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Anyone have a Pfaff Hobbylock or White ATS2000 serger?

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I found a 9 year old Pfaff Hobbylock 776 in the classifieds today for $200... but I can't find any reviews or anything on line.

I had been considering a White 2000ATS except while all the reviews are good, people complain it doesn't handle thick layers and since I wanted to make diapers... hmmmmm. May not be good for me.

Any opinions on Pfaff? I'm a little hesitant to buy used and not from a dealer because if it doesn't work right I am SOL...
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Hi, I have a Pfaff Hobbylock that I just bought about 3 months ago brand new from a dealer. It is model #4842. I really like it. I would recommend buying from a dealer because they also come with much needed lessons. I also have a Husqvarna 936 that I am still taking lessons (very complicated machine) on but the Hobbylock was super easy to use and I really like the manual.

I do not know how many layers you would like to serge but the Husqvarna handles more layers better than the Pfaff in my experimentations.

I am sorry but I do not have any opinions on the White.

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Where in CA are you? Just wondering if your dealer might be near me. (Wow, that sounds really shady...)

I am just outside San Jose. I am going to head today to a shop in walking distance but this place is uber pricey so I am sure it will be JUST to look.

I just hope that don't laugh too hard at my goofy looking diaper that I'll be taking to show my needs. I did the best I could with a conventional machine but it's pretty ugly looking around the edges...
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I have a White 2000 ATS! It's the only serger I have ever had so I don't have a basis for comparison but I can tell you about my experience with it so far. First of all its very easy to thread...you won't cry or have to stand on your head just to thread it. It's very easy to play with even for a beginner like me and so far I have loved the results with my garment. I bought mine online for about $360 (that's including shipping) so I think I did ok for a brand new machine. Now for a couple of things that I don't like. I have had a hard time with very thick layers of fabric (6 or more) and wooly nylon is kind of tricky too. I figure some of this is lack of experience but maybe some other people have had these same problems too. I haven't had any lessons so most of my experience has been through trial and error. There is a workbook that you can get from a White dealer, so that might be helpful to iron out any kinks. HTH
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Ugh! No! It does help at all! It's another GOOD reivew making me wonder if the bad reviews I have read are wrong.

Seriously I can't imagine needing to sew more than 6 layers of material at once. I'm just going to make diapers... I will have to see if anywhere near me sells the White machine so I can try it out. There are SO many reviews saying it is wonderful and only a handful saying it is junk... I don't know what to think.

My local store only has Pfaff and one model of Brother, so tomorrow I will try the Pfaffs... I hope the salespeople are honest enough that if I tell them what I need a machine for, they won'y try to push a high end model on me if the used Pfaff I am considering will fit my needs. I just want to make some diapers for home use...

See... this is why I am 100% happy with my 2 conventional machines, a 1945 Kenmore and a 1972 Kenmore. Looking at new machines and trying to figure out what I need and what I will never use is just too much headache.
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I just bought the White 2000 ATS serger. It's my first serger and I was as conflicted as you.....didn't want to spend a ton, read lots of good reviews of the 2000 ATS but also read some bad ones. I also had owned a White sewing machine that was AWFUL so I was kind of brand shy. I was tempted to buy the babylock 450 (costs around $350 on sale) but I went to a dealer to see it & threading it made me want to scream!!! You need tweezers and a ton of patience!!! Threading the White is pretty easy --- harder than a sewing machine (well....duh...there are 4 spools to thread!) but no tweazers needed and it's pretty easy. Also I liked that you could quickly switch to doing a rolled hem (which I plan to use since I sew lots of houseware/decorative stuff) -- with some of the other sergers you actually need to change a plate (with a screwdriver). I also looked at the Simplicity serger but, again, you need to change the footplate for a rolled hem. Oh...another reason I bought the white was because it came with some extra presser feet which I haven't had a chance to try out. While I've only had this machine for a week, I've cranked out about 8 dipes, some bum sweaters, some PJs for my lil' guy, a bunch of soaker pads, and some cloth table napkins (w/rolled hem). While I can't say how this will hold up over time and use, it was easy peasy to start using and I had NEVER used a serger before. I basically pulled it out of the box, plugged it in and serged my first dipe (it came pre-threaded....). Since then I've rethreaded it a few times and changed the needles, and tested out some other stitches. I view this as my "starter" serger and if I find I use the heck out of it and it doesn't hold up, then I can save up and buy a higher end model -- I just didn't want to put a lot of cash in up front since I had no idea if I would really use it much --- I can tell already that I'll use it a lot! Oh....I paid $300 for it from allbrands.com --- no tax or shipping.
GL with your decision. I know how hard it is to decide. Let us know what you get.
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I have heard good things about the White 2000ATS, too. I have a Huskylock 905 that ROCKS, but it cost me $600. If money is an issue I would go for the White.

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Well actually right now I am leaning toward a Janome 634D... Hoping to get to TRY one first. If I can get my act together I will go to a store and do so today. Tried the Pfaffs, the bottom model would fit my needs I suppose (and is comparable to the one I would be buying) but had a rickety feel... maybe they are all like that, I don't know. nothing to compare it to. So I want to see what a Janome is like...
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