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Weekly Thread Jan 24-30th

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I hope I'm not stepping on toes doing this, but I thought I'd start one because I was about to post about my midwife appt!
I can't get over how wonderful it is to have someone come to your home, sit across the table from you and chit chat about the things in life that are so important to me, the things that I've become so passionate about since giving birth for the first time. This is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
It came up that even though an ob is only there for about 5 minutes to deliver your baby, they're the ones calling the shots, and is that the person you want in charge of your life? Someone you barely know? Midwives are a blessing. I wish everyone had the ability to use one.
Anyhow, she hasn't gotten my u/s report yet and will probably call me tomorrow about that. I'm a little anxious since the tech said that there were things she couldn't see, but also realize that u/s isn't an exact science. Like I said in another post, this is the reason many women decide against certain testing.
All is well otherwise, I was measured for the first time and I'm measuring 18 weeks exactly. BP is good and no UTI this time. She reminded me of something I keep forgetting, that if I'd just keep hydrated I probably wouldn't have problems with headaches.
Even though the first visit was good, this one felt less awkward so that makes me happy.
I have felt the baby move a few times and can usually feel it if I'm sitting a little squished (like Indian style), but that's it. This is the stage in my other pregnancies where I really began to feel the baby move and could see it from the outside so I'm literally holding the tummy and just waiting for it (I guess I have nothing better to do even though I can't walk through the laundry to get to the washer).
I uploaded a belly pic today. I swear, it looks like I'm just expanding in a straight up and down line, as if someone is extending my width rather than gaining anything circular lol!
So things are on the cusp of exciting.
I did get some maternity pants yesterday. Two pants and two jeans, all great deals at the Motherhood outlet store. I'm so relieved. I was getting tired of keeping my pants unzipped. I also bought a bra but bought the wrong size. It just said "D" so I thought it was like a sports bra type thing. Nope, it was a *40* D lmao!!!! I'm keeping it anyway since it's a nursing bra. I'm sure that in the weeks following the birth I'll be a 40 D. I think now I'm between a 36 and a 38 d. Cripes.
Alright, the boy just pooped and needs to be wiped. Joy!
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Ouch ... you stepped on my toes!

Just kidding

That's wonderful about your midwife visit, Karen. I had the same warm fuzzy feelings today when I talked to mine on the phone. I had just called to reschedule an appointment and she asked how I was feeling and if things were getting better -- it was such a caring conversation. Everyone should feel this way with her caregiver!

And I am feeling better I think it's all the fish oil and the getting up earlier and the (little bit of extra) exercise.
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Good morning to all..

Returned from Cozumel Saturday evening... didn't want to come home It was so sunny and warm there, and it's freezing here... though thankfully not rainy or anything. The trip was wonderful, went off without a hitch, and we had a really good time. It was neat to float in the ocean, to feel buoyant.

Twenty-two weeks today, and my ultrasound is in two days! Got the video tape and am ready to go!

The baby is kicking and moving about SO MUCH. Seriously I think I feel it moving more than I don't nowadays! There it went just now! When I wake up in the morning, when I get up to pee in the night, when I'm standing or sitting or laying down... it's crazy Is it just because baby has so much room in there right now, or is it gonna move this much throughout the next four months?

On the plane the baby would squirm whenever there were altitude changes... I wonder if it could tell the pressure change, or if it was just responding to me sensing it?

Anyhoo, here is a belly pic, twenty-one weeks and two days.

Belly on the beach!
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What a simply GORGEOUS picture!!

You know, I was thinking about this the other day. DH's grandmother is not my favorite person. She has a tendency to be mean, maybe not on purpose, but grrrrr. :LOL Anyway, I was thinking back to the first time I talked to her after she found out I was pregnant. It was at her granddaughter's baby shower, and she grabbed my hand with this huge grin on her face. I swear, I think it was the first time I ever saw her happy.

Anyway, she asked me the specifics; what hospital, what doctor, when due, if we're finding out the sex. And I answered her totally honestly about homebirth, midwife, end of June, and no. I had made the decision early on that I was not going to "hide" what we were doing, even though it had occurred to me that I'd end up in heated arguments with a few people, and she was one of the people I was planning on arguing with.

