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? about asthma

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My two year old has been diagnosed with asthma. A friend told me to cut out all dairy products. Is their any connection with dairy and asthma?. Also I would like to know what the name of the chewable pill is for asthma.
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It's important to understand that asthma is an immune disease. Allergies to foods and molds, etc, can cause the reaction so looking into allergies would definately be a good place to start. The chewable pill is called Singulaire, my 3 year old dtakes it with no problems.
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When I was diagnosed w/asthma at age 10, we did the food elimination and it made no difference for me. I've heard of it working for others. Give it a try and see what happens. It can take a few weeks for all dairy to get out of your system.
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I believe it takes at least 4 weeks to clear your system of dairy.
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I will try eliminating dairy and see what happens. Although my pediatrician told me I had to give him nothing but milk for a few days. This is suppose to get him interested in milk: I would appreiciate any suggestions. My ds is to do the nebulizer every night with pulmocort, as a prevenative med. I am hesitant to give him this on top of the Albuterol he gets when he does gets sick.
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Dairy increases your mucous production even if you're not allergic, so If you have asthma it could make your sysmptoms worse (it does for me) even if you don't test "allergic"

Taking the preventive befpore the attack is very important. Every time you have an asthma attack there is a risk of permantly scarring your lungs. Over a lifetime this can lead to emphasyma of COPD. So the daily med is important is he is having attacks at all regularly.

Hopefully he will only have season problems and you'll be able to drop the daily meds. at least for part of the year.

I'm reading a good book now called "The Whole Family Guide to Natural Asthma RElief" by Leigh Broadhurst. It's kind of technical in places. But lays out lots of scientifically based natural things to try.
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At 2 he could take Singulaire as a daily preventative rather than the pulmocort- ask yoiur doctor about it.
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Going by the name, PulmaCort would be a cortico-steroid type med(NOT what some weightlifters abuse--whole different type of med). These help to reduce the mucous production in the bronchial tubes and operate by a different mechanism than the Albuterol for emergencies.

Albuterol and relatives work on relaxing the muscle spasm in the bronchial tubes, thus widening them, and having no effect on mucous at all. Well except that it can be coughed out more easily if the tubes aren't consticting.

The PulmoCort won't have the heartrate increasing side effects that Albuteral and such can sometimes have, so don't worry about one on top of the other.

I take both Types of meds and they work well together.

Also keep in mind that inhaled meds go right into the lungs, thus the doses can be lower than what would be needed with an oral med that goes everywhere in the circulation.

Of course the chewable may be easier to deal with. I have no experience with that since I'm the asthmatic, not the children.
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