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Looking for substitute for Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer

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I don't wear makeup anymore, but I do still use this moisturizer. However, I recently learned that Clinique tests on animals, and I want something new and more animal-friendly. What I like about it is that it seems light, non-greasy, good for my sensitive skin, and unscented.

Any suggestions?

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I just took a look at the ingredients for this when I was shopping, and it basically is a blend of mineral oil and petroleum jelly emulsified into a cream. I didn't see any plant oils on the list at all. I was really surprised because that just didn't seem in any way "dramatically different", lol I was expecting something cool and exotic! I also love to hear reviews of things and if I like something I can try to duplicate it in a simpler form. Have you tried a lotion with jojoba? It's a very light moisturizer that is similar to your skin's own oils, soaks in easily so it's not too greasy.

Have you thought about making your own lotion/cream? It's not really that difficult and is a really good way to get exactly the blend you want. If you don't want to get into that you might look for WAHMs that sell handmade soap and body products, they often have lotions and creams too. I don't do lotions to sell, but I know a lot of soapers do.
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I just had a look at PETA's Do Not Test list....and Clinique is listed on there....as is their parent company - Estee Lauder. Hopefully they really don't test on animals and they're not just lying to get on this list. This is an important issue for me as well.

I was wondering about that because I knew Clinique used to be on this list and I was hoping they didn't get themselves kicked off! So....if you really like this lotion, you might be able to just keep using it!
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Velcromom, the "dramatically different" is definitely a marketing ploy. I think I just like it because my body is used to it. I'm not exactly crafty when it comes to that sort of thing, though I might try the jojoba. Do you have any suggestions for WAHM lotions? I'm all for supporting the WAHM instead of the big corporation.

Girlo, thanks for checking PETA. I must have gotten misinformation. I'd also like to get away from using petroleum products, so that's another concern.
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I love to use just straight Sweet Almond Oil. It is economical, it absorbs very quickly and is not greasy, and it gives me that "glow" that I never got with commercial lotions(I should clarify...not a shiny greasy glow....a healthy glow ).
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I used to use the Clinique lotion but have been wanting to "quit" Clinique. I started using Burt's Bee's Buttermilk lotion and have been liking it a lot. It's not fragrence free but it's really light and not greasy at all. I also use it on my whole body and on my son's sensitive skin.
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Missy - What kind of skin do you have? I've been pretty hesistant to use anything but commercial lotions on my face because I have combo/oily skin. I've been using an oil-free lotion for a long time now and it's keeping the breakouts at bay.
I experimented with an emulsion lotion from a spa I went to last year....and my face broke out horribly! If I could get a reasonable assurance that stuff like the almond oil won't break out my face, I'd love to try it!
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I have semi sensitive dry skin and I usually use just plain olive oil on it. Of course, i don't wash my face everyday either, so I don't know how that would be for everyday. But I use it a couple times a week and it makes my skin look awesome!
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Girlo- Before I started to use the oil I had combo/oily skin also. My face has seemed to change if thats even possible. I would have to add though that I suspect my wash routine has also played a role. I only use water and a gentle baby washcloth using gentle circular scrubs on my face when I'm in the shower. I was so skeptical at first that it would clean my face, but man it works!! I have virtually no breakouts now (only hormonal times...can't do much about that). I use a small amount of the sweet almond oil right after I get out of the shower. It makes my skin sooooo soft! Hope it works for you if you try it. It did take a while for my skin to calm down with the breakouts in the beginning. I flared up more for a little while, then it got better and has only improved since.
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Thanks for the info, Missy! It definitely sounds worth a try.

I have one last question....how big of a bottle do you buy and how long does it last? Do you need to keep it refrigerated? I know a lot of those oils will go sour after a while if you don't use them quick enough....
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I use Arbonne their RE 9 system is super. The night cream is $$ but is so wonderful.
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For my face, I've been using the rose facial lotion I buy at http://violetmoonherbals.com/
I really love it, it makes my skin very soft
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Girlo- I bought a 4 oz. bottle and it has lasted me for over 6 months now. You only need a little bit on your face. I don't know about the refrigeration thing. I've read a lot that says you should. I personally haven't been and the oil seems fine, but am going to look into it more.
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Aubrey's Organics all the way!

I just started using the Aubrey's Organics line for oily skin (although they have lines for dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin as well). And I absolutely LOVE it! Not unscented, but very light natural scent. And there are no petroleum products, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances or colors, all organic ingredients. I really feel like I am doing something nice for my skin every time I wash up--and my face feels so SOFT!

You can find their stuff at www.aubrey-organics.com, or you can buy it at Whole Foods. It's a little pricey, but worth it in my opinion.
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I use Dermalogica- all natural ingredients. You can google and find sites that have some great prices, better than salon prices.


I also use Alba Botanica.....you can usually find their products in health food stores. They make great moisturizers for differnt types of skin, all gentle natural products, no animal testing.
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