there with ya!
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