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Lay midwives in NY

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Does anybody know of a lay midwife in the WNY area? I know that NY will not license them, but I would much rather have a lay midwife than a nurse midwife. Thanks for any info you may have.
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I would also prefer a direct entry midwife, but you should know that practicing midwifery without a license in New York State is a felony offense. There are CNMs in New York who attend homebirths; check the ACNM site's directory. Rather than expose yourself to the risks of using an unlicensed (and therefore unaccountable) practitioner, and that practitioner to prosecution, consider a CNM or unattended homebirth. There are a few books out there on the latter subject - a search on Amazon.com should bring them up for you. There are also a few sites on the legal situation and citizens' action for homebirth in NY. Good luck!
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Are you in the Buffalo area? I know there was a midwife who would attend homebirths within a two hour radius of Buffalo(I think that was the radius) She worked with the Amish in the area ALOT. If you are in the Buffalo area, I would suggest calling the Waldorf school in East Aurora and ask if they can recommend one. They are a wonderful community and I am sure that someone there would know who does homebirths
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