But, we didn't argue.

Then, on Christmas Eve, we were at her house, to have dessert with family, as is the yearly custom (the only time we see this side of the family is Christmas, unless there is a baby shower, wedding shower, Christening, wedding or funeral during the year). Her granddaughter had just had her baby, and we were passing pictures around. I overheard her talking to one of her daughters-in-law about me.

"Sharon-anne is planning an all NATURAL birth." And she sounded PROUD. Made me grin. Anyway, feeling sappy, and thought I'd share.

Moving right along, I'm sure most of you know that the East coast is fairly coveredin white stuff. Yuck. We have 15 inches in my neck of the woods, with another 3 inches or so on the way. Double yuck. Guess who shoveled out part of the driveway and cleaned off one car, one work truck and one work van? Triple yuck.

This is why I told my husband he was not allowed to sustain any major injuries while I am pregnant. Of course, he never listens to me, and so he now has a broken foot. I think he did it on purpose. :LOL
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Welcome back, almost fey! That belly pic is stunning. I would frame it and put it on my wall.

Melissa, I'm so glad that you've been feeling better. I hope the oil and increased sunlight continue to work. Just think, in a few weeks you'll be feeling those first few warm spring breezes on your face and the tree buds will be blooming....it's amazing what warm weather does for our mood. Think Spring!

Speaking of warmer weather, someone at playgroup yesterday asked me when I was due and I replied, "Oh, not until June--that seems SO far away!". I feel like I have so much time which is a good thing because we still have no names picked at all and tons of stuff still to do. June seems like an eternity away right now.

Sharon Anne, how cool about your dh's grandmother. She must remember back when birth was still a normal event in this country.

I hope everyone is feeling well. I'm doing pretty great, having to wake up every couple hours to roll over but that's par for the course.
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how cool about your dh's grandmother.

my dh's grandma is generally a very grouchy woman. at christmas she was sulking in the corner growilng at the kids as usual, and me and my sil were talking about cloth diapers. i mentioned wool soakers, and my sil seemed horrified of the idea. grandma's face brightens up and she started going on and on about how WONDERFUL wool soakers were and how she had ONE that she used all the time through all of her kids and she never had to use those plastic pants. then she asked if she could knit the baby some!!! i bought a couple huge skeins of wool yarn on sale last week and brought over some patterns for her this weekend. she was also happy we were having a boy. she has 5 great grandsons, and has decided boys are better. lol. she had two girls, and her one boy died as an infant. i am due a few days after his birthday.

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Rather quiet aroundh ere lately... I'm hoping that means everyone is doing well

I learned at my prenatal appointment that I gained eight pounds this month!!! I've gained about 16 since getting pregnant, it's gone in weird little spurts.. four pounds a month, 1.5 pounds last month, EIGHT pounds this month... As far as I can tell though the only place that's bigger is my belly. My breasts are denser but I haven't experienced that miraculous explosion that pregnancy is known to produce in other women, at least not yet. Which is ok. I wasn't really small or anything to begin with.

*sigh* I'm vain. I want to hang on to my girlish figure as long as possible. I still eat as much as I want, always have... but my eating habits should probably be healthier. And I know I could use more exercise. Waiting on warm weather for that.

Today I sat down and figured out how many diapers and what kinds I want, to start out with, and how much it'll cost me. I bought a boppy earlier this week, my first piece of baby gear (clothes don't count). Now I need a carseat, a cosleeper, a sling, an umbrella stroller... and lots of lesser things. I feel very, very lucky that we're actually at a point where we can afford to buy all these things and not stress out about it. Thank goodness for ridiculously rich relatives, and family farms where you can live for free.

