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Kefir question

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Ok, kefir experts. If kefir is properly fermented with the grains I hear so much about, what's with the culture packets I see advertised? Is it a different varient on kefir?

thank you!
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Here is the diff:

A Kefir Grain is a soft rubbery, squishy califlower looking mass that contains many different bacteria and yeasts and it is an actual S.C.O.B.Y (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts) and is the actual 'living' thing, that can last a lifetime if properly cared for. It will reproduce and grow and continually be able to make 'Kefir' the drink without loosing vitality, if properly cared for.

Powdered Kefir starters are just some strains of bacteria taken from milk and dehydrated until you mix it in fresh milk, that will innoculate it and turn it into Kefir, the drink. It is missing many of the strains found in the actual 'Grains'. But it is better than nothing, and is more akin to a 'yogurt' type flavor. If you use Kefir from one of these starters, and save some for an 'innoculate' for your next batch, they recommend using a new fresh starter packet after every five batches, as it will eventually 'lose power' to innoculate it correctly.

Hope that helps clear up the confusion. I should make this a sticky...as I've answered this on alot...(usually in PMs, though, hehe).

I've tried both, and they both taste good. I prefer the grains, since I'll never have to buy anything but milk now.
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does anyone in the twin cities area of MN have grains they can share?
or can they be shipped (last time I asked someone was having trouble with the PO and shipping)
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yes I have been wondering where to get the grains?!

Any ideas?
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Heather, great,thank you That's actually just about exactly what I guessed, but so many people seemed really hyped on the culture that I thought it might be something more akin to the "real thing."
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Well, the nice thing about having some 'freeze dried culture packets' is that you can make it up when you want it, and do not have to 'care for' the grains on a daily basis (or every few days, depending on how you brew your Kefir).

So they are nice to have. I have a box of Kefir and Yogurt 'starter packets' in my refrigerator (they keep up to a year from date) if refrigerated. They are a nice back up and the yogurt is a nice 'change' from all Kefir, all the time.

Regarding obtaining Kefir Grains. There is a link in several of the Kefir threads about looking up someone in your state, other than that, several mom's here have Kefir grains and ship to other moms for just the Shipping and Handling.

I'm currently super low on milk grains and it will be weeks before I can do another ship out. Go to the 'Got Probiotics - Kefir, Yogurt, Other Jan.) thread and ask if any mom has spares. I know that Ruthla mentioned she wanted to ship some. I know Gale Force usually has lots of extras, but she might be low as her DH is doing a dairy elimination and so her 'stock' might not be up enough to ship out.

Gem Cultures (you can google it) charges like 20 bucks, PLUS an $11 Shipping and Handling fee for the entire order, whether you just get Kefir grains or a bunch of stuff, so you can be assured the S&H fee us mom's charge (varies between 3.85 and 5.00) is worth the wait!
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i wonder if having a dairy allergey would mean that you couldn't tollerate kefir from dairy culture?
any ideaS?
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