This weekend should be fun, my family is getting together to celebrate my little brother's birthday, show off ultrasound videos and photos, pictures and gifts from Cozumel... my sister who is due at the same time of my is pretty sure she's having a girl too. They are having another ultrasound next week to check on a cyst and should find out for sure then. Fun!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
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Glad to hear that everyone and their babies are doing well. Things could definitely be better here. We've been SO sick, that I had the entire week off work because of it. I'm not even sure I have the sick days to cover for it, so I'm dreading going back to work on Monday to hear what my boss has to say. But really, I had no choice. The coughing fits have been so bad that I've been throwing up and wetting myself at the same time. I'm sure no one would want to be subjected to that at work. And my nose is so raw from having to blow it so often. I ache everywhere and feel aweful. My house is disgusting because none of us have been feeling up to cleaning. I picked up a package of disposable diapers for DD because honestly, there's no way I'd be doing laundry right now. The poor kiddo is suffering from her very first cold, the first illness she's had (coincidentally, she got it within a week of weaning, or starting a nursing strike, or whatever she happens to be doing right now regarding the boob...who knows?) and it's hit her pretty hard. She's spent most of the week snoozing on my chest, something she hasn't done since infancy.

Not sure if I mentioned that we had our u/s, and everthing but the heart looked ok. I have to go back on the 1st of the month for a follow-up, so they can have another look at the heart and see what's up. I haven't seen my OB yet, the appiontment is this week, so I don't know what's going on other than they have to look at it again. So I hope it was just a case of them not being able to see it very well.

The baby has been wiggling up a storm. I think s/he has rather enjoyed the coughing these past few days. It must be pretty exciting, because the baby has been kicking like crazy. I bet it's a fun ride in there. :P It's so fun to watch your body changing. I'm always facinated by the pregnant belly.
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Poor Nikki, I'm sorry you've been so sick! If it's any comfort, I've been suffering from "urinary incontinence" as well -- this definitely did not happen the first time around. It's the classic sneeze and then, uh oh. It feels very old-ladyish to me.

AlmostFey, what kind of co-sleeper are you getting? I ask because I know a few friends who bought those fancy "sidecar" type of sleepers and never really used them -- and they are really expensive! I saw something at Target that's like a little pen for the baby that you put in your bed that seems to have the same effect (guess you need a big bed though). My mom is hot on that one (although we never used anything like that for ds -- on the other hand, he is showing no signs of exiting the family bed either).

Thanks for the kind words, Pepper! Unfortunately, spring is still a lo-o-o-o-ng way off here. Sometimes it snows in April

Feeling good here too. A little nervous about next week's u/s. I found out today that they send results over to the midwife immediately, and then she will call if there's "anything to talk about," as they put it. I think I'll ask them to call either way to put my mind at ease.
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Sorry you're sick Nikki... I've been really lucky and haven't been sick whilst being pregnant other than a tiny cold. I think working at a day care really boistered my immune system.... once I got over being sick for months at a time at the beginnning.

Anyways, we're planning on getting an arm's reach mini cosleeper. I have also heard of people not using them but I don't think that will be the case with us, our bed is toooo small - it's only full size, and me and DH fill it up! And sidecarring a regular crib would be too big as our bedroom is also tooooo small. Hence the mini. I'm still not sure as to how we'll be able to arrange our room in a way that works. We'll just have to wait and see when we get it. I know it'll fit, I just don't know if it'll fit in a way that will enable us to utilize the cosleeper's storage space. Which isn't why we're getting the thing but it is handy nonetheless.
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I've been out with a sinus infection. That has just tired me out and I have been using what little energy I have left to play with the girls. It's been good to read the updates from everyone. I had my u/s almost 2 weeks ago. June Bug was measuring right on for dates. Lots of good movements. Saw everything we needed. Didn't look for the gender.

DH and I have been debating names. My little sister is due in February so I'm kind of waiting until then to decide. I doubt we would chose the same name.

I did do a little shopping with my sisters and mom today. I didn't plan on picking up anything, but at Kohl's my little sister talked me into getting an outfit. It will be great when the weather warms up and it was only $3! Not bad for a shirt and capris. Then I picked up the new Tracy Chevalier book: The Lady and the Unicorn. I can't wait to dive into it!